The issue nearly 80 per cent of the world wants government action on

Friday 21 June 2024

Four in every five people want their country to strengthen its commitments to addressing climate change, according to a global poll of 75,000 participants.

Merry dance: The legal fandango over coal sets the stage for any switch to nuclear

Thursday 20 June 2024

If you think Peter Dutton’s nuclear strategy adds up be prepared to open your wallet. The big winners in this will be the lawyers.

Is David Littleproud prepared to switch off rooftop solar to jam nuclear into the grid?

Wednesday 19 June 2024

The Coalition says it wants nuclear and more rooftop solar. It can’t have both, so will it be reaching into the home to switch off your rooftop PV?

Guardian Essential poll: Labor vulnerable to Dutton’s climate campaign as voters split on 2030 target

Tuesday 18 June 2024

Almost half of those surveyed said target was ‘unachievable and hurting the economy’ and Australia should instead focus on 2050

Marine CO₂ removal technologies could depend on the appetite of the ocean’s tiniest animals

Monday 17 June 2024

As the world struggles to decarbonise, it’s becoming increasingly clear we’ll need to both rapidly reduce emissions and actively remove carbon dioxide (CO₂) from the atmosphere. The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report considered 230 pathways to keep global warming below 1.5°C. All required CO₂ removal.

How to stop climate change

Here is the PODCAST

Friday 14 June 2024

Bronwyn Kelly interviews prominent science writer and researcher Julian Cribb on key strategies that we will need for dealing with the significant environmental disasters we are facing in the age of climate change.

Farmers who graze sheep under solar panels say it improves productivity. So why don’t we do it more?

Thursday 13 June 2024

Allowing livestock to graze under renewable developments gives farmers a separate income stream, but solar developers have been slow to catch on

Australia’s power and gas companies want Coalition to retain Labor’s 2030 climate target

Wednesday 12 June 2024

Coal and gas-fired power plant owners say interim target an important step to net zero by 2050

Australia will breach Paris Agreement regardless of who is in power, Coalition suggests

Tuesday 11 June 2024

The Coalition’s energy spokesman suggests if failing to cut emissions by 43 per cent before 2030 will fail Australia’s promise under the Paris Agreement, then Australia will be in breach regardless of who is in power.

Only 10% of native plants can be bought as seed – a big problem for nature repair. Here’s how we can make plantings more diverse

Monday 10 June 2024

More than 52 million hectares of land across Australia is degraded. Degraded land lacks biodiversity and the natural balance of healthy ecosystems, making it unfit for wildlife or cultivation. This means we are losing the benefits that healthy ecosystems provide for nature and people.

A fierce battle is being fought in the soil beneath our feet – and the implications for global warming are huge

Friday 7 June 2024

As humanity continues to burn fossil fuels, the delicate balance of life on Earth is changing. That’s true of trees, many of which are growing faster as a result of increased carbon dioxide (CO₂) concentrations in our atmosphere.

Earth warms at a record pace but climate change isn’t accelerating

Thursday 6 June 2024

A new study reveals that Earth’s warming rate reached an all-time high in 2023, driven primarily by human activity, but there is no evidence of accelerating climate change.

Explainer: Labor has adopted its own ‘nature positive’ approach to the environment. But is it just a ‘snazzy slogan’?

Wednesday 5 June 2024

‘World first’ legislation and the creation of new agencies have drawn criticism for a lack of accountability and quantifiable targets

Manmade pollutants and climate change contribute to millions of deaths from cardiovascular disease each year, warn a coalition of leading scientists

Tuesday 4 June 2024

A new series published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology highlights how pollution, in all its forms, is a greater health threat than that of war, terrorism, malaria, HIV, tuberculosis, drugs and alcohol combined.

Why do we need a Net Zero Economy Authority? And how can it fulfil its promise?

Monday 3 June 2024

To support its climate agenda, the Albanese government is building new institutions. One of the most important will be the Net Zero Economy Authority. The proposed laws to create this authority are currently before the Senate.

No need for countries to issue new oil, gas or coal licences, study finds

Friday 31 May 2024

Researchers say world has enough fossil fuel projects planned to meet demand forecasts to 2050 if net zero is reached

Op-ed: A plastic recipe for societal suicide

Thursday 30 May 2024

We must determine which uses of plastic remain essential; eliminate those that aren’t; and design new materials to replace still essential plastics.

With fossil fuel investment doubling, does your super fund top the ‘climate wreckers’ list?

Wednesday 29 May 2023

Australian super funds are expanding instead of shrinking their investment in fossil fuels, despite boasting of their zero emissions targets, new research shows.

Humanity’s survival is still within our grasp – just. But only if we take these radical steps

Tuesday 28 May 2024

Reduce emissions, build resilience, repair ecosystems, remove greenhouse gases: these are the four Rs that can save us

Australia’s ultra cost solar goal could change everything about the grid

Monday 27 May 2024

CSIRO says solar is easily the cheapest form of power generation, but ARENA says it could be much, much cheaper by the end of the decade.

Half of world’s mangrove forests are at risk due to human behaviour – study

Friday 24 May 2024

The loss of the ecosystems, which are vast stores of carbon, would ‘be disastrous for nature and people across the globe’, says IUCN

Major oil companies’ climate plans fall short, report reveals

Thursday 23 May 2024

Despite bold climate promises, a new report indicates that major oil companies’ plans fail to meet the necessary standards to limit global warming to 1.5C.

World-first ruling finds states need to mitigate the effects of carbon dioxide on oceans

Wednesday 22 May 2024

The UN maritime court ruled in favour of nine island states who had sought greater protection from the impacts of climate change.

Microplastics found in every human testicle in study

Tuesday 21 May 2024

Scientists say discovery may be linked to decades-long decline in sperm counts in men around the world

Australia’s greenhouse targets cannot be met without the conservation of native forest

Monday 20 May 2024

When Labour Governments moved to protect native forest in the past – Hawke, Wran, Gallop, Kirner, Beattie, Carr – they knew that they were protecting irreplaceable natural values and resources. Even as late as the early 2000s however, the role of forests in climate change mitigation was little known. It was certainly not a matter of any significance in public debate.

How to cope with climate anxiety

Saturday 18 May 2024

It’s normal to feel troubled by the climate crisis. These practices can help keep your response manageable and constructive

Bushfires are changing the ‘hidden’ understorey in our forests

Friday 17 May 2024

New research finds that more frequent and intense fires are changing Australia’s forests, but to save the understorey, we need to change our approach

Two-thirds of us support banning pet cats from roaming. A ban would save millions of native animals – and billions of dollars

Thursday 16 May 2024

Australians have more pet cats than ever before – more than 5 million in total. With the growing number, expectations on pet owners are shifting.

Green industry yes, conservation no: a budget for people, not for nature

Wednesday 15 May 2024

Last night’s budget is another missed opportunity to arrest the poor and deteriorating state of the Australian environment.


Tuesday 14 May 2024

It’s time we reckoned with what it means to become a corporatocracy. Our governments exist to enact the desires of their corporate masters. Some of these politicians, like Madeleine King, appear to do so with alacrity, while others appear lost in the perceived demands of party and pressure groups. The end result will be an uninhabitable world.

Australian fossil fuel producer subsidies jump 31 pct to $14.5 billion

Monday 13 May 2024

Government subsidies to fossil fuel producers have risen sharply in the past year, triggering calls for the Commonwealth to scrap the concessions.

Our research shows higher carbon emissions increase costs for Australian businesses

Friday 10 May 2024

Imagine every ton of carbon dioxide a company emits is slowly inflating its costs — not just in terms of potential fines or fees but in the capital it needs to grow and operate.

World’s top climate scientists expect global heating to blast past 1.5C target

Thursday 9 May 2024

Planet is headed for at least 2.5C of heating with disastrous results for humanity, poll of hundreds of scientists finds

From solar to EVs: Five green tech supply chains that could deliver $215 billion boost to Australia

Wednesday 8 May 2024

Building Australian supply chains for the manufacture of solar, wind, batteries, heat pumps and commercial electric vehicles could deliver $215 billion of benefits in just a decade, a new report has found, provided we get the policy and regulatory settings right.

New computer algorithm supercharges climate models and could lead to better predictions of future climate change

Monday 7 May 2024

A study describes a new computer algorithm which can be applied to Earth System Models to drastically reduce the time needed to prepare these in order to make accurate predictions of future climate change.