Wednesday 18 October 2017

Land management could be key in climate change battle.
To combat climate change, every country on Earth could stop the burning of oil completely. Or they could simply pay attention to the way they manage their land.

NOAA observing buoys validate findings from NASA’s new satellite for measuring carbon dioxide
The strong El Niño event of 2015-2016 provided NASA and NOAA an unprecedented opportunity to test the effectiveness of the newest observation tool to measure global atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations — NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 satellite or OCO-2.

Are flatulent shellfish really contributing to climate change?
Scientists investigating marine life in the Baltic Sea have found mussels, oysters and clams are emitting greenhouse gases – but cows still trump them

Even China is tackling climate change, while US takes a back seat.
Scott Moore The Hill
Beijing sees an interconnected world where environmental sustainability is crucial to maintaining political support, global stability and economic growth.

Climate change denier Monckton accidentally proves Earth is warming
Steve Bishop
Far from proving climate science wrong, it would appear Monckton has proved it to be extremely accurate.,10828

Turnbull faces uphill battle convincing states to support new energy plan
Victoria, Queensland and South Australia look set to make Malcolm Turnbull work hard if he wants them to support his new energy plan, with the SA Premier slamming it as a “coal energy target” and Victoria’s Energy Minister calling for more detail.

Government’s new energy plan gets business backing
The electricity industry and big industrial users welcome the Federal Government’s new energy plan, but warn pro-coal Coalition backbenchers they may not be getting what they bargained for.

Unsure what to think about the new energy plan? Here’s what four market experts think

Key players react to Turnbull energy plan
Politicians and industry, business and conservation figures have begun weighing in on the prime minister’s energy plan.

National Energy Guarantee ‘promising’ for farmers, food processors says Farmers Federation
Farmers’ peak body says early details of the Government’s new energy plan, the National Energy Guarantee, addresses its key concerned about soaring power bills.

A lifeline for coal
Ageing coal-fired power stations may get a lifeline from the federal government’s new national energy guarantee.

Where’s the coal, Abbott asks
Tony Abbott questions the PM’s energy plan, claiming it has failed to sharpen the distinction between the Coalition and Labor.

How much will PM’s new energy policy save you?

Explainer: What is the National Energy Guarantee and what does it mean for consumers?
Malcolm Turnbull has unveiled his shiny new energy policy, complete with its own three-letter acronym to replace the doomed Clean Energy Target. Here’s what it all means.

Infographic: the National Energy Guarantee at a glance

Native fish on the Murray-Darling improve for the first time since settlement
Actions by recreational fishers to abide by regulations help native fish species improve for the first time in 150 years.

Renewable-hugging states to pay more
Labor states with ambitious renewable energy targets will face more costly reliability standards, which could increase their cost of electricity.

Abbott 1, Consumer 0. Turnbull’s energy fudge locks in high prices
Giles Parkinson
If one thing is clear from the Coalition’s new energy policy announcement today, it is that Tony Abbott has won, and consumers have lost. Even in the most optimistic scenario presented by the government, energy consumers will see little reduction in their energy bills over the next decade. And that’s outrageous.

Malcolm Turnbull finally wins his party room, voters a bigger challenge
Laura Tingle
Whatever the virtues of the new energy plan, the dilemma for a PM down on credibility is that voters just won’t get it.

This energy policy is a technically clever model
Jennifer Hewett

Turnbull’s new energy policy explained
Ben Potter

Malcolm Turnbull is playing a losing hand on energy policy
Peter Lewis
There are four main reasons why the government’s latest energy policy will not go down well with the public

How the National Energy Guarantee could work better than a clean energy target
David Blowers

Meet the NEG: Turnbull’s new climate and energy policy
Jacqueline Maley

Turnbull package our best hope on energy
Courier Mail staff writers
THE energy package unveiled by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull yesterday is the best hope Australia has for ending the debilitating energy wars that have plagued this country for the past decade.

Questions over Malcolm Turnbull, Josh Frydenberg’s new energy plan
Dennis Atkins
IF Malcolm Turnbull and his energy minister Josh Frydenberg have come up with a new energy plan which will lower electricity prices, ensure there’s reliable power through summer storms and keeps us up to the mark for combating carbon emissions, they deserve consideration for the Nobel Prize.

Science is under attack from politics
Tory Shepherd
OUR politicians have shown spectacular mental decrepitude in their dismissal of science when coming up with a ‘solution’ to our energy crisis

The PM’s plan will deliver more expensive, dirtier power
Ben Oquist

Out of the ashes of failed attempts, finally a chance to put the climate wars behind us
Peter Martin
Out of the ashes of repeated failed attempts to give us cleaner and more reliable electricity – the emissions trading scheme, the emissions intensity scheme, and the clean energy target – has come something surprisingly good.

Time will tell if energy policy step in right direction
Canberra Times editorial
The Turnbull Government risks seriously scaling back the rate at which solar, wind and other technologies are being adopted.

When a government hears only what it wants to hear
SMH editorial
Politics and reliability drown out Finkel and planet concerns

Turnbull’s fight continues
Paul Kelly
New energy policy defies all predictions and gives the government a real chance.

The flaw in PM’s energy plan
Graham Lloyd
Malcolm Turnbull wants everyone to believe he has turned the proverbial grit sandwich into a magic pudding on energy.

PM wins battle, faces long war
Dennis Shanahan
Malcolm Turnbull has declared his hybrid energy plan has the potential to ‘end the climate change wars’.

Costs down while lights stay on
Josh Frydenberg
Reliable supply plus emissions control sums up the National Energy Guarantee.

Let’s get this straight, habitat loss is the number-one threat to Australia’s species
Brendan Wintle, University of Melbourne and Sarah Bekessy, RMIT University
The outgoing Threatened Species Commissioner has downplayed the importance of land clearing as a threat to Australia’s plants and animals. But it’s the biggest threat, and magnifies the others too.

Nuclear power could be the solution
Dean Jaensch
AS a process which emits absolutely no carbon, why are we rejecting nuclear energy as a solution to our energy crisis

Fox kill rewards hit $6m
MORE than $6 million has been paid to fox shooters by the Victorian Government since a bounty was introduced in 2011.

Single-use plastic bags to be banned in Victoria

Long distances, intimidation by cars and bad weather are some reasons Victorians don’t like cycling

Gas fields not answer
Colin Frawley
Victoria has little conventional onshore gas and should think carefully about how extracting it might harm the state’s clean green food image

Innovation: UNSW “microfactories” transform waste into green gold
A team of Australian researchers is developing global award-winning suite of technologies that is turning the notion of recycling on its head, potentially diverting tonnes of toxic waste from landfill, while also building a new and highly lucrative green manufacturing sector in Australia.

Sydney’s population can continue to grow and thrive
Anthony Albanese

ACT minister hits out at federal renewables decision

ALP leaves door open on Adani review
Labor was “dog whistling’’ to Jackie Trad’s left faction over the Adani mine approvals, according to LNP natural resources spokesman Andrew Cripps.

Jobs bonanza? The Adani project is more like a railway to nowhere
John Quiggin
The Carmichael coal mine was once pitched as a choice between jobs and the environment. So where are the jobs?

‘Complete victory for coal’: Weatherill slams Turnbull’s CET rejection
SA Premier Jay Weatherill lashes out at Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, accusing him of being powerless to counter the “vested interests” of the coal industry.

Origin teams with UK start-up in SA demand-response trial
Efforts to harness valuable demand-side energy management resources in Australia are ramping up, with the announcement of a new trial led by gen-tailer Origin Energy in collaboartion with UK based start-up Tempus Energy.

SA ‘ideal’ test state for PM’s power play
SOUTH Australia’s long history of electricity woes makes it the ideal guinea pig for the Turnbull Government’s new plan to cut power bills and prevent blackouts, the scheme’s architects believe.

Auditor-general’s scathing report on Glenorchy City Council finds governance lacking
Glenorchy Mayor Kristine Johnston wants a police investigation after a scathing auditor-general’s report finds a lack of transparency and governance at the council.

Frydenberg seeks review of four-wheel-drive tracks in Tasmania’s Tarkine
Conservationists and Indigenous groups hail decision to examine plan to lay rubber matting over middens and heritage sites

Tasmanian Aboriginal Corporation lobby for return of Tarkine

Libs push ahead on Tarkine tracks
THE State Government is determined to reopen tracks in the Arthur Pieman Conservation Area to off-road vehicles.

NT business community split over fracking
THE Territory’s business community appears split over the issue of onshore gas

Gas pipeline to be extended
THE constructors of the Northern Gas Pipeline have signed a deal which will see the 622km project extended through Central Queensland

Car-free experiment lets neighbours play, draw and talk on the street
If the streets weren’t used for driving and parking, could they become a place to play and hang out with the neighbours?

WA could go it alone on green power policy beyond 2020 after coalition ditch Renewable Energy Target

Perth to double recycled waste water for drinking

A New Way to Harness Wasted Methane
Methane gas, a vast natural resource, is often disposed of through burning, but new research by scientists at MIT could make it easier to capture this gas for use as fuel or a chemical feedstock.

Scientists create most powerful micro-scale bio-solar cell yet
New solar cell could power point-of-care medical devices in limited-resource regions

How to clean up the dirty water Puerto Ricans are drinking
Nearly a month after Hurricane Maria, many people on Puerto Rico are still without clean drinking water and have resorted to wells on a contaminated site

How a healthy economy can shorten life spans.
Austin Frakt New York Times
In general, prosperity brings better health. But economic booms are also associated with air pollution, stress and car accidents.

Rivers Carry Plastic Debris Into The Sea
Every year, millions of tonnes of plastic debris ends up in the sea – a global environmental problem with unforeseeable ecological consequences.

Land management could be key in climate change battle.
To combat climate change, every country on Earth could stop the burning of oil completely. Or they could simply pay attention to the way they manage their land.

As drought makes harvests uncertain, Kenya’s farmers mull a seed change.
Using imported seed, “you are not sure if you will harvest enough to offset the costs” – so local seed is gaining ground, farmers say.

Plant more trees to combat climate change: Scientists.
Planting forests and other activities that harness the power of nature could play a major role in limiting global warming under the 2015 Paris agreement, an international study showed on Monday.

UK withdrawal bill ‘rips the heart out of environmental law’, say campaigners
New bill omits key ‘precautionary’ principle requiring developers and industry to prove actions will not harm wildlife or habitats as well as ‘polluter pays’ protections