Upcoming Q&A with Ross Garnaut
7pm – 8pm on Tuesday 1 December

Join us on a webinar with Professor Ross Garnaut answering your questions.

Ross Garnaut is one of our country’s most respected and prominent climate and energy policy experts, having held senior roles in the public and private sector. He authored the landmark 2008 report for the Australian Government, The Garnaut Climate Change Review and has been an influential advisor both to State and Federal Governments.

As we strive to overcome the coronavirus challenge, we need new, practical ideas to restore Australia.

Professor Garnaut will speak to the ideas in Superpower: Australia’s low-carbon opportunity and present the themes in his forthcoming book Reset: Restoring Australia after the Pandemic Recession to show how the COVID-19 crisis offers Australia the opportunity to reset its economy and build a successful future – and why the old approaches will not work.

DATE: Tuesday 1 December
TIME: 7:00 – 8:00pm
WHERE: Online. RSVP here for free tickets.

What Biden’s win means for Climate Action

Global media outlets are reporting that Joe Biden will be the next USA President.

This is a huge victory for climate action and signals what could be the beginning of a monumental shift for countries around the world.

Climate change was a decisive factor influencing Americans on how to vote – 68% of voters said climate change was an important factor in their decision-making (1). Demonstrating the power of everyday citizens in creating change and standing up for what they know is good for the planet and communities.

What does this mean for climate action in the US?

Biden’s victory is good news for climate action in the United States and the world. Just some of the actions he’s pledged are (2):

  • Setting a target to reach net zero emissions by 2050 with the energy sector being carbon-free by 2035.
  • Spending USD $1.7 trillion to fight climate change – this includes the construction of 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations, building 1.5 million new energy-efficient homes, and promoting trains and high-speed rail.
  • Rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement. 
  • Stopping other countries (like Australia!) from cheating on their climate commitments (3) – Biden plans to use every means he has, including trade tariffs, foreign policy, and America’s economic leverage, to get other countries to do more.

And he’s not wasting any time – promising to sign executive orders to address the climate crisis on day one, signalling that he means business when it comes to climate action.

What does this mean for Australia?

While Biden will face challenges if the Republicans retain control of the Senate (something we won’t know until January), his pledges would mean the US joining almost all of Australia’s major trading partners – the UK, South Korea, Japan, China, and the European Union – in committing to net-zero emissions (4).

While the rest of the world is stepping up its game, the Federal Government has chosen to stand unashamedly alongside other major carbon polluters – like Russia and Saudia Arabia – by refusing to take meaningful action on climate change, ensuring we’re seen as a global laggard, rather than a leader.

Biden’s pledge to use tariffs and other measures to push countries that aren’t adequately reducing their emissions promises to be a big game-changer. Not only is Australia missing out at home on the economic benefits of creating new jobs by investing in climate action, but we could also face economic penalties for dragging our feet on cutting emissions.

Our Federal Government must stop playing politics with climate change and introduce a credible climate policy without delay. Failure to do so is putting us increasingly at odds with those around us and costing us money.

As leaders around the world rise to face the climate crisis head-on, it will no longer be acceptable, even in the corridors of power in Canberra, to pretend we can just bury our heads in a coal mine.

Despite significant threats to democracy throughout the election process, people power has still managed to prevail. A reminder that change can happen if enough people keep pushing to create a better world. 

Here at the Climate Council, we’re committed to relentlessly pursuing climate action because we know the clock is ticking. We’ve seen country after country step up to the challenge and it’s time Australia’s Federal politicians came to the party. We’ll be sharing more about our strategy to do this in the coming weeks.

This is our opportunity to show the Morrison Government that the world is moving and so must we.  

Thanks for standing with us,

Amanda McKenzie
CEO Climate Council

1 – How important is climate change to voters in the 2020 election?

2 – Plan for Climate Change and Environmental Justice | Joe Biden

3 – Australia’s use of accounting loophole to meet Paris deal have no legal basis

4 – Global climate action: Some good news for a change

Climate Bill 2020 – Sign the Petition

Time is running out and Australia still lacks effective climate change mitigation legislation. Time is critical. One immediate step you can take is to sign this petition.

Earlier this year Zali Steggall, the MP for Warringah, drafted the Climate Bill 2020. The Bill proposes to give legislative force to Australia’s obligations under the Paris Climate Agreement, including a target of net zero emissions by 2050. It provides for the appointment of a Climate Commission tasked with measuring and reporting on progress independently of the government of the day, whilst leaving responsibility with the government to determine the policy mix for achieving those legislated targets.

The bill will now be tabled in parliament on Monday 9 November 2020 after delays due to Covid. We have only a week remaining to demonstrate greater public support for the Bill, We are therefore calling on you, Our PECAN subscribers to demonstrate support for this Bill.


We ask that you sign the petition, then share this e-mail with family and friends asking that they do the same. Numbers count, so let’s show the strength of climate action citizens in the Federal seat of Macnamara to the Federal Government.

With ongoing appreciation,
David Robinson
Convenor – LIVE