More of the Chinese population will be exposed to heat waves
One of the major concerns in climate change studies is how the thermal conditions for the living environment of human beings will change in the future. Scientists found that a general increase in effective temperature in the future leads to a large increase in population exposure to very hot days.

Universal migration predicts human movements under climate change
Climate change is expected to displace millions of people through impacts like sea level rise, crop failures, and more frequent extreme weather.

Germany to miss 2020 climate target, government concedes in official report
Germany will miss its 2020 climate target, due to “the unexpected dynamic economic development and the unexpected significant population growth.”

Trump, oil of less concern than climate change for top companies
The world’s biggest companies are increasingly worried about climate change.

How can climate policy stay on top of a growing mountain of data?
Tracking and reading all the relevant publications on climate change has become impossible. Climate science and policy need a new approach for an age of big literature

Climate change is not a key cause of conflict, finds new study
Mark Maslin
The idea that climate change has caused and will cause human conflict and mass migrations has become increasingly accepted. But the evidence is lacking.

Why methane should be treated differently compared to long-lived greenhouse gases
Dave Frame et al
Livestock is a significant source of methane, a potent but short-lived greenhouse gas.

Windfarm experts publish no research and had no face-to-face meetings last year
Committee was set up by former prime minister Tony Abbott to handle complaints about wind turbine noise

Power bill discounts worth hundreds on offer as electricity providers feel the heat
Consumer concern over looming power price hikes has electricity providers in the ACT offering significant discounts.

Solar 2.0: PV and storage deals show signs of rapid energy transition
China, Gupta, storage. This past week has seen landmark developments that signal the pace of the energy transition is gathering speed, with huge implications for consumers (mostly good) and incumbent utilities (mostly not so good).

Aussie energy plays still on the radar despite falling oil price
Australian oil and gas companies are still attractive for investors even in the face of a falling oil price which analysts believe could slip even further this year.

National Energy Guarantee ‘clumsy, inefficient’, says VPEC’s Mountain
Turnbull government’s proposed revamp of the electricity sector has many unresolved matters just two months before states are supposed to sign off on the plan, says energy expert.

Kia’s new Niro EV could reach Australia as early as 2019
Korean car maker Kai unveils latest all-electric vehicle, the Niro EV, which cold be in Australia in 2019.

Time to rethink your SUV? Australia’s cars among the dirtiest, new report warns
Australia’s car emissions are dirtier than those of Europe and the US, with experts pointing to Australians’ love of SUVs.

Multimillion dollar ‘innovation’ fund no-one’s heard of  [PAYWALL]
A Turnbull government “innovation” fund that costs $120 million a year, pays over $3 million annually to its fat cat executives, and burned $1 million to promote itself, remains unheard of by almost all of the businesses that could use it.

Philanthropists’ $1m pledge aims to double largest cat-free zone
Andrew and Jane Clifford promise to match donations in bid to stop feral cats

Share-bike company ditches Melbourne
The foreign-owned oBike company has announced it is pulling out of Melbourne, Lord Mayor Sally Capp says, following hefty fines for dumped bikes.

Vic hunts mass wedge-tailed eagles’ killer
Environment department investigators are appealing for public assistance to help catch the killer of at least 136 wedge-tailed eagles in regional Victoria.

Victoria’s newest wind farm starts production to the grid
Victoria’s newest wind farm – Salt Creek – has begun exporting to the grid.

Victoria renewables auction on track, NEG still looms as major threat
Victoria says its renewables auction on track, but there is still concern that the NEG could scorch the earth around it.

AGL closer to gas import terminal [PAYWALL]
AGL Energy is a step closer to building a gas import terminal in Victoria after signing agreements with APA to build a pipeline

What does Victoria’s plastic bag ban mean for you?  [PAYWALL]
Victorian shoppers are about to experience a big change as Coles and Woolworths prepare to remove single-use plastic bags from their stores. What does it mean for you?

Say hello to Melbourne’s next share bike operator  [PAYWALL]
Obike may be set to abandon Melbourne but — in a changing of the wheel guard — another operator is close finalising an agreement with several councils.

Daniel Andrews needs to stem West Gate Tunnel stoush
Age editorial
There is more than sufficient common interest to facilitate a fair, workable enterprise agreement for the pivotal tunnel project.

Road network in the making ‘thanks to all the tolls’ [PAYWALL]
The newly announced F6 motorway extension will be tolled, in a move the state government­ defended as providing­ an “important piece of infrastructure” for the city.

EPA restaurant crackdown reveals an alarming trend
Canberra Times editorial
As part of their recent “Operation Scrap” audit officers from the ACT’s Environmental Protection Agency visited 25 different food businesses in Belconnen, Hawker, O’Connor, Manuka, Kingston, Civic, Braddon and Dickson.

Queensland’s plan for clean energy company stalls as coal cash surges
Moves to set up state-owned CleanCo were to start in first half of 2018 but have been delayed

Developer criticised for plan to dredge Queensland wetland and build 3,600 homes
Walker Corporation lodges third plan for Toondah harbour in the past three years

New rubbish levy brings $1b boost to Qld coffers ahead of mining downturn
Queensland Treasurer Jackie Trad hands down a budget with five new taxes, including a $1 billion rubbish levy to deliver mammoth revenue to help pay for many major projects — which could generate jobs.

Councils unhappy with levy money  [PAYWALL]
The Palaszczuk government’s new waste levy has been criticised by Queensland councils.

Qld law firm considers silica dust action
Workers who are exposed to silica dust are reporting illnesses beyond the usual lung diseases, according to a Queensland law firm.–spt.html

First step for iconic Wangetti Trail  [PAYWALL]
Work has started on a world-class 76km mountain bike and walking track between Palm Cove and Port Douglas.

Multi-million pledge “essential” to save reef  [PAYWALL]
A multimillion-dollar cash splash in Far North Queensland has targeted much-needed repair work and upgrades to existing health facilities and infrastructure assets leaving few surprises for the region.

Trad cool on Adani boost  [PAYWALL]
The Queensland government has sought to temper expectations over Adani’s proposed $16.5 billion Carmichael coal project.

What do you do with more than 10 tonnes of feral pig carcasses?
What do you do with a massive pile of dead pigs after the biggest boar hunt in Australia? You feed them to the crocs.

Save our wildlife from curiosity of the cat [PAYWALL]
An environmental youth group says Onkaparinga Council should introduce compulsory cat registration to help protect the environment from wandering felines.

Luxury camp developer lashes Greens over document leak 
The proponent behind plans for a luxury camp in Tasmania’s wilderness area accuses the Greens of attacking a small family business after using a leaked document in parliament.

Northern councils set to increase rates because of reduced TasWater dividends
Meander Valley Council has deferred making a decision on its proposed 5 per cent rate increase, in the wake of reduced dividend payments from TasWater.

Tasmania on path to increase fines for offences against threatened species
Tasmania’s lower house has voted in favour of imposing a maximum 12-month jail sentence on people who take or kill threatened species.

Tarkine push ‘misguided’, says Braddon candidate  [PAYWALL]
A Braddon candidate has written to global outdoor retailer Patagonia saying it is misguided in its support of a call for the Tarkine to be nominated for World Heritage listing.

Sumatran tigers make new home in Tassie
Tasmania’s first Sumatran tigers will arrive this week to help spread the message of conservation.

Indigenous treaty can only be national [PAYWALL]
Dean Jaensch
Does the Northern Territory Government’s “treaty” with its indigenous land councils really hold water? Dean Jaensch explains their limitations.

Plastic straw ban plan revealed for WA, as Premier’s coffee cup cops criticism 
Premier Mark McGowan says the Government is looking at banning plastic drinking straws in WA, but his decision to sip coffee from a disposable cup while talking about a plastic ban raises the ire of some watching on social media.

WA could cop $500 million rehab bill if Chinese abandoned mine: Mineralogy
Chinese-owned mining companies could skip a $529 million bill for environmental damage caused by an iron ore mining project in Cape Preston, in WA’s Pilbara, a report from Clive Palmer’s mining company Mineralogy has found.

Kalgoorlie rail line could be uprooted to allow Super Pit expansion
A 20-kilometre stretch of the Kalgoorlie railway line may be uprooted in order to make room for an expansion of the Super Pit mine.

Cutting the waste: WA eyes more restrictions on plastic
Just weeks out from a ban on single-use plastic bags, Mark McGowan has flagged the State Government will consider further crackdowns.

Breakthrough in lignin research: Spherical particles multiply enzyme efficiency
Lignin, a pulp industry by-product, could replace fossil materials.

Perth, prepare for the bag ban: it’s only a month away
Emma young
Zero Waste, while sexily militaristic, is too hard. But surely I, and you, can manage Minimal Waste.

Honey may reduce injury in children who have swallowed button batteries
Ingestion of button batteries, which are frequently found in the household setting, can rapidly lead to caustic esophageal injury in infants and children. A new study published in The Laryngoscope found that drinking honey or Carafate® (a cherry- flavored duodenal ulcer prescription) may help reduce esophageal damage.

India eyes coal reserves in Indonesian Papua
Rights activists fear the launch of a new mining industry could deepen tensions in a region where existing extractive projects have damaged the environment and inflamed a long-running armed conflict.

Project population: Addressing Asia’s aging societies
“To achieve the SDGs by 2030 Mongolia must give more attention to social and demographic issues, as well as giving and spending budgets for social and environmental aspects of sustainable development.”

Amy Beckford: Population growth and its environmental impact
The world population is growing faster than at any other point in human history. But how did this happen and what does it mean for the future of the planet?

Universal basic income and rewilding can meet Anthropocene demands
Simon Lewis and Mark Maslin
Are we doomed to societal collapse? Not if we break the mould of ever-greater production and consumption

Earth will survive. We may not.
Adam Frank
The biosphere will handle pretty much anything we throw at it. Where that leaves humans is a different question.

Bacteria threat could kill millions
Frank Gibson
If asked “What is the greatest current threat to humanity?” you are likely to come up with nuclear war, climate change, over-population but perhaps not antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Putting animals in their best light — USC researchers find some shades of LED lamps threaten wildlife
A USC research team identifies harmful effects to wildlife as LED lights proliferate. Some hues, including blues and whites, imperil creatures while other wavelengths are more benign. They devised an interactive web-based tool to help people make wildlife-friendly choices in outdoor lighting.

The eastern Caribbean is swamped by a surge of seaweed
Massive rafts of floating sargassum are killing wildlife and preventing fishers from launching their boats.

Citigroup limits financing for mines that dump tailings at sea
Several mines around the world dispose of potentially toxic mine waste directly into the ocean.

G7 minus two: Leaders agree to ocean plastics charter
Five of the G7 nations, without the US and Japan, have agreed to an ocean plastics charter. But will such non-binding measures be enough for the world’s industrialized countries to beat plastic pollution together?

3-D view of Amazon forests captures effects of El Niño drought
Three-dimensional measurements of the central Brazilian Amazon rainforest have given NASA researchers a detailed window into the high number of branch falls and tree mortality that occur in response to drought conditions. They found that 65 percent more trees and large branches died due to an El Niño-driven drought in 2015-2016 than compared to an average year.

Plastic straws bans won’t save the oceans
Adam Minter
Skipping a plastic straw in your next cocktail may feel conscientious, but it won’t make a dent in the garbage patch.