The Port Phillip Alliance for Sustainability was formed in 2014, at a
period when the Port Phillip Council was failing to meet its
sustainability targets. It was formed with the objective of bringing
about improvement in reaching Council’s these targets, and in
contributing around other sustainabilty measures in and affecting Port

The Alliance was initiated by members of a precursor body, the Port
Phillip Environment Working Group, the scope of which was widened to
include members from the Community Alliance of Port Phillip (CAPP),
LIVE, the Greens, Labor, LEAN, Unchain, the EcoCentre and Community
Carbon Cops. From its outset membership was limited to individuals from
key organizations in Port Phillip concerned about sustainability and
there was an expectation that members could contribute experience and
knowledge to the work of the Alliance.

That work has primarily encompassed Port Phillip’s emissions profiles,
both corporate and community, water management issues including
recycling and flood mitigation, waste management, and a range of climate
adaptation and resilience concerns: coastal hazard issues, blue/green
infrastructure, urban heat island, open space and urban afforestation.
The Alliance working process has involved preparation of submissions on
Council plans and programs, meetings with Councillors and Council staff,
and in conjunction with other groups, involvement in workshops and
community forums on sustainability issues.

There has been major improvement in Council’s sustainability programs,
but overall there is still a long way to go especially in respect of
community awareness and responses to an accelerating climate crisis.

PPAS can be contacted through the convenor, Jack Halliday,
on 0417 033 425 or by email at jahel@bigpond.net.au