Wednesday 6 September 2017

Four radical plans to save civilization from climate change.
In his scorching new book, A Farewell to Ice, Peter Wadhams, head of the Polar Ocean Physics Group at the University of Cambridge, presents a slew of radical—and sometimes theoretical—ways to save civilization.

Warmer World May Bring More Local, Less Global, Temperature Variability
Many tropical or subtropical regions could see sharp increases in natural temperature variability as Earth’s climate warms over coming decades, a new Duke University-led study suggests.

Boiling frogs again.
Karachi Express Tribune editorial
Climate change is here to stay no matter what is the cause — and for south Asia it is a purely academic argument anyway as the region reels under catastrophic monsoon floods

Denying Hurricane Harvey’s climate links only worsens future suffering
Dana Nuccitelli
The variables in the climate change formula are mitigation, adaptation, and suffering. Denying the problem loads up on the suffering.

Electricity market struggling as coal stations shut down, AEMO says
The energy regulator warns Australians could face higher power bills and more blackouts this summer because of deep-seated problems in the national electricity market.

AEMO says fossil fuel failures, renewable investment delays biggest threat to grid
AEMO says the biggest threat to Australia’s electricity supply is hotter temperatures, failure of large fossil fuel plants, and delays in investment in new wind and solar. Smart solutions such as demand management and storage will mean no need for new coal generators.

Voters blame energy companies – and PM – for sky-high power prices
More than four times as many people blame Malcolm Turnbull for sky-high power prices than renewable energy companies.

Plan to ramp up coal power
A federal plan is under way to ­encourage more capacity at the nation’s biggest coal-fired power stations.

Finkel backs coal extensions
Chief Scientist Alan Finkel yesterday backed calls to extend existing coal plants rather than build new capacity.

Gas and hydro get big $ in energy markets, solar and wind paid less
Hydro and gas generation get higher half hourly prices than coal in Australia’s energy market. Wind & solar PV take a discount.

Billionaire Cannon-Brookes backs home energy loan start-up
Australian tech investor Mike Cannon-Brookes has tipped close to $4m into home energy loan start-up Brighte.

Garnaut slams AEMC move to delay 5-minute settlement rule
Energy rule-maker says it supports change to 5 minute settlement period, but wants it introduced gradually and not before July, 2021.

CSIRO a paid-up member of Minerals Council, which fights climate change action
Science agency stands in contrast to Australia’s biggest polluter, AGL, which parted ways with MCA over climate change

Wind and solar facing “valley of death” despite changing economics
Adam Bandt
Australia faces energy crisis caused by failure of Labor and Coalition to face reality of both climate change and the technological transformation of the energy sector.

A bunch of reasons to be optimistic about clean energy in Australia
Ketan Joshi
Renewable energy is increasingly profitable without subsidies, and coal has become uninvestable without government intervention – this used to be the opposite.

Retrofitted cities are forcing residents to live with planning failures – we’re due for a rethink
Linley Lutton, University of Western Australia
Planners wish to correct past errors by increasing densities, discouraging car dependency and mixing land uses. But imposing imported strategies on Australian cities is producing unhappy results.

The energy crisis is now, not in the ‘never never’
Laura Tingle

Making old coal new again
Jennifer Hewett

What’s the likelihood of load shedding this summer?
Nick Harmsen
The Australian Energy Market Operator says SA’s energy plan is working to reduce the threat of blackouts, but is also warning an unexpected outage at a major supplier could also affect Victoria.

Mixed Response as Victoria Moves on Renewable Energy Targets
The Victorian government has become the first Australian state to introduce legislation in a bid to have its renewable energy targets enshrined in law, but the move has received a mixed response.

Summer blackout alert for Victoria
VICTORIANS will need costly emergency energy supplies — likely to include diesel generators — to avoid a risk of widespread blackouts this summer.

Call for state to purchase Hazelwood
THE State Opposition is calling on the Andrews Government to open up the chequebook and buy the Hazelwood power station to “prevent looming blackouts”.

Melburnians could trade in rainwater to cut down on bills

Can Melbourne be the new Amsterdam?
Alan Davies
It’s an appealing meme, but the idea Australian cities could replicate the experience of Amsterdam if only they had the political will is harder than it might look

‘Criminal’: Turnbull in talks to keep oldest coal-fired power station open
The Federal Government is trying to delay the closure of the Hunter Valley’s Liddell coal-fired power station but the CEO of its parent company AGL says “keeping old coal plants open won’t deliver the reliable, affordable energy”.

AGL ridicules Coalition request to keep Liddell open extra 5 years
Coalition wants AGL to keep 46-year old Liddell coal generator open another five years, despite AEMO saying there is no threat to security standards and …

Coal city Newcastle prepares tender for 5MW solar farm
Eight companies short-listed to tender for job to develop, operate 5MW solar farm on former landfill site at Newcastle.

The NSW towns with deadly pathogens in their drinking water
The ABC obtains water safety reports that show dangerous pathogens are regularly detected in drinking water in several rural areas of NSW, putting people at risk of serious illness.

KEPCO investigation adds to hurdles facing Bylong coal mine proposal
The NSW government has confirmed it is conducting an investigation into the Australian subsidiary of South Korean giant KEPCO that could affect the company’s plans for a $1.5 billion coal mine in the Bylong Valley.

Labor warns of ‘fire sale’ as NSW government orders Crown land valuation

Restoration of Halls Creek to stop some of the ACT’s ‘worst erosion’
The ACT Government is spending more than $200,000 on works to restore farming land and improve the territory’s water supply.

Canberra could face worst bushfire season since 2003

Jones becomes face of anti-Adani campaign
HE’S no greenie, but shock jock Alan Jones has a message for supporters of the Adani mine: “if you think we’re that stupid, think again”.

Plastic bags banned in Queensland
SINGLE use plastic bags will be banned in Queensland and money will be refunded to recycle drink containers after State Parliament unanimously passed new laws.

Global ‘community’ rallies for the Reef
Who cares about the Great Barrier Reef? Lots!

Fury at trawler plan
CAIRNS recreational fishermen have strongly opposed a Federal Government draft management plan that allows trawling in the Coral Sea.

‘Severe’ bushfire season to start earlier
PARTS of regional South Australia must be on high alert for a catastrophic bushfire season this summer with data revealing fire threats are likely to begin earlier with more severity than usual.

Graph of the day: South Australia’s “baseload” wind supply
Giles Parkinson
Wind energy has supplied a constant output of 1200MW over last three days in South Australia – just like “baseload”

Tassal wins back certification for two Macquarie Harbour leases
Salmon giant Tassal wins back certification for the Gordon and Middle lease in Macquarie Harbour, and looks ahead to stock a third.

Bushfire warning for state’s south, east
IT is hard to believe that a state shivering under a blanket of snow faces a bushfire season starting next month — but that’s what fire chiefs are warning.

Hydro set to fire up power station
HYDRO Tasmania will restart operation of the gas-powered Tamar Valley power station in a bid to reduce high-cost Basslink imports at drier times later in the year.

WA steps in to protect mine leases
Andrew Forrest’s efforts to block mining on his Minderoo cattle station has left his Fortescue group at risk.

‘People still get excited when they see them’: Meet the newest peacock spiders
These tiny, dazzling spiders are 100 per cent real and scientists have discovered another five species and sub-species in Western Australia.

Fracking fear turns gas off
Western Australia’s new Labor government has placed a 12-month moratorium on fracking for gas.

Kairos fast tracks Pilbara review
Kairos Minerals will fast track a geological review of its extensive West, Central and East Pilbara tenement portfolio

WA residents urged to prepare for deadly fire season

Can this giant turbine turn the tide for ocean energy?
The next great hope for renewable energy is moored to a dock in Saint John, New Brunswick. It resembles a beached Ferris wheel.

Better than a battery? Big energy backs hydrogen power storage.
The secret to switching the global energy system entirely to renewables may lay in the universe’s most abundant substance.

Stanford professor tests a cooling system that works without electricity

Looking for methane leaks.
Low-cost sensors could help natural gas producers fix a costly and climate-altering problem

The cities of the 21st century will be defined by water.
“If we only respond to the past, we will only get answers that fit the past,” says Dutch water expert Henk Ovink.

URI researcher says invasive plants change ecosystems from the bottom up

A revolution in lithium-ion batteries is becoming more realistic

Climate-smart agriculture urgently needed in Africa.
Africa contributes only 4 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, while six of the 10 most affected countries by climate change are in Africa

Could switchgrass help China’s air quality?

Cruise ships showed contempt for customers by breaking clean air pledge, report says
German environment group says industry has not tried to cut pollution over the past year and reneged on a promise to install soot filters

While Trump keeps monument plan secret, proponents tout their economic benefits.
The argument that National Monuments impede economic growth doesn’t hold water, say an economist and conservationists.

Diverse Landscapes Are More Productive and Adapt better to Climate Change

New Zealand’s fisheries quota management system: on an undeserved pedestal
Glenn Simmons et al
New Zealand’s fisheries are considered among the best managed in the world, but this perception doesn’t match the facts.