Watch the video above of what Malcolm Turnbull had to say about Climate Change. It is an excerpt from his Alfred Deakin Lecture in June 2010. At the time Kevin Rudd was Prime Minister and Malcolm had recently lost his position as Leader of the Opposition to Tony Abbott.

Since Malcolm became Prime Minister the Turnbull Government has continued to make decisions in the interests of big polluters. In its first budget, it continued to give $7.7 billion in subsidies to polluting fossil fuels, and kept Tony Abbott’s billion dollar cuts to renewable energy. And still, in the third week of the campaign, we have barely heard the Coalition talk about global warming during the election campaign.

In his budget reply, ALP Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen also failed to announce an end to fossil fuel subsidies, despite the fact that ending those subsidies is the most popular option for budget repair.

However, videos on social media like this have made us hope that the ALP might be considering a change in its position. The major block is the mining industry, with big multi-national companies threatening retribution if either major party acts.

We want to encourage the ALP (and the Coalition), by telling them that if they announce a strong policy to end fossil fuel subsidies during the election campaign, many organisations would support them loud and clear, and push back against the fear mongering of the big multinational fossil fuel companies.

If your organisation would be willing to welcome an ALP announcement to end subsidies, through media, social media or any other action, please let Claire O’Halloran of the Climate Action Network Australia know by return email, and she will pass this on to decision-makers in the ALP.