Many U3APP Members are involved in other community groups. We often receive requests to advertise their non-U3APP events in our newsletter, the U3APP E-Bulletin. U3APP Classifieds is a new benefit for U3APP Members designed to meet this need.


Once a fortnight the U3APP E-Bulletin is sent to 1600+ Members. Previously we have not included non-U3APP events in the E-Bulletin because it is intended to promote U3APP courses and events! To publish all requests would be difficult as where would you draw the line? The E-Bulletin could become too large, and no one would read it.


The need to provide a classifieds feature has lead to the idea of a limited service. A service that would not detract from the prime purpose of the E-Bulletin, but would augment it. So for a trial during Term 4 2022, a classified service will be offered. Below are a few rules for the trial. The plan is to see how they work, then refine them as the need arises.


  1. Be submitted by a named U3APP Member.
  2. Advertise a non-U3APP event or other request.
  3. Of possible interest to other U3APP Members.
  4. Located in the City of Port Phillip.
  5. Ideally free, or for a very nominal cost.
  6. A once only event or requirement.
  7. Brief, 3 lines, must include a hyperlink for details.


Send your classified to editor@u3app.org.au


Perhaps a couple of examples will help illustrate what should be submitted.
The first is a JOB VACANCY, the second is for an TRAINING EVENT.

JOB VACANCY. Jack Halliday, PECAN President, is seeking volunteers to serve on the committee that organises the events and other activities of their group. A job description is at www.pecan.org.au/vacancy/    PECAN means Port Phillip Climate Action Network

TRAINING EVENT. Bev Fryer received a email request from the Elwood Croquet Club to publish an offer of free morning and afternoon croquet training sessions. The email provided a link to a page on their website with the details shown in the image below.