Albert Park Candidates Forum
6.30 pm Monday 29 October 2018
Details www.FORUM.ORG.AU

The next Victorian State Election will be held on Saturday 24 November 2018.
The Albert Park Candidates Forum is being organised by community groups from  Port Phillip. If you live in the District of Albert Park why not attend the forum at
6.30 pm on Monday 29 October at the Alex Theatre, 135 Fitzroy St, St Kilda?
Meet the candidates seeking your vote at the State Election. Find out their policies and ask them questions about issues that are important to you and your community.

16 October 2018
The all-electric home and the key steps to take
Why it’s important to transition to an all-electric home? What are the key steps to take? This speech was delivered by Tim Forcey at the launch of the CERES Eco-house on 9 October 2018. Tim has 35 years of industrial experience (electricity, oil and gas, petrochemicals) with focus on energy production, transmission and consumption.

Tim’s “My Efficient Electric Home” facebook group has over 4,500 followers and is increasing at 100+ per week. It contains a wealth of information from local enthusiasts on becoming “all-electric”.

16 October 2018
It is almost too late to save our planet
All of my friends are becoming grandparents. I am thinking about the world that our grandchildren will inherit.

15 October 2018
What will it take on climate change?
Hurricanes, algae blooms, rising seas and melting ice. How much more before climate denial fades away?

14 October 2018
Abbott and Trump are making you their stooge
Don’t amplify the views of those who want to diminish serious issues like climate change – even if it feels good

13 October 2018
Overwhelmed by climate change? Here’s what you can do
From campaigning to installing insulation and solar panels, some practical steps you can take to help avoid climate breakdown.

12 October 2018
Billionaires are the leading cause of climate change
As the world faces environmental disaster on a biblical scale, it’s important to remember exactly who brought us here.

11 October 2018
Why we keeping ignoring climate change warnings
A new U.N. report should sound alarms that climate change is far closer than most people realize. It probably won’t.

10 October 2018
What the world will look like in 2040
The results are in from more than 6000 scientific studies on how the world is changing. It paints a dire picture of Earth in 22 years time.

9 October 2018
The UN’s 1.5°C special climate report at a glance
The highlights of the report are presented below

6 October 2018
Climate change apathy, not denial, is the biggest threat to our planet
The easy way to cut emissions – closing coal power stations – is exhausted. Now the public has to be convinced to make sacrifices.

4 October 2018
What does 1.5C mean in a warming world?
1.5C has become the new “safe” upper-limit for global warming – but whatever happened to the two-degree target?

3 October 2018
A ‘Hard rain’s a gonna fall’ on insurers unless they address climate risks
With the escalating cost of natural disasters, insurance companies have a greater incentive to use their leverage to enforce not just better building codes but also to improve climate change regulations.

1 October 2018

Judy Horacek is a cartoonist who publishes a newsletter on the first day of the month.

September 2018’s newsletter was on Coal, Energy, Reefs. October 2018’s was on Denial and Extinctions.

Judy’s website is at https://horacek.com.au/

Previous newsletters, chock full of brilliant cartoons, are in the news archives column on https://horacek.com.au/news/

26 September 2018
How can we keep microfibers out of food, water and air?
Microfiber pollution is a growing problem around the world, with miniature contaminants shed by synthetic textiles being found in our food, our water and the air we breathe. What’s a concerned citizen to do?

26 September 2018
Alternative Nobel Prize awarded for practical fixes to global problems

Three human rights activists, two corruption fighters, a farmer and an agricultural scientist are the 2018 winners of the Right Livelihood Award. They are tirelessly fighting the world over to make it a better place.

19 August 2018
Cutting Power Bills With Solar Panels For 650,000 Homes
The Andrews Government announces significant rebates on Solar Panels and Solar Hot Water systems. Rebates are available for systems installed from 19 August 2018.

Note that rebates are available now, before the election on 24 November 2018. So get in early as the Liberals have poured scorn on the plan so may not continue them if they are elected. Details of how to apply can be found at https://www.solar.vic.gov.au/

11 September 2018
Cheaper Electricity With Solar Batteries For 10,000 Homes
This is very good news, but it relies on the Andrews Government being re-elected.

10 September 2018
The daily post of environmental articles can now be found on Greg Hunt’s Blog.
     Note that this is NOT the Liberal Party’s Greg Hunt!
     It is a retired environmentalist also named Greg Hunt.
An additional Australian environmental newsletter that may interest you is “Making Enviro News”. The current issue is at makingenvironews.com/current-issue.html

One article per day will still be published.