Wednesday 20 September 2017

Graph of the Day: Live renewable energy share and emissions by state
Two new live graphs show renewable energy share and energy emissions in each state. Rooftop solar is lowering emissions significantly during the day.

Climate change is complex. We’ve got answers to your questions.
We know. Global warming is daunting. So here’s a place to start: 17 often-asked questions with some straightforward answers.

Could we store carbon dioxide as liquid lakes under the sea?
We need to get carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere to slow down climate change, and perhaps deep-sea trenches would be a good place to put it

We need to make democracy work in the fight to save the planet
AC Grayling
For centuries, humans have championed the democratic political system. But can it facilitate the radical change needed to stop the potentially annihilating effects of climate change?

Dams and pipes wasting money, Productivity Commission warns
We’re at risk of wasting billions on water infrastructure that isn’t needed, the Productivity Commission has said — repeating previous warnings about how we subsidise unviable irrigation.

Australia’s top 10 solar postcodes, and the top solar locations by state
New data has revealed the latest ranking of Australia’s top 10 solar postcodes, including three new entries from Victoria, and one each from WA and NSW.

Graph of the Day: Live renewable energy share and emissions by state
Two new live graphs show renewable energy share and energy emissions in each state. Rooftop solar is lowering emissions significantly during the day.

BHP considering Minerals Council exit over lobby group’s climate policies
Activist investors are putting BHP’s already testy relationship with the big industry lobbyist under more pressure over climate change policies.

Tony Abbott threatens to cross the floor on energy policy
Tony Abbott has criticised the Turnbull government’s energy policy during an interview with Alan Jones and Peta Credlin.

Bill Shorten demands gas market transparency to tackle ‘energy crisis’
Labor leader says Aemo should be given ‘teeth’ to give Australian manufacturers a head start in gas contract negotiations

Murdoch misleads readers about renewable subsidies and Saudi playboys
Giles Parkinson
The Australian’s story linking excessive renewable energy subsidies to the Moree solar farm, a rich Saudi playboy and the singer Rihanna is very interesting. It is also hopelessly wrong (at least on the renewables bit).

The one fatal flaw with renewables
Graham Young
IF THEY’RE “cheaper”, then the cure for high electricity prices is more renewables. But renewables are, in fact, more expensive.

Energy market is shifting despite politics
Canberra Times editorial
Australians are waiting for their leaders to switch on to the real debate.

Green dreamers have failed us
Tony Abbott
It can’t be wrong for Australia to exploit resources we happily sell to others.

Facts distorted in energy wars
Peter Van Onselen
The debate over renewables and coal is distorted by government intervention and contradictory use of “facts” on both sides.

Preventing Murray-Darling water theft: a space agency can help Australia manage federal resource
Andrew Dempster

Hazelwood Power Station nominated for heritage protection
Latrobe City Council criticises the push to consider the historical value of the Hazelwood Power Station after it was nominated for protection.

Carbon price clouds low power bill claim
A CARBON price of $30-a-tonne was included in modelling the Andrews Government used to claim household power bills would be lower under its new clean energy scheme.

Use desal plant in wet years to ward off drought, expert says

Charge on to spark up home batteries
THOUSANDS of households are installing solar energy storage battery systems to cut power bills and give electricity companies the “middle finger”.

Anti-Adani protest censored by operators of Melbourne’s Federation Square
Operators demand images of newspaper headlines and politicians, and ‘explicitly negative’ environmental messages be removed

How safe is cycling on city roads?
Alan Davies
The likelihood of suffering a serious injury while cycling on urban roads is extremely low, but it seems our tolerance for risk is even lower

Pumped hydro could replace coal-fired power at troubled Lake Liddell
AGL is considering splitting the artificial Lake Liddell in half to allow for pumped hydro power generation to replace its coal-fired power station.

Keeping Liddell power station open ‘a losing battle’, AGL says
The general manager of AGL, which runs the Liddell power station, says it can find better places to invest time, money and resources than Australia’s oldest coal-fired power station.

New threat to power supply
Coal-fired power generators are struggling to secure coal supplies for their power plants ahead of summer, with electricity prices set to ri…

‘Complex and inequitable’ power rebate schemes slammed

The $3.6b project that came in from the cold
Matthew Stevens
After nine months on the outer, the $3.6 billion Narrabri coal seam gas project is set to recover its place on Santos’ core project list.

Liddell: It would cost $900 million to keep it open another 10 years
Giles Parkinson
Liddell coal generator visit reveals a work-force that wants it to close. Even betting agencies are punting on its closure.

Move To The Rear Of The Power Station, Drink From The Renewable Kool-Aid
Geoff Russell
In the debate over keeping the Liddle Power Station open, the numbers just don’t add up. But probably not the numbers you’re thinking.

Electricity network deregulation could allow ‘second tier’ of energy companies

Queensland big solar boom continues, as another 150MW project approved
Queensland’s Western Downs Region continues large-scale solar boom, with approval of 300MW battery ready Beelbee PV farm.

Brisbane Airport rolls out massive 6MW solar project
Huge 6MW solar upgrade at Brisbane Airport will supply 18% of electricity needs and save around $1m a year on energy bills.

Anti-Adani protesters arrested near Abbot Point
Police arrest 10 protesters they say were blockading a road to the Abbot Point Coal terminal near Bowen, but are happy overall with the peaceful nature of the protest.

Concerns over ‘asbestos’ in dog park
A POPULAR off-the-leash dog park remains open despite the Brisbane City Council admitting it may have found asbestos spread along the ground.

Entsch damning on dam dawdling
LEICHHARDT MP Warren Entsch claims an unspoken no-dam policy within the Queensland Government is robbing the state of an investment mother lode.

Coal-fired pledge for Qld
Queensland LNP leader would consider diverting taxpayer funds from renewable energy into a privately built coal-fired power station.

Batteries charge up across SA
POWER price hikes are driving household battery purchases across the country, with sales in South Australia almost doubling.

Finfish farming future debated
The debate over the future of salmon farming regulation in Tasmania has continued in Parliament.

Rally over wombat cull
TASMANIA’S growing band of wombat warriors are preparing to rally in a bid to stop the State Government from issuing permits to shoot any of the marsupials that are healthy.

Gina hands back gas exploration rights
AUSTRALIA’S richest woman has handed back a portion of a contentious onshore gas exploration permit creating a 25km buffer around the iconic Mataranka Hot Springs

NT lithium mine moves closer
THE push to build and develop the Northern Territory’s first lithium mine is gaining momentum

Dumb and dumper: Litterbug leaves ‘name and address’ on waste in WA forest

Redflow scores second major battery sale for remote Pacific Island projects
Redflow gets second major order within months for its zinc bromine batteries for application on remote, Pacific Island sites.

In lawsuit, Sierra Club claims US EPA violates information access law.
The Sierra Club sued the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in federal court on Monday over what it says is the regulator’s failure to respond to information and records requests under transparency laws, court papers show.

Fluoride exposure in utero linked to lower IQ in kids, study says.
Increased levels of prenatal fluoride exposure may be associated with lower cognitive function in children, a new study says

UK oil and gas reserves may last only a decade
The Scottish and UK oil industries are entering their final decade of production, research suggests.

Noisy, but that’s not all.
Despite improvements, leaf blowers still emit toxic contaminants such as carcinogenic benzene as well as surprisingly large amounts of other smog-forming chemicals.

Polluters must pick up tab for damage to planet.
Turning the planet’s environmental fortunes around is achievable if businesses, politicians and citizens work towards a common goal, with the biggest polluters picking up the bill, said the United Nations’ environment chief.

NREL investigates coatings needed for concentrating solar power
Keeping storage tank corrosion rates to a minimum considered vital for use of molten salts

100 percent wishful thinking: The green-energy cornucopia.
Stan Cox
The 100-percent dream has become dogma among liberals and mainstream climate activists. Serious energy scholars who publish analyses that expose the idea’s serious weaknesses risk being condemned as stooges of the petroleum industry or even as climate deniers.

North Korea’s nuclear arsenal and Australia’s Lucas Heights reactor
Norm Sanders
North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, which now threatens the world, began with a “safe” reactor just like Australia’s Lucas Heights.,10725

Tomorrow The World Is Going To Try And Ban Nuclear Weapons. Australia Wants To Keep Them.
Rewena Mahesh
A global push to save the world from a nuclear armageddon has the backing of more than 120 nations. Australia isn’t one of them.

‘What sort of future are we creating?’: Photographer shares photo he wished didn’t exist
The photographer behind a compelling image of a tiny seahorse gripping a cotton bud in Indonesia says he hopes the photo will “affect people’s lives and create a change”.

Special Protection for Area Exposed by Larsen C Iceberg
An international agreement is now in place to give special protection to the area of ocean left exposed when one of the largest icebergs ever recorded broke free from the Larsen C Ice Shelf in July this year.

Why aren’t house sparrows as big as geese?
Researchers manipulated house sparrow size to examine important aspects of evolution

Extinction: A threat facing many creatures great and small, new research shows.
The world’s growing extinction threats are typically worst for the largest and smallest creatures, a finding that should temper conservation efforts, new research has found

Stanislav Petrov, who saved the world from nuclear war, dies at 77
Stanislav Petrov, the Soviet officer credited with saving the world from nuclear disaster during the Cold War in 1983, has died in Moscow aged 77.,-who-saved-the-world-from-nuclear-war,-dies/8960296