David Robinson is the class facilitator. Sometimes a class member will volunteer to lead the ZOOM discussion on a film they have selected for the class to watch.

Date: Term 4 – Each Friday from 8/10/2021 to 10/12/2021
Frequency: Weekly
Class time: 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Watch an assigned film on your computer or TV at home during the week. On Friday attend a one hour ZOOM session to discuss the film with other class members.

Other information

FRIDAY FILM is for those who like watching films and like to discuss them.

Saturday and the following week
Each Saturday during term you will receive an email from David Robinson. The email will assign the film (or documentary) to watch during the week. You can watch the film at home for free, on your computer or smart TV, at a time that suits you during the week. The film will be chosen primarily to stimulate conversations. Hopefully it is a film you have never seen, watched decades ago, or one you would not normally watch. If the film does not interest you there is no obligation to watch it, or attend the ZOOM discussion. There is no need to register an apology as the class size is unlimited and no-one is ever expelled from the class.

Friday at 1pm-2pm
The following Friday at 1pm you have the option of discussing the film with others in a 1 hour ZOOM session on your computer. There is no obligation to attend the ZOOM discussion. You can decide to participate in the discussion, or you can just listen to others, it’s up to you. Several class members always have interesting insights that are well worth hearing.

Leading the discussion on Friday
This class also provides the opportunity for class members to volunteer to lead the discussion. In this case the class member will nominate the film the class is assigned to watch in consultation with David Robinson. David will handle everything else required to conduct the ZOOM session.

David likes films and hosting discussions of films that have “merit”. Other class members often volunteer to help out and lead the discussion on films they have a special interest in. David still sends out the Saturday email and manages the ZOOM technical aspects of facilitating the discussion and marking the U3APP role.