New computer algorithm supercharges climate models and could lead to better predictions of future climate change

Monday 7 May 2024

A study describes a new computer algorithm which can be applied to Earth System Models to drastically reduce the time needed to prepare these in order to make accurate predictions of future climate change.

Is environmental disaster inevitable? A reflection on economics and society

Monday 6 May 2024

Is capitalism capable of long term meaningful reform?

Saturday 4 May 2024

Roadmap to close the carbon cycle

Friday 3 May 2024

A holistic approach to reach net-zero carbon emissions across the economy

Sustainable town scrapped as one of Australia’s biggest green energy projects reconsiders environmental impact

Thursday 2 May 2024

Are major renewable energy projects being unfairly targeted by federal environment laws as some groups claim? We take a look at the numbers.

How do we define climate responsibility? Woodside has no answer

Wednesday 1 May 2024

So long as oil and gas companies remain wedded to self-interest, the push against them isn’t going away

It’s time to strike an environmental grand bargain between businesses, governments and conservationists – and stop doing things the hard way

Tuesday 30 April 2024

April has been a bad month for the Australian environment. The Great Barrier Reef was hit, yet again, by intense coral bleaching. And Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek delayed most of her Nature Positive Plan reforms.

Keeping the lights on: Coal closures will be messy, but planning for post coal grid needs to start now

Monday 29 April 2024

The transition away from coal will be messy, but Australians will not forgive political leaders if they muck up the post-coal era.

A Scientist who was Buried in a Lead Coffin

Sunday 28 April 2024

Imagine you stroll into the National Library of France. And among the sea of shelves, there is one shelf on which a lead-lined box is placed. To even crack it open and see what’s inside, you have to wear proper protective apparel like you’re going to space.

The myth of plastic recycling needs reevaluation

Wednesday 24 April 2024

The author argues that we must confront the reality that recycling does not make plastic any less harmful or more sustainable, suggesting a move towards reducing overall plastic production.

Gone in a puff of smoke: 52,000 sq km of ‘long unburnt’ Australian habitat has vanished in 40 years

Tuesday 23 April 2024

Landscapes that have escaped fire for decades or centuries tend to harbour vital structures for wildlife, such as tree hollows and large logs. But these “long unburnt” habitats can be eliminated by a single blaze

Regulating plastics is essential for protecting children’s brains, scientists say

Monday 22 April 2024

A new briefing paper from Project TENDR highlights the threat plastic poses to children’s neurological development and the need for a strong global plastics treaty to address that harm.

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What we learn as a child

Saturday 20 April 2024

What we want to believe and what is true are seldom the same thing.

Australia falls out of global top 10 solar countries, risks losing spot in leading PV research group

Friday 19 April 2024

Australia stands to lose its place in the world’s foremost global solar research group, a leading industry insider has warned, in the absence of federal government funding to support the participation of Australian experts.

Australia can achieve close to 100 pct renewables with today’s technologies: Are we up for the challenge?

Thursday 18 April 2024

Australia can achieve close to 100% renewables with the technologies of today. The opportunity lies in doing it better with new technologies and with the appropriate policy and regulatory settings.

World faces ‘deathly silence’ of nature as wildlife disappears, warn experts

Wednesday 17 April 2024

Loss of intensity and diversity of noises in ecosystems reflects an alarming decline in healthy biodiversity, say sound ecologists

“Unparalleled:”Rooftop solar now a major player in Australia’s grid, but households need more batteries

Tuesday 16 April 2024

Rooftop solar now delivers 11.2% of Australia’s energy and is the fourth largest energy source in the country.

People or planet? We must invest in both for a sustainable future

Monday 15 April 2024

Environmental and social issues need to be considered together for sustainable finance reforms to contribute positively to the wellbeing of the planet and its people

It Doesn’t Have to Be Like This

Saturday 13 April 2024

There is no natural law stating that bullies have to dominate our lives.

Why an intention to conserve an area for only 25 years should not count for Australia’s target of protecting 30% of land

Friday 12 April 2024

Protected areas have been the cornerstone of efforts to conserve nature for more than a century. Most countries have some form of protected areas, national parks being the best-known examples. A key element of protected areas is that they are dedicated, through legal or other effective means, to long-term conservation of nature.

What does the Swiss climate decision mean for Australia?

Thursday 11 April 2024

In a landmark ruling, Europe’s top human rights court has ruled the Swiss government violated the human rights of its citizens by failing to do enough to combat climate change. But what happens next?

Tanya Plibersek rejects Toondah Harbour project over impact on globally significant wetlands

Wednesday 10 April 2024

Walker Corporation had proposed 3,000 apartments, marina and shops for the site, which is a critical habitat for the endangered eastern curlew

Australia among hotspots for toxic ‘forever chemicals’, study of PFAS levels finds

Tuesday 9 April 2024

Australian limits on acceptable levels of these toxic chemicals in drinking water ‘orders of magnitude’ higher than in US

Eliminating fossil fuels would save millions of lives, study finds

Monday 8 April 2024

A recent study published in BMJ found that fossil fuels are responsible for more deaths worldwide than previously thought, highlighting the significant health benefits of transitioning to clean energy.

Music, Sweet Music

Sunday 7 April 2024

Saturday 6 April 2024

Just 57 companies linked to 80% of greenhouse gas emissions since 2016

Friday 5 April 2024

Analysis reveals many big producers increased output of fossil fuels and related emissions in seven years after Paris climate deal

Out of alignment: how clashing policies make for terrible environmental outcomes

Euan Ritchie et al
Thursday 4 April 2024

Policy alignment sounds dry. But think of it like this: you want to make suburbs cooler and more liveable, so you plant large trees. But then you find the trees run afoul of fire and safety provisions, and they’re cut down.

Rethinking asbestos disposal: From hazard to resource

Katharine Quarmby reports for BBC.
Wednesday 3 April 2024

Researchers are studying innovative solutions for managing asbestos waste, revealing a promising shift toward recycling this hazardous material into harmless, useful products.

It will take hope, inspiration and action to save the earth

Jane Goodall
2 April 2024

I see humanity as at the mouth of a very long, very dark tunnel. And right at the end of that tunnel, there’s a little star that’s hope. And it’s no good sitting at the mouth of the tunnel folding our arms and hoping that the star will come.

If we properly priced death caused by carbon emissions, we might get to net zero a lot quicker

Thursday 28 March 2024

Adding a price on mortality caused by carbon emissions might help change consumption patterns for items such as red meat and 4WDs. Smoking laws provide a template.

“It makes climate change worse:” Carbon credit projects claiming to regrow forests are failing

Wednesday 27 March 2024

New research from three Australian universities shows forest regrowth projects show little improvement, many going backwards.

If we’re going to electrify everything, we’ll need finance that works for everyone

Tuesday 26 March 2024

To achieve net zero, we need an exit plan for everyone where no home is left behind on spiralling price rises and the unplanned decline of the fossil energy system. Here’s what we propose.

‘Planting a tree is hope in action’: the people regenerating urban habitats and growing community

Monday 25 March 2024

Volunteer-led rewilding projects are helping restore degraded habitats in Australian cities, providing opportunities to connect with the planet and others

Clean Energy Council launches national ad campaign against “nuclear distraction”

CEC launches national advertising campaign against nuclear push as former chief scientist Alan Finkel says pausing renewables for nuclear will set back climate action for two decades.

RMIT ABC Fact Check: We fact checked Chris Bowen on the average build time of a nuclear plant in the US. Here’s what we found

Thursday 21 March 2021

Minister for Climate Change and Energy Chris Bowen says the average build time for a nuclear power plant in the United States has been nearly two decades. Is that correct? RMIT ABC Fact Check runs the numbers.

Australia’s environmental scorecard went down in 2023, but in some ways the country ‘dodged a bullet’

Tuesday 19 March 2024

Australia’s environmental scorecard worsened in 2023, but the country fared better than much of the rest of the globe, according to a report from the Australian National University.

Economists say Australia shouldn’t try to transition to net zero by aping the mammoth US Inflation Reduction Act

Monday 18 March 2024

Australia’s top economists are pressing Prime Minister Anthony Albanese not to ape US President Joe Biden’s “think big” approach to clean energy.

Five nuclear questions Dutton needs to answer

Thursday 14 March 2024

The Coalition’s push for a nuclear solution to Australia’s net-zero transition has left many questions unanswered, as Opposition Leader Peter Dutton and his shadow ministry seemingly struggle with the facts, economics and reality of adopting nuclear power.

The deadly dozen: Scientists identify 11 biggest threats to nation’s survival

Wednesday 13 March 2024

The nation’s first climate risk assessment hints at a dystopian future for Australia if it fails to properly prepare for a multitude of threats

Australia’s media isn’t accurately reporting all sides of the Murray-Darling Basin debate

Tuesday 12 March 2024

A lack of balance in media reporting may have harmed public perception of environmental water allocations in the Murray-Darling – and Indigenous custodians barely get a look in

Air pollution kills 1 million a year – hundreds of whom are Australians

Friday 8 March 2024

Short-term exposure to air pollution has been found to kill more than 1 million people globally every year, even when people are exposed to bushfire smoke, dust and other pollutants for only a few hours or days.

Voters warm to nuclear as billionaire Andrew Forrest slams Coalition ‘bulldust’

This is the policy the Coalition is considering.

Thursday 7 March 2024

Voters warm to nuclear as billionaire Andrew Forrest slams Coalition ‘bulldust’
Mining billionaire Andrew Forrest has slammed the Coalition for advocating nuclear energy as the way to modernise the electricity grid as an exclusive survey reveals that 36 per cent of voters support its

Five regions shaping up as favoured candidates for nuclear reactors under Coalition plan, as it eyes retiring coal stations

Wednesday 6 May 2024

With the Coalition interested in replacing retiring coal plants with nuclear reactors, there are just a handful of regions that would be likely candidates under the opposition’s yet to be announced plans to go nuclear.

Satellite to ‘name and shame’ worst oil and gas methane polluters

Tuesday 5 March 2024

Leaks are driving 30% of the climate crisis and MethaneSat will provide the first first near-comprehensive global view

The National Electricity Market wasn’t made for a renewable energy future. Here’s how to fix it

4 March 2024

Rooftop solar is Australia’s cheapest source of electricity. The consumer can get electricity from rooftop solar at less than a fifth of the average cost per kwh of buying it from a retailer.

Baiting foxes can make feral cats even more ‘brazen’, study of 1.5 million forest photos shows

1 March 2024

Foxes and cats kill about 2.6 billion mammals, birds and reptiles across Australia, every year. To save native species from extinction, we need to protect them from these introduced predators. But land managers tend to focus on foxes, which are easier to control. Unfortunately this may have unintended consequences.

The network of conservative think-tanks out to kill the switch to renewables

29 Februart 2024

Australia’s renewable energy plans are being targeted by coordinated campaigns from conservative “think tanks”, as the Coalition embraces nuclear and rails against large scale renewables and transmission lines.

Australian voters are increasingly driven by issues rather than party loyalty – and that’s bad news for the old political order

28 February 2024

Climate crisis deniers beware! These days, the environment and other traditionally left-leaning issues are more likely to be front of mind when Australians – young and old – head to the polls

Our native animals are easy prey after a fire. Could artificial refuges save them?

27 February 2024

We need every tool at our disposal to stop feral cats and foxes from decimating Australia’s incredible wildlife after fires. Artificial refuges show promise.

Early jacaranda bloom sparks debate about climate change in Mexico

26 February 2024

Every spring, the streets of Mexico’s capital are painted purple with the flowering of thousands of jacaranda trees. Their spectacular colors not only attract the eyes of residents and tourists, but also birds, bees and butterflies that find food and shelter in them.

Emissions from households’ water use are on a par with aviation. The big cuts and savings they can make are being neglected

23 February 2024

Why is there such a big gap between people, industries and government agreeing we need urgent action on climate change, and actually starting? Scope 3 emissions are a great example. These are greenhouse gas emissions that organisations can influence, but don’t directly control.

Four reasons rooftop solar will grow to dominate Australia’s electricity market

22 February 2024

For the past four years Green Energy Markets has produced projections of solar PV and stationary battery system installations for the Australian Energy Market Operator. These are used to help inform AEMO’s Integrated System Plan and Statement of Opportunities planning exercises for both the NEM and the Western Australian SWIS.

Rooftop solar tipped to eclipse all other generation as ‘staggering’ rise over energy market continues

21 February 2024

The capacity of rooftop solar in Australia will eclipse the country’s entire electricity demand in coming decades, according to a report that charts the technology’s rise.

Be brave, stay positive, find your tribe: three climate activists explain how to get started

19 February 2024

Whether your idea of climate activism involves signing petitions, door-knocking or protesting, there are now groups for every demographic

We can’t escape a carbon tax, which is good news, not bad

17 February 2024

When economists are at their best, they speak truth to power. And that’s just what two of our best economists, Professor Ross Garnaut and Rod Sims, did this week. In their own polite way, they spoke out against the blatant self-interest of our (largely foreignowned) fossil fuel industry.

Confronting the climate crisis can also advance socio-economic rights

16 February 2024

Data confirms that the impacts of the climate crisis fall hardest on countries and people who are already struggling and who have contributed the least to climate change. But the right policies can both confront the climate crisis and protect and improve people’s social and economic rights.

Wind or sun, coal or nuclear; we need a stronger grid and a better debate

15 February 2024

Adopting entrenched political positions will not change the physics of the climate and energy crisis facing the nation.

‘They will hate it’: Two economists say a carbon levy could solve multiple problems, but expect fossil fuel fury

14 February 2024

Two of the nation’s most respected economists have put forward a bold plan they say can lower global carbon emissions by at least 6 per cent, super-charge a new green export industry for Australia, deliver much cheaper power bills and even dramatically cut the rate of inflation.

Rural Australia believes in self-sufficiency, so let’s set the terms of the renewable energy boom

13 February 2024

The consultation and planning around the energy rollout has been lacking – so let’s knock the edges off and get investment that works for our communities

The world is reducing its reliance on fossil fuels – except for in three key sectors

12 February 2024

Dramatic changes in energy industry and EVs reducing fossil fuel use, but shipping, aviation and industry a long way from net zero

Population can’t be ignored. It has to be part of the policy solution to our world’s problems

9 February 2024

Most of the problems confronting the world come down to population growth. But where women are given the choice, they limit the number of children they have.

Too late? Climate change denial and the rise of fascism

7 February 2024

“… but they can be sure that they won’t be recorded for their crimes in history — because there won’t be any history” (Noam Chomsky, 2023, in a letter to the author)

Will the government’s fuel efficiency standard drive up car prices? It depends what road it goes down

6 February 2024

The federal government has detailed its proposal to impose a CO2 standard on new cars. It will have a narrow road to travel to ensure it cuts emissions without driving up car prices.

Why are people climate change deniers?

5 February 2024

Do climate change deniers bend the facts to avoid having to modify their environmentally harmful behavior?

King of the Extrinsics

2 February 2024

The deep and crucial reason why Trump could win again.

Hazard reduction burns increase risk of severe bushfires, report finds

1 February 2024

Traditional fire management strategies such as hazard reduction burns, logging, and the thinning of undergrowth have increased the flammability of forests, new research has found.

Australia’s black summer bushfires ripped billions from the tourism industry. Is global warming making the cost of natural disasters worse?

31 January 2024

The impact on businesses was widespread, even in areas relatively unaffected by the fires, study finds

Move to sustainable food systems could bring $10tn benefits a year, study finds

30 January 2024

Existing production destroys more value than it creates due to medical and environmental costs, researchers say

Chats with AI shift attitudes on climate change, Black Lives Matter

29 January 2024

People who were more skeptical of human-caused climate change or the Black Lives Matter movement who took part in conversation with a popular AI chatbot were disappointed with the experience but left the conversation more supportive of the scientific consensus on climate change or BLM.

What do angry farmers in Nevada and Germany have in common? They’re being exploited by the far right

26 January 2024

Populists are taking advantage of agrarian protests sparked by genuine crises – and it all feels horribly familiar

Record renewables drive prices down, but coal states still the most expensive

25 January 2024

Renewables continue to reshape Australian grid, and bring down prices – but the most coal dependent states have the dirtiest and costliest power, while battling rising temperatures and demand.

Sweltering hot Australian suburbs are encased in black asphalt. But there’s a much cooler alternative

24 January 2024

Los Angeles and other US cities have embraced lighter-coloured “cool roads” in response to climate change and heatwaves. So why isn’t Australia doing the same?

Why 2024 will be a crucial year for climate litigation

23 January 2024

Advocates predict activists and local governments will look to the courts to bring about accountability for climate damage

Is climate change too hard for democracy?

22 January 2024

We have all heard that 2023 was the warmest year ever for the world, by some margin.

ADF chief to climate warrior

20 January 2024

Can a movie change your life? Absolutely, says Chris Barrie, former Defence chief turned climate campaigner.

‘Australians don’t want more extinctions’: Leading ecologist warns about climate change impact on biodiversity

19 January 2024

One of Australia’s leading ecologists says climate change should be specifically mentioned for the first time in revamped threatened species legislation, due to be released by the Albanese government in 2024.

The promise and peril of CCS – a technology that must be viewed with extreme skepticism

18 January 2024

CCS is as promising as nuclear fusion, and possibly just as farfetched to be practical, economic and on a scale that would make a difference.

Climate change and nature loss are our biggest environmental problems – so why isn’t the market tackling them together?

17 January 2024

Climate change and biodiversity loss are arguably the greatest environmental challenges the world faces. The way we use land is crucial in finding solutions to these problems. In theory, actions such as revegetation and avoiding land clearing can tackle both problems at once – for example, by simultaneously storing carbon in plants and providing habitat for animals.

‘Cheaper to save the world than destroy it’: why capitalism is going green

16 January 2024

Akshat Rathi argues that around the world economies are switching to clean technology as prices drop

Responding to climate change is a people problem

15 January 2024

Climate experts have issued a grim warning for Australians this summer, predicting that 2023 will be the hottest year on record. While the Australian government has recognised the threat of climate change and has committed billions of dollars in disaster relief and the energy transition, the challenges and opportunities they present are unlikely to be met without a significant investment in the skills and qualifications needed.

Only 18% of the global land area that is needed for human well-being and biodiversity is currently protected

12 January 2024

An international group of researchers finds that conserving about half of global land area could maintain nearly all of nature’s contributions to people and still meet biodiversity targets for tens of thousands of species. But the same priority areas are at risk of conflict with human development with only 18% of that land area protected.

Australians paying hundreds more for fuel due to government inaction on efficiency standards, advocates say

11 January 2024

Climate Council finds average Australian car needs more petrol to travel same distance as more efficient models common overseas

Scientists outline a bold solution to climate change, biodiversity loss, social injustice

10 January 2024

An international team of scientists has used a novel 500-year dataset to frame a ‘restorative’ pathway through which humanity can avoid the worst ecological and social outcomes of climate change.

How to stop wasting cheap renewables – and drive a faster transition

9 January 2024

The path to 100% renewables is charted. How quickly we get there depends on how we price surplus wind and solar and who controls demand management.

Explainer: It’s not just the total rainfall – why is eastern Australia experiencing such sudden, devastating downpours?

8 January 2024

The number of storms in some regions is increasing, but so is the intensity of rainfall from low-pressure systems. Global heating seems to be playing a key role

Connecting with those who won’t be convinced

6 January 2024

A 46 minute podcast featuring Tim Flannery and Robyn Williams.

It is seen over and over. In a discussion about climate change, the sceptic points out it’s freezing in the US with record cold temperatures. So climate change is not happening. Conversation is derailed. They will not be convinced. This is despite overwhelming evidence that climate change is happening. And we know the cause. But the sceptic says no. And while people are dying, Covid is not happening. We’ve all seen this. So what to do? How do you counter these views? Tim Flannery and Robyn Williams at Hobart’s Beaker St Festival tackle the problem of how to approach people who despite a mountain of evidence, won’t be convinced.

Cathy Wilcox’s Twitter site.

5 January 2024

This is her WEBSITE.

I thought most of us were going to die from the climate crisis. I was wrong

4 January 2024

In an extract from her book Not the End of the World, data scientist Hannah Ritchie explains how her work taught her that there are more reasons for hope than despair about climate change – and why a truly sustainable world is in reach

10 charts that sum up 2023’s clean energy progress

3 January 2024

The shift to clean energy is underway. These charts show how, where — and how fast — that transition is happening.

The things I’m hopeful about in 2024 as an environmental reporter

2 January 2024

It’s easy to focus on what’s wrong, but there’s also a lot to be grateful for.