What can one person do to change the world?

By Hannah Len – LIVE.ORG.AU – 20 March 2022
“What can one person do to change the world? is a common lament people use for doing nothing. Well there are lots of things that you can do in your own suburb. Below are descriptions of projects that Port Phillip people have done, and are currently doing to improve things. Perhaps something in this list will inspire you. It is extremely hard to do things by yourself, but if you can join others, or attract others to work with you, amazing things can be accomplished.

5000 People form a Human Sign on St Klda Beach

By David Robinson – LIVE.ORG.AU – 20 March 2022
On Sunday 17 May 2009 five thousand people attended the Human Sign on St Kilda Beach, Melbourne, Australia. The sign was a reaction to the then Australian Prime Minister’s (Kevin Rudd) lack of action on climate change. Rudd had declared , “Climate Change: The great moral challenge of our generation” but after two years in government had done nothing about it. The sign morphed into the phrase “CLIMATE CHANGE – OUR FUTURE IS IN OUR HANDS” before it finally washed into the sea.

Building the Albert Park Community Playground

By David Robinson – LIVE.ORG.AU – 20 March 2022
This is the story of how the Albert Park Community Playground was built. It took three years from concept to completion, with construction taking place over 5 days in May 1993. South Melbourne now has a regional playground which will serve the needs of children for decades to come.

Maelor Himbury’s Daily Links

By Maelor Himbury – LIVE.ORG.AU – 20 March 2022
For over 20 years Maelor Himbury has been sending an email called “Daily Links” to his mailing list. The email lists current Australian and Overseas news articles about climate change. Each article in the list has a title, a brief explanation, and a link to where you can read the full article. To receive a copy every morning before 10am use the CONTACT form and I’ll send you his email address. To eliminate trolls subscribing to Maelor’s email please include a brief biography of yourself.