UNH researchers shine a light on more accurate way to estimate climate change
By using satellite data from different major land-based ecosystems around the globe, researchers have found that the photosynthesis glow is the same across all vegetation, no matter the location. This first-of-its-kind global analysis could have significance in providing more accurate data for scientists working to model carbon cycle and eventually help better project climate change.

Pope Francis to discuss climate change with oil company CEOs
Oil company bosses will travel to the Vatican next week to discuss climate change with Pope Francis.

How sea level rise will impact America’s east coast
Railroads aren’t great if they’re underwater.

Big investors urge G7 to step up climate action, shift from coal
Institutional investors with $26 trillion in assets under management called on Group of Seven leaders on Monday to phase out the use of coal in power generation to help limit climate change, despite strong opposition from Washington.

Researchers Shine a Light on More Accurate Way to Estimate Climate Change
By using satellite data from different major land-based ecosystems around the globe, researchers have found that the photosynthesis glow is the same across all vegetation, no …

Disclosing climate-related financial information is a game changer
Craig Davies
Global markets need standardised, accessible information about the climate risks faced by investments and businesses

Kids tackle climate change and fake news on Q&A special
Why aren’t young people listened to and how do you combat fake news? These are just some of the questions up for discussion on the first ever Behind the News Q&A kids panel.

Origin Energy offers small discount, after hiking power bills by 15pc last year
Electricity prices are surging, so Origin Energy is offering small discounts to its Queensland and South Australia customers, and a price freeze for NSW and ACT — despite its double-digit price hike last year.

Steve Ciobo overturned mining loan ban without consulting department
Decision meant Coalition could start funding coalmining projects while banks retreated

Anderson cautions PM over climate change drought claim  [PAYWALL]
Former Nationals leader John Anderson has cautioned against what he says is politicising the current drought by attributing it to climate change.

Electric cars spark calls for user charging  [PAYWALL]
The next three years are a “once-in-a-generation opportunity” to adopt road user charging, says Infrastructure Partnerships Australia boss.

Australia’s new road revolution
Just a few years ago people thought it was impossible, but a new “highway” around Australia has been created and it could change the way we travel forever.

Australia’s large fish species declined 30% in past decade, study says
Call for fisheries changes after study says excessive fishing mostly to blame

E-mail: Three-wheeling posties herald electric future
Australia Post has rolled out close to 100 all-electric three-wheeled scooters that are quieter, safer, and can carry three times more than a postie motorbike.

Power companies less trusted by consumers than banks, telcos
Survey finds Australian consumers’ lack of trust in power companies holding back the shift to a smarter, cheaper grid.

Broccoli coffee could lead to improved diets while helping farmers cut waste
The humble flat white is getting a green makeover in an effort to help Australians boost their vegetable intake.

Carbon risks to car jobs  [PAYWALL]
Car dealers have warned the federal government that thousands of jobs are at risk if emissions policies lead to higher prices.

Developers profit from prime land, as thousands wait for public housing
Prime public housing land in inner Melbourne was sold to developers too cheaply, a parliamentary committee has revealed.

Wildlife warrior in fight to protect native animals  [PAYWALL]
A young wildlife warrior is leading the fight to protect Australian native animals from a State Government proposal that could see their rehabilitation banned.

Basin cut concern  [PAYWALL]
Victoria has raised concerns the Federal Government has sought to effectively make changes to the Murray Darling Basin Plan before getting agreement from state governments.

Should Victoria adopt an electric vehicle target?
Bryce Gaton
Victoria Inquiry recommends number of ways state government could boost the uptake of EVs – but will this translate into policy?

Test case for NSW anti-protest laws has failed, lawyer says
Three people tried under the NSW Government’s controversial anti-coal seam gas protest laws avoid jail after the magistrate dismisses two charges.

Fast rail the key to ‘mega’ Sydney, report says
A fast train network connecting greater Sydney, Wollongong and Newcastle as a “mega region” could create more than 10,000 new jobs, according to a new report.

Brumby bill: Labor wants investigation into deputy premier’s alleged link to donor
Luke Foley says debate on bill should be suspended until John Barilaro cleared of conflict of interest

‘Disturbing’: World conservation body blasts NSW wild horse plan
Pressure is mounting on the government to ditch its plan to protect wild horses in the Kosciuszko National Park, with the IUCN warning the move would harm the state’s reputation.

Taiwan shipping company apologises for incident as debris continues to wash ashore  [PAYWALL]
The shipping company whose vessel lost 83 containers overboard off the state’s mid north coast has apologised after hundreds of kilograms of debris washed up on pristine beaches.

Thousands of bus services announced to ease congestion in Sydney suburbs
Commuters will get thousands of more services in Sydney’s inner west, eastern suburbs and western suburbs.

Rooftop solar boom marches on, as NSW surges ahead
The boom in rooftop solar installations in Australia continues, with a new monthly record rate of 131.7MW recorded in May, according to the latest data from industry statistician SunWiz.

Reef report shows more coral decline
The Great Barrier reef has seen a sharp decline in its coral cover even without the impact of recent bleaching events, an annual reef health report has found.–spt.html

North Stradbroke Island to get $11m tourism boost in state budget
The funding injection comes as the deadline to stop sand mining on North Stradbroke Island looms.

Massive redesign for Cleveland’s $1.3 billion harbour
New plans for a $1.3 billion upgrade of Cleveland’s new entry to North Stradbroke Island protects roosting areas, but not feeding grounds for shorebirds say Birdlife Australia.

Gloom on Reef health cuts into Aussie visits  [PAYWALL]
Australian visitors to Cairns are losing interest in the Great Barrier Reef, with the Far North’s tourism industry issued a call-to-arms to help promote the natural wonder.

Crocs in the crosshairs  [PAYWALL]
The newest recruit to Katter’s Australia Party is a self-confessed crocodile hunter, who wants to restart culling of the reptiles in the Far North.

Electricity prices set to drop after war erupts  [PAYWALL]
A power price war has broken out in Queensland with more energy companies expected to follow a major retailer’s promise to slash rates, leading to much needed relief for consumers.

Peter Ridd’s sacking pushes the limit of academic freedom
Gay Alcorn
James Cook University may have damaged its reputation with a heavy-handed approach to the academic with minority views on climate change and the reef

Making a global agenda work locally for healthy, sustainable living in tropical Australia
Silvia Tavares and David Sellars, James Cook University
There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all plan for sustainable, healthy urban living. Urban diaries help identify what works – and doesn’t work – for tropical cities like Cairns or Townsville.

SA’s leaky water regulations [PAYWALL]
South Australian irrigators are exploiting a loophole in the state’s regulations, to borrow water destined for the environment and not repay it until the end of the season.

Our drivers ‘funding extravagance’ in oil-rich nations  [PAYWALL]
South Australian motorists are ­“financing the extravagance” of oil-rich nations such as the United Arab Emirates, according to the ­national consumer watchdog, with the scale of the rip-off increasingly stinging motorists at the bowser.

Carbon monoxide warning after jump in ED admissions  [PAYWALL]
More South Australians were taken to emergency departments from carbon monoxide-related poisoning in the past year, prompting authorities to issue a health warning as temperatures drop.

Seals in the Coorong still causing havoc for fishermen, despite underwater crackers being available  [PAYWALL]
Not even loud blasts from underwater firecrackers are stopping seals from destroying nets and stealing catch from Coorong fishermen.

Federal Resources Minister Matt Canavan says it could be a decade before commercial-level oil and gas exploration starts in the Great Australian Bight  [PAYWALL]
It could take 10 years for commercial-level oil and gas extraction to start in the Great Australian Bight.

Guy Barnett announces Basslink is back online
The state government announced on Tuesday evening that the 298-kilometre electricity cable to the mainland had returned to service after a two-month outage.

Tasmanian sites to be assessed for pumped hydro, 3000 potential new jobs
Fourteen possible pumped hydro developments with potential to create about 3000 jobs in regional Tasmania have been identified.

Wildlife advocates battle against ‘barbaric’ 1080 poison after baiting in Tasmania’s Central Highlands
It has been two weeks since news of 1080 baiting in the Central Highlands caused outrage in the community. But the battle against the “barbaric“ control method continues for wildlife advocates.

Mine owner seeks to allay Mt Lyell concerns  [PAYWALL]
India High Commissioner Dr Ajay Gondane is hopeful the Mt Lyell copper mine will still reopen despite the closure of a smelter in India.

Back to the future for Tasmania.
Examiner editorial
It is potentially back to the future for Tasmania with plans for pumped hydro moving forward.

Vedanta Resources: What next in Tasmania?
Anna Mahizhnan and Isla MacGregor
… Mr Bould’s dubious statements about Vedanta expose his total lack of genuine concern for the thousands of victims of this rogue company.

Hodgman Liberals Biggest Threat to Tasmania on World Environment Day
Cassy O’Connor
Earlier this week, millions of Australians tuned in to see Sir David Attenborough’s documentary on Tasmania’s unique wilderness areas and threatened species. These are the same areas and species that are under direct threat from the Hodgman Government.

Ranger mine closure and rehab to cost $1bn [PAYWALL]
The $1 billion plan for the closure and rehabilitation of Australia’s oldest operating uranium mine has been released by Energy Resources of Australia

Arnhem Land fish factory reels in opportunities for Indigenous community
A fish processing facility has empowered a remote Indigenous community to create jobs on country.

Coastal erosion to worsen in next decade as storms wash WA beaches away
Western Australia could be hit with some of the worst flooding and coastal erosion it has ever seen in the next decade, as the tidal cycle combines with increased water levels caused by global warming.

WA recycling rates are rubbish
Perth’s woeful recycling record has worsened, with two-thirds of household waste being sent straight to the rubbish tip.

Garden Island rubbish a big shock
Perth woman Rebecca Prince-Ruiz took her Dutch friend to the island and was immediately struck by the amount of waste strewn across the sand.

Endangered cute critters crucial to WA habitat
Ecology group Bush Heritage has identified these animals and more as keystone species, which means their contribution to the environment is crucial.

Anti-plastic crusader begins 8,800km swim across Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Ben Lecomte will face sharks, freezing water, jellyfish and exhaustion during his swim from Japan to the United States — all to raise awareness of ocean plastic pollution.

Families around the world join war on plastic – in pictures
To celebrate World Environment day, Reuters photographers met people from Athens to Singapore trying to play their part as the war on plastics becomes a key political topic

Does living near wind turbines negatively impact human health?
Wind turbines are a source of clean renewable energy, but some people who live nearby describe the shadow flicker, the audible sounds and the subaudible sound pressure levels as ‘annoying.’ They claim this nuisance negatively impacts their quality of life. Researchers in Canada set out to investigate how residential distance from the wind turbines affects people’s health; they report their new analysis in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.

Somali refugees turn plastic waste warriors in one of world’s biggest camps
A Red Cross-backed recycling project aims to clean up the environment and boost refugee incomes in Kenya’s Dadaab camp.

Plastic wasteland: Asia’s ocean pollution crisis
About eight million tonnes of plastic waste are dumped into the world’s oceans every year and more than half that amount comes from five Asian countries.

Reducing plastic use as a family is easy. Here’s how.
Choosing a cone, instead of a cup, for your ice cream is one fun tip.

50 nations ‘curbing plastic pollution’
Levies and bans have been among the most effective strategies to curb plastic waste, a UN report says.

Bad air day: Indian city chokes on world’s worst pollution
Soot turned the white handkerchief around Abhash Kumar Sharma’s face to black as the police officer tried to direct gridlocked traffic in the Indian city with the world’s dirtiest air.

Tesla has installed a truly huge amount of energy storage
You might think of it as a car company, but from Australia to Puerto Rico the company is also changing the world’s power grids–and making renewable energy more reliable.

Sales of hybrid cars soar as diesels plunge by nearly a quarter
Drivers continue to shun diesel in the face of environmental and tax concerns.

Women look to close renewable energy’s employment gender gap
Women make up about a third of U.S. wind and solar energy jobs, higher than other technology fields.

How land under solar panels can contribute to food security
Beneath some solar arrays, pollinator-friendly plants, fruits, vegetables and forage are cropping up in place of turfgrass or gravel.

“Stranded” fossil fuel assets may prompt $4 trillion crisis
The world could be heading for fiscal havoc on a scale not seen since the 2008 financial crisis.

Groundwater Pumping Can Increase Arsenic Levels in Irrigation and Drinking Water
Pumping an aquifer to the last drop squeezes out more than water. A new study finds it can also unlock dangerous arsenic from buried clays — and …

Here are 6 big ideas to help the environment
This article is brought to you thanks to the strategic cooperation of The European Sting with the World Economic Forum.

The planet is on edge of a global plastic calamity
Erik Solheim
We urgently need consumers, business and governments to cut consumption of single-use, throwaway plastics, writes the UN Environment chief

Plug and Play 2: Making the shift to a consumer-led market
Sarah Fumei
How new grid connection standards could be made more equitable and transparent for customers, while maintaining power system reliability and security.

High-acidity reefs a “desert” of weed-like algae
Naturally acidic reefs paint an unflattering picture of the ocean ecosystems of the future.

A global coral reef monitoring system is coming soon
Coral reef conservation efforts will soon get a major boost with a global monitoring system that will detect physical changes in coral cover at high resolution on a daily basis.

How a global crusade is working to save the improbable reef of Cartagena
A coral reef is thriving mysteriously beneath a busy shipping zone in Colombia. The secrets of its resilience could help protect other vulnerable reefs, scientists say.

Drastic plastic: Vietnam beach awash with tide of blue waste
There’s almost more plastic than sand on this long, tree-lined beach: Plastic helmets, plastic furniture and the plastic leg of a shop mannequin all jut out of an ocean of blue plastic bags.

More needs to be done to stop Japanese ‘scientific’ whaling
Canberra Times editorial
While Australian efforts to stop Japanese whaling in Antarctic waters have been both commendable and, in part, successful, much more needs to be done.

Feel like you’re getting old? Don’t worry, so is the rest of Australia
For the first time since federation, Australians 45 and older are beginning to outnumber those under 30. The trend looks set to continue.