Wednesday 19 July 2017

Removing CO2 from the Air Required to Safeguard Children’s Future
Reducing greenhouse-gas emissions is not enough to limit global warming to a level that wouldn’t risk young people’s future, according to a new study by scientists who say we need negative emissions. ..

Helping EU cities and regions cut carbon emissions
Maps help visualize areas with large carbon footprints

Deep blue carbon storage
USC and Caltech scientists speed up a natural process that could make deep ocean waters the perfect lockbox for neutralized carbon, raising the possibility that humans could help the Earth cope with greenhouse gase

Man-Made Aerosols Identified as Driver in Shifting Global Rainfall Patterns
In a new study, scientists found that aerosol particles released into the atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels are a primary driver of changes in rainfall patterns across the globe.

Should teenagers give up on having children to save the planet?
Brendan Montague Ecologist
Science textbooks aimed at teenagers ignore the most effective lifestyle changes to prevent climate change: go vegetarian, cycle, take the train overseas and have fewer kids.

GE: Some Australia regions to be 100% renewable in 5-10 years
GE says parts of Australia will soon get all electricity from renewables, at least for a few days a year, as utility business models disrupted.

Local councils join forces to fight climate change
A group of local government councils are joining forces in an ambitious effort to tackle climate change, inspired by a new report from the Climate Council showing cities, urban centres and rural townships have the potential to slash energy emissions by a staggering 70 per cent.

AGL’s Vesey: Clean Energy Target should recognise Paris climate agreement
AGL adds pressure to Turnbull government, saying CET needs to be adopted, and needs to reflect Paris climate targets.

Barnaby Joyce calls for energy compromise but says Labor must shift on coal
Deputy prime minister says Australia has a ‘moral responsibility’ to provide the world with energy from exported fossil fuels

Shifting politics on climate change
Paul Kelly
Turnbull’s leadership will be crippled if he cannot win the internal battle on energy.

Australia’s $10 billion wind and solar boom: But then what?
Giles Parkinson
A $10 billion clean energy investment boom in 2017 could quickly fade without longer term policies. Labor tries to wedge Turnbull on climate policy, just as it did in 2009, while the Greens also say they would look at a Clean Energy Target.

Is Australia smart enough to be the lucky country?
Kane Thornton
Australia is lucky enough to have some of the best energy resources in the entire world. But despite our natural advantages power prices have more …

Coal has lost the energy war, so why are we still fighting?
Richard Di Natale
The political fight for coal power in Australia is already lost. Meanwhile, we are missing all the clean energy opportunities that have fallen into our lap.

Not business as usual in energy
Jennifer Hewett

We have a gold-plated electricity grid consumers can’t afford
Phillip Lasker
Australia has a power system ‘ten times more reliable that it needs to be’ and which is the envy of the world. So why are consumers so unhappy?

Push for culls of kangaroos, deer
PEOPLE living in Wonga Park are hiring hunters to shoot roos and deer and calling for a State Government cull amid claims the animals are causing big problems.

Feral pigs: hunters in sights
HUNTERS have been accused of illegally releasing feral pigs in southwest Victoria.

Recycling blaze class action to go ahead
MORE than 70 residents and business owners will sign up for a class action against a Coolaroo recycling plant that continues to burn.

‘No return’ from waste levy millions
A COUNCIL in Melbourne’s southeast will demand the State Government return landfill levy cash — arguing that ratepayers are not getting value for the millions they’ve splashed out in fees.

Dwindling water storages could trigger desal plant order

Cycling ‘freeway’ plan dangerous, says council

NSW launches home battery guide, as race to ‘plug hole’ threatens industry
New South Wales issues set of home battery storage guidelines, as industry warns against ‘jumping to an endgame’ on safety.

Peer-to-peer electric vehicle charging network launched in Sydney
Sydney start-up Everty launches P2P platform allowing electric vehicle owners to rent out their parking space, and home charger, to others.

Barnaby’s warning: Biggest threat to renewables is lights out in Sydney
Deputy PM says Sydney blackout could be end of road for renewables, although NSW Coalition minister earlier praised role of wind and solar in preventing blackout.

‘They’re so young’: Parents fear pollution impact
Health fears over proximity of Beaches Link smokestacks to schools

‘Let mine expand or jobs will go’
The company pushing for a $900 million expansion of its Queensland mine says its coal ­reserves are near depletion.

Premier’s ‘friendly fire’ on Adani
Annastacia Palaszczuk has been attacked by a fellow Labor MP over the controversial Adani coal mine.

Matt Canavan on Q&A: exporting Adani coal does not affect Australia’s emissions
Resources minister tells Q&A audience Adani’s Queensland mine would not stop Australia meeting its Paris climate change commitments because the coal is burned overseas

Tassie devil breeding success tempered by tumours in relocated animals
Researchers trying to save the Tasmanian devil from disease are celebrating the birth of 44 joeys, but also find tumours in a relocated population.

Marine hotspot off Tasmania most intense yet, scientists say
Scientists issue a warning that marine heatwaves with damaging effects on Tasmanian marine life are set to increase, raising a red flag for the state’s aquaculture industry.

TFGA supports gas exploration research
The Tasmania Farmers and Graziers Association has supported calls for research into gas exploration ahead of 2020.

Jabiru in limbo as governments, miner contemplate town’s future
If the Northern Territory town of Jabiru, near Kakadu National Park, is to stay afloat after the Ranger uranium mine ceases to operate, decisions will need to be made soon to avoid the loss of essential services, infrastructure and people, a report commissioned by Energy Resources of Australia warns.

Rottnest ‘eco tent’ plans open for public comment

Federal court ruling determines last piece of WA’s Ngadju native title claim
A Federal Court ruling has seen the last piece of a native title claim stretching from the Nullarbor to the Great Western Woodlands handed back to traditional Aboriginal owners.

Ozone pollution tied to cardiovascular health: Study.
Exposure to ozone, a powerful greenhouse gas and a widespread air pollutant in many major cities, may cause cardiovascular disease such as heart attack, high blood pressure and stroke, according to a new study of Chinese adults.

Pollution getting worse in Vietnam’s cities.
Urban citizens, especially children, are being exposed to higher risks of respiratory diseases as air pollution worsens, experts have said

Who pays for the rising cost of natural disasters?
The force of Mother Nature cost mankind $175 billion in 2016, enough money to rebuild New York’s One World Trade Center 44 times.

Climate Impacts of Super-Giant Oilfields Go Up With Age, Scientists Say
Neglecting the changing energy requirements of aging oilfields can lead to an underestimate of their true climate impacts, suggests a new …

Non-Toxic Alternative for Next-Generation Solar Cells
Researchers have demonstrated how a non-toxic alternative to lead could form the basis of next-generation …

Nanomaterial Helps Store Solar Energy: Efficiently and Inexpensively
Since solar and wind energy is not always available, it will only contribute significantly to meeting energy demands once a reliable storage method has been developed.

Coal, nuclear and renewable bombshells from Trump’s grid study
US energy department debunks Trump attack on renewables, shows ageing fleet of coal and nuclear plants not economic to operate anymore.

The inventor of Roomba has a new robot that sucks up invasive fish.
The Guardian robot collects lionfish so we can eat them—before they destroy ecosystems by chowing down on all the local fish.

World’s northernmost coral reef in Japan bleached.

New rules urgently needed to protect our oceans, Oxford scientists warn
Marine scientists from Oxford’s, Department of Zoology, have presented a United Nations (UN) panel with an overview of the risks facing our oceans.

Illegal trade in rhino horn thriving in China, NGO investigation reveals
Elephant Action League’s sting operation shows how horns are trafficked from Africa and enter into China via Vietnam, alleging official complicity

Is there a good side to palm oil?
Ruth Krause Deutsche Welle
Palm oil is often synonymous with deforestation, pollution and bad agricultural practices. But an example from Sierra Leone shows that it doesn’t have to be.