If you have a car then getting to the Mary Kehoe Centre is easy. It is when you get there your problems begin: namely parking the car. All the parking in Danks Street and other nearby streets is one hour. Parking is policed by parking inspectors and you don’t want to get a $75 parking fine!

Films run from 1.5 hours to 2.0 hours. Then there is the discussion, then maybe you would like to join other class members for coffee and a chat at the Sandbar Cafe. You therefore need a car park that lasts from 12.30pm to 4.30pm. That’s 4 hours!

Yes there are parking permits available in the U3A Office. But with 20 people in the FRIDAY MOVIE class, as well as other classes, and only 15 permits, you may not get one. So what do you do?

There is plenty of unrestricted parking in nearby streets. So if you are prepared to walk a few blocks your parking problems are over. Also in Beaconsfield Pde there is free, 4 hour parking.

The map below shows you where these parking places are.
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Please DON’T PARK NEAR THE MIDDLE PARK PRIMARY SCHOOL. The children finish the day at 3.30pm, which is just when we finish. So although there is long term parking in Page Street there are parents picking up their child and you don’t want to be backing out of your parking spot when there are children around.

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The best way to get to U3A Port Phillip is to walk. But if you live a long way away, or are not as fit as you once were, then here are some other public transport alternatives.


Number 12 Tram Route

If you live close to the tram route that goes through the heart of Albert Park and Middle Park then Stop 136, on the Route 12 Tram is located at the corner of Danks and Mills Streets.

From there it is just a 150 meter walk along Danks Street to the Mary Kehoe Centre.


Number 606 Bus Route

The Number 606 Bus Route travels through Elsternwick, Elwood, St Kilda, Middle Park, Albert Park, Port Melbourne, Garden City and Fishermans Bend. It then travels back the other way.

The stop outside the Middle Park Primary School on the corner of Richardson and Mills Streets is the closest stop to the Mary Kehoe Centre. From there it is a 400 meter walk to the Mary Kehoe Centre. On a Friday afternoon the 606 buses are at 40 minute intervals so you need to take that into account.