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Your Port Phillip Library Card enables you to access hundreds of FILMS and DOCUMENTARIES for FREE from your computer. Port Phillip Library subscribes to two on-line film streaming services, KANOPY and BEAMAFILM. This page explains how to access BEAMAFILM. To access KANOPY go to

Logging in to BEAMAFILM for the first time. Providing you don’t deliberately logout you won’t need to login again.

  1. Click on the homepage of the BEAMAFILM homepage at
  2. Click on the Library Card Access button in the top right-hand corner of the page.
  3. In the box under Select your library enter the word Port and click on the phrase Port Philip Library Services which pops up under where you typed.
  4. In the box under Enter library barcode type in your Port Phillip Library Service barcode number and press the orange Sign in button below the box.
  5. Enter the Email Address and Password you use to access the library website and press the orange Sign in button.
  6. You can now watch any BEAMAFILM.
  7. If you have any problems with access you will need to sort them out with Port Phillip Library staff as I don’t have access to their database of library members.


If you don’t go through the login process you can still see a trailer of each BEMAFILM. However to watch a complete BEMAFILM you must login. There are no limits to the number of films you can watch in a month as there is with KANOPY.