Wednesday 4 October 2017

Can Hollywood movies about climate change make a difference?
To galvanize audiences: Don’t use apocalyptic plots. But a dose of humor? That might help.

Shunning fossil fuels, 40 Catholic groups seek climate action.
Forty Roman Catholic groups said on Tuesday they were shunning investments in fossil fuels and urged others to follow suit.

Rio Tinto backs China on ETS
China’s adoption of an emissions trading scheme should give others confidence to take action on climate change, says Rio executive.

Win-Win Strategies for Climate and Food Security
Efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the agriculture and forestry sectors could lead to increased food prices — but new research identifies strategies that could …

Forget the Paris agreement. The real solution to climate change is in the U.S. tax code.
Tim Mcdonnell Washington Post
Hundreds of U.S. oil fields would never go into production without subsidies, a study says

Turnbull’s deal with gas exporters fails to address sky-high prices, MP says
Nationals MP Andrew Broad says the PM has failed to address the “elephant in the room” of high power prices in his deal with gas exporters.

Graph of the Day: How wind energy trumped Liddell in September
Australia wind farms enjoy record output in September, with average capacity factor of 49.5% – significantly more than the Liddell coal generator.

We’re at risk of 50C summers, study warns
MELBOURNE and Sydney risk eventually experiencing 50C summer days even if the Paris Agreement global warming cap of 2C is met, a new study warns.

Reforms to reduce power costs
Consumer groups and the regulator back legislation to scrap a review process that has added $11bn to power bills.

Exporters vow cheap local gas
East coast gas exporters have committed to provide reasonably priced gas to fill any short-term gas shortage.

China’s emissions trading scheme puts Australian companies on notice
The launch of China’s national carbon market could also harm the competitiveness of Australian products

Greens propose new energy storage target to drive switch to renewables
Policy includes target of 20 gigawatts by 2030, is modelled on the renewable energy target and contains incentives for households and small business

Hidden benefits of Australia’s coastline: seawater power

Miners leave themselves open to corruption, report finds

AER levels $100,000 in fines over life support power failures
Power companies that cut electricity to people on life support, in breach of supply rules, have been handed fines of $20,000 for each incident.

Stuck in traffic? Road congestion in Sydney and Melbourne
Grattan Institute
This report argues that road congestion charges should be introduced in Sydney and Melbourne, as both cities face traffic gridlock in the future unless decisive action is taken to manage congestion.

Australian household electricity prices may be 25% higher than official reports
Bruce Mountain

For whom the bell tolls: cats kill more than a million Australian birds every day
John Woinarski et al

Driverless vehicles could bring out the best – or worst – in our cities by transforming land use
Tan Yigitcanlar et al

Trump gives Turnbull blueprint to defend coal and “fight the future”
Giles Parkinson
He may already had one, but prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has just been given a blueprint by the Trump administration on how to protect dirty “baseload” coal, and extend his fight against the energy future.

Know your NEM: Gas deal underlines attraction of renewables
David Leitch
Origin gas deal underlines one of the main advantages of renewables: they provide security against rising fossil fuel prices.

We lose as Pearson leaves
Janet Albrechtsen
Thanks to Brendan Pearson, more people understand that coal-fired baseload power is the key to our living standards.

CEFC provides $98.5m debt finance to Victoria solar farm
CEFC to provide all debt finance for Victoria’s largest solar farm to “accelerate” project.

Park not so Great, say Nats
THE Great Forest National Park will not go ahead if the Victorian Coalition is elected next year, Nationals leader Peter Walsh has declared.

Scared into gas ban
VICTORIA’s Coalition was “scared to lose seats” when it called for a 2020 ban on ­onshore conventional gas, the Nationals’ former Upper House leader has said.

Re-used car batteries to power homes
A MELBOURNE start-up business will launch groundbreaking technology to re-purpose used car batteries for use as behind-the-meter household energy storage.

Is this the end for BRT in Doncaster?
Alan Davies
The Victorian Government won’t say why it’s turned down a proposal from a private company to build a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system from Doncaster to the city centre

NSW power grid accused of ‘scaremongering’

Canberra’s Planted has launched, delivering indoor plants with same day delivery

Analysis reveals possible financial motivation for Adani’s Carmichael coal mine
A NEW report has shed light on Adani’s financial affairs and may reveal the real reason the company is so eager to build a coal mine.

Queensland Government, local businesses defend Adani amid serious allegations
The Queensland Government and business groups are defending the proposed Carmichael coal mine despite damning allegations aired last night against the company behind it.

Gas controls raise world LNG prices
Asian LNG spot prices have spiked 35pc in the past month as the prospect of Queensland’s LNG exporters selling all their surplus gas at home bites.

Yorke Peninsula 30MW battery to be installed by May
A battery storage facility being built on South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula will be operational by May 2018 with construction to begin next month.

Green light for yellow bikes
IT’S the yellow bicycle-share sensation that has been a success at every destination it’s landed — The Chinese start-up hopes Adelaide is next.

Tassal submits waste dumping plan to Federal Government
Salmon giant Tassal wants to temporarily dump treated liquid waste taken from its Macquarie Harbour salmon pens in Tasmania back into the harbour.

Oldest known orange-bellied parrot surprises researchers with return home
A nine-year-old orange-bellied parrot that was hatched in southern Tasmania and has crossed Bass Strait about 20 times, defies the odds to make it back and hopefully boost the species’ chance of avoiding extinction.

Mining rehabilitation to be scrutinised
A parliamentary inquiry on mining rehabilitation will be heard in Burnie next week.

Hot or not, UV is already a danger
TASMANIA may not be in the full swing of summer just yet but UV protection is already necessary, the Bureau of Meteorology says.

Licence system a step towards better fish farm regulation
Cassy O’Connor
There are better ways to address the plastic curtain

Aboriginal elder demands apology from Peter Garrett over McArthur River Mine
An elder from Borroloola creates a painting depicting Peter Garrett’s decision to allow the expansion of a controversial mine, saying the rock legend should be ashamed of the impact of his actions.

New environment tax will hit businesses in China hard, say experts.
From January 1 next year, large chemical and energy firms could end up paying four times more than previously for causing pollution.

Trump may have found paths to save coal and hobble clean energy.
President Donald Trump may soon have a chance to prove wrong the notion that economics will kill the U.S. coal industry and keep clean energy thriving.

How humans are causing deadly earthquakes.
Mining, dam building, and fracking are among the causes.

NREL, Johns Hopkins SAIS Develop Method to Quantify Life Cycle Land Use of Electricity from Natural Gas
A case study of the Barnett Shale region in Texas, where hydraulic fracturing was first implemented, for the first time provides quantifiable information on the life cycle land use of generating electricity from natural gas based on physical measurements instead of using assumptions and averages that were previously used for evaluation.

Using outer space to help cool buildings on Earth.
Using a phenomenon known as radiative sky cooling, a team of Stanford researchers has developed rooftop panels that could be used to passively cool buildings

New Efficient Catalyst for Key Step in Artificial Photosynthesis
Chemists have designed a new ‘single-site’ catalyst that speeds up the rate of a key step in artificial photosynthesis

Why eating grass-fed beef isn’t going to help fight climate change.
Environmentally friendly beef is a myth, according to a new report.

Ban of herbicide could benefit agriculture prices.
Shelley Goldberg Bloomberg View
A debate over the weed killer dicamba could end up limiting the use of agriculture herbicides and result in winners and losers among chemical companies and farmers.

Miles of algae covering Lake Erie.
A large algae bloom overtook the western basin of Lake Erie last week, alarming residents and local officials.

Durian industry could suffer without the endangered fruit bat
Scientists have discovered that Southeast Asia’s endangered fruit bats – commonly known as flying foxes – play an important part in the pollination of the iconic and economically important durian tree.

Footage shows young elephants being captured in Zimbabwe for Chinese zoos
Rare footage of the capture of wild young elephants in Zimbabwe shows rough treatment of the calves as they are sedated and taken away

Explainer: You mightn’t be able to google headlines to read news free for much longer 
The era of using a Google search to bypass a news website’s paywall may be coming to an end, as the web giant announces it will no longer penalise publishers for not offering free articles for people using the search engine.