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El Nino, electric vehicles and an end to extinctions?: The big climate and environment topics in 2023

Miki Perkins
The Age
28 January 2023

How urgently we respond to the climate crisis this decade will change will be hugely consequential for thousands of years to come. Here’s what Australia needs to do.

When will we hit peak fossil fuels? Maybe we already have

Dan Gearino
Inside Climate News
27 January 2023

Kingsmill Bond, energy analyst and author, describes the circumstances that hastened the transition of the electricity sector—plus four reasons he’s optimistic about our planet’s future.

Doomsday Clock is the closest it has ever been to midnight (23s video)

ABC News
26 January 2023

Atomic scientists have set the “Doomsday Clock” closer to midnight than ever before.

Coal states miss out on benefits of cheap wind and solar, pay twice the price of power

Giles Parkinson
Renew Economy
25 January 2023

States most dependent on fossil fuels hit by surging prices, despite lowest ever coal output, the lowest gas generation for 18 years, and record wind and solar.

The world’s carbon price is a fraction of what we need – because only a fifth of global emissions are priced

Bei Cui et al
The Conversation
24 January 2024

At the end of last year, the world’s average price to emit one tonne of greenhouse gases was around US$5.29 (AU$7.77). For pricing to work as we want – to wean us off fossil fuels – it needs to be around $75 by the end of the decade, according to the International Monetary Fund.

Air quality can affect health. Climate change is worsening both

Jan Ellen Spiegel
Stamford Advocate
23 January 2023

While heat is well-understood as a consequence of climate change, air quality is both cause and effect when it comes to the nexus with climate change

We are at war, with no strategy adequate to the challenge

Andrew Gaines
Pearls and Irritations
22 January 2022

Unlike the Ukraine war, the war I am referring to is not a military war; it’s our battle for planetary health, and we have no strategy adequate to the challenge.

Salt marsh microbes threaten to reshape the atmosphere

Christian Elliott
Haki Magazine
21 January 2023

Turf wars between microbes dictate how much carbon salt marshes store and how much methane they pump into the air.

Financing 1.5°C: Six trends to watch in 2023

Elizabeth Harnett, Ella Warshauer
20 January 2023

We expect six key trends to inform financial institutions’ climate strategy design, implementation, and reporting this year.

Humanitarian experts report ‘cascading crises’ as climate, health emergencies soar

Mactilda Mbenywe
19 January 2023

Globally, humanitarian aid workers are facing complex climate and health crises that require urgent adaptations within a shrinking humanitarian space, according to a recent piece in the Lancet.

The right words are crucial to solving climate change

Susan Joy Hassol
Scientific American
18 January 2023

Speaking to people’s priorities can build the will needed to implement climate solutions.

‘We need a polluter pays policy’

Emily Beament
17 January 2023

Requiring fossil fuel companies to pay to clean up their carbon emissions could help curb dangerous global warming at a relatively affordable cost, a study says.

Calls grow for war on millions of feral deer

Cassandra Morgan
The New Daily
16 January 2023

Wild deer are running rampant in Victoria and Tasmania, destroying crops and natural habitats and prompting calls to change local laws and allow the animals to be classified as pests.

Many Australian beaches are disappearing before our eyes. So what’s the solution?

Evelyn Leckie
ABC News
15 January 2023

For decades, residents along a section of suburban Australian coastline have witnessed their beach dissolve before their eyes, sometimes literally dropping into the sea. It’s a problem that is also confronting coastal towns throughout the country — and the world — as sea levels continue to rise.

Climate change tops World Economic Forum’s agenda – podcast

Omoh Bello
SBS News
14 January 2023

With the annual World Economic Forum set to meet in Davos, a new report indicates climate change tops the list of long term global economic challenges.

6 reasons 2023 could be a very good year for climate action

Wesley Morgan
The Conversation
13 January 2023

Many people think of the annual UN climate talks as talkfests which achieve only incremental change, at best. Activist Greta Thunberg has described them as “blah blah blah” moments – grossly inadequate and too often hijacked by fossil fuel producers who would like the world to keep buying their main exports.

How can the law account for the value of natural places?

Nanda Jarosz
The Conversation
12 January 2023

In November 2022, the Australian government made a commitment to legislate new protections of Indigenous heritage sites. The decision was made in response to recommendations passed down by a joint parliamentary committee investigation into Rio Tinto’s destruction of an Aboriginal sacred site at Juukan Gorge in 2020.

Reduce consumption, or face reality of civilisational collapse

Mark Diesendorf
Pearls and Irritations
11 January 2023

An important debate is developing in Pearls and Irritations on the need to reduce consumption.

Are Electric Vehicles Really The Future?

Dr Stuart Woolley
10 January 2023

Well, maybe, but not in the way you think.

How climate change is affecting what’s on the shelves at your local supermarket

Aleisha Orr
SBS News
9 January 2023

Despite advances in technology and infrastructure, transport supply chains have begun to face new challenges in getting groceries to consumers.

Will prospects for long-term human survival improve in 2023?

Bob Douglas
Pearls and Irritations
8 January 2023

What can we expect in 2023 about future human prospects? Will current threats to long-term human survival, continue to increase or will they begin to diminish as a consequence of responses to current threats?”

Activists fight back after being SLAPPed with lawfare tactics

Isabella Kaminski.
Independent Australia
7 January 2023

The use of Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation to intimidate campaigners is a global trend, but activists are taking a stand.

Can we restrain our excessive consumption to arrest climate change?

Nigel Barber
Psychology Today
6 January 2023

As affluence grows globally, people spend more. Money spent is roughly equivalent to carbon pollution and climate change. Can the urge to splurge be brought under control? Or, is it terminal?

‘Boys will be boys’: why consumers don’t punish big polluters for greenwashing lies

Adam Austen Kay
The Conversation
5 January 2023

Stigma is an awful burden for business. But what if – for some companies – stigma is an asset?

Species to watch in 2023

John R. Platt and Tara Lohan
The Revelator
4 January 2023

This will be a critical year for several endangered and threatened species, as well as a time of opportunity for others.

Ways to keep your house cool during summer’s heat that doesn’t cost a fortune

Emma Wynne
ABC Yours Newsletter
3 January 2023

Short of blasting the air conditioner (and coping with the subsequent bill), people can make small changes around their homes to keep the inside temperature down.

2022, a year staring at the apocalypse

Farhana Haque Rahman
The Manila Times
3 January 2023

A year that started with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and is ending with famine in Africa, while still spreading death and misery through an enduring pandemic and a deteriorating climate crisis — 2022 has been an apocalyptic warning of the frailty of our planet and the woeful shortcomings of humankind.

There was a break from Climate Change articles until 3 January 2023.
Instead there were short, daily articles that may be of interest to you.

The Future of AI, According to Human History

Alan Trapulionis
2 January 2023

“…Humanity will create something more powerful than itself. When you have something that understands you better than you understand yourself, then you’re useless. Anything you can do, this system can do better.” Yuval Noah Harari

The 24 Questions That Can Warn You of Declining Brain Health

Alexa V.S.
1 January 2023

How to know if your brain might be suffering from cognitive decline, and what to do about it?

What happens when we sleep?

Sarah Berry
31 December 2022

The AGE recently serialised these 6 short articles.
They were written by Sarah Berry, a SLEEP expert.
You may find some of the suggestions useful.

How to learn a language (and stick at it)

John Gallagher
30 December 2022

Forget about fluency and how languages are taught at school: as an adult learner you can take a whole new approach


Will Lockett
29 December 2022

Is this a good idea?
More information is HERE.

How supermarket design influences what you put in your trolley

Nicola Heath, Rosanna Ryan and Teresa Tan
ABC News
28 December 2022

It’s time to do your grocery shopping. You’ve got your reusable bags and your shopping list. You’ve written down everything you need to prepare meals for the week: staples like bread, milk and eggs, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and healthy snacks for the family. But there’s a lot more that’s happening in the supermarket that influences what you put in your trolley.

The Myth of 10,000 Steps

Robert Roy Britt
27 December 2022

Walking, and more of it, is great for health, but let’s be reasonable, science says

Why it’s becoming nearly impossible to be healthy in Australia

Dr Sandro Demaio
ABC News
26 December 2022

It seems counterintuitive. That in a country as rich as ours, and with a world-class health system, 50 per cent of Australians now live with chronic disease. You can view Magda Szubanski’s program for free on ABCiView here https://iview.abc.net.au/show/magda-s-big-national-health-check

Would you eat food made from plastic?

25 December 2022

How scientists are transforming plastic waste into food-safe ingredients

How to Talk to Anyone at a Christmas Party

Various Authors
Forge Magazine
24 December 2022

The holidays are a time of warmth, cheer, and awkwardness. Here’s how to enjoy even the trickiest conversations.