Skill Up and kickstart your involvement in the local climate movement!

People power has proved to be an immeasurable force in the fight against climate change across the whole world. All of the wins we have celebrated,, all of the progress we have made and changes that have been implemented can be credited to the invincible force of dedicated, passionate activists, doing what they can to make a difference. If there is one thing we can be certain of, it’s that if we want to create a clean, just and sustainable future, we need you. At PECAN, our individual groups have different areas of focus and a broad range of priorities, across local, state and nation wide climate action, but we came together with one overarching goal; to build a sustained, local, community lead response to the global climate emergency. We’re partnering with Progressive Port Phillip to hold a series of training workshops and introductory sessions to kickstart your involvement in the local climate movement.

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The Sessions

Session 1 | Building the Movement with Cat Nadel from YOUNG Campaigns

Wednesday 5th July | 6:30- 8:30pm

Cat Nadel from YOUNG Campaigns will be taking us through the key elements of building and sustaining a healthy, effective movement, firstly by providing some background information on why people power is a crucial element of community activism and why groups focus on it. She will then go through some tips on running a group well, provide us with tactics on goal setting and refining the strategy of the group, as well as looking at the different ways groups can continue recruiting new, active volunteers.


Session 2 | Making the Media with Jess Harwood from the Sunrise Project

Wednesday 12th August | 6:30- 8:30pm

Jess Harwood from The Sunrise Project will run through how we can use both digital and traditional media to help grow our movement and build momentum within the community to further our goals. She will teach us how to create a strong social media presence and give us tips on maximising our community outreach.


Session 3 | Stepping Up

Wednesday 19th August | 6:30- 8:30pm

This session will allow us to contextualise the previous sessions and examine how we can apply our new skills to the work of PECAN and Progressive Port Phillip. We’ll spend time looking at our role within the community and our work in relation to local, state and federal government and especially look at how we are working to make change within the municipality.

This will also be your chance to identify how you can start getting involved in the local climate movement, whether it’s with PECAN, Progressive Port Phillip or with any number of the local groups that make up our powerful network.


These sessions are your chance to skill up, take charge of your ideas and passions and to become a community leader in the climate emergency response. No matter what your experience, you have a role to play and can make a difference. It’s simply a matter of stepping up.

I’m ready to step up!

We want to amplify local young voices

Young voices are a crucial part of the climate emergency conversation. As the primary demographic facing a future at risk from climate change, young people have a huge role to play in determining the future direction we go in as a community and as a nation, but more often than not, they haven’t had the opportunity to develop the skills to contribute to the decision making process and often feel excluded. We want to change that, and especially encourage young members of Port Phillip to join the Skill Up sessions to elevate your contribution to the local climate emergency conversation.

In saying that, the climate movement needs everyone to step up and we want to make sure you have the knowledge and skills to help you get involved. There are so many different ways you can contribute to the movement and we can help find you a role that suits your interests, skill set and knowledge. Through these free training sessions we will explore different strategies and tactics that will help us build a more sustained, community centric movement that will be organised and run by people like you, so this is a great opportunity for everyone and anyone to skill up and get started

Got any questions?

If you have any questions or queries about the Volunteer Skill Up Sessions, volunteering with PECAN, or anything else, send us an email at pecan.org.au@gmail.com