Wednesday 12 July 2017

Warm Winter Events in Arctic Becoming More Frequent, Lasting Longer
Arctic winter warming events — winter days where temperatures peak above 14 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 10 degrees Celsius) — are a normal part of the climate over the ice-covered Arctic Ocean.

Does the European Public Understand the Impacts of Climate Change on the Ocean?
Although many are relatively well informed, an alarming number remain either uninformed or misinformed when it comes to the impacts of climate change on the ocean, a new in-depth study of the …

How denialists Kenny and Bolt royally screwed up reporting of climate paper
Tom Allen
Wrong again, fellas. Master’s student in sustainability Tom Allen helps Andrew Bolt and Chris Kenny understand basic climate science.

The power and peril of ‘climate disaster porn.’
Emily Atkin New Republic
Climate scientists say New York Magazine‘s cover story about global warming is unnecessarily apocalyptic. But can fear help the planet?

Stop scaring people about climate change. It doesn’t work.
Eric Holthaus Grist
Heat death. The end of food. Unbreathable air. Perpetual war. If you’re trying to motivate people, scaring the shit out of them is a really bad strategy.

Are we as doomed as that New York Magazinearticle says?
Robinson Meyer The Atlantic
Why it’s so hard to talk about the worst problem in the world

AEMO cautious about over-loading storage on wind, solar farms
AEMO boss Audrey Zibelman cautious about level of storage required for new wind and solar farms, but keen to push forward with energy market reforms.

Oil, gas projects could be made redundant in carbon-constrained future
Serious concerns are being raised about how some of Australia’s biggest companies are planning for a clean energy future.

Most popular cars face the carbon axe
Australia’s SUV love affair may become history as the government considers carbon-emission rules so tough even Toyota Prius buyers would be …

Car carbon tax ‘would up prices’
The federal government has mooted a ‘car carbon tax’ on some of the nation’s most popular vehicles.

Energy economics group says export market for Australian coal will decline
Office of the chief economist projects market will grow by 8.7% by 2022, but Institute for Energy Economics says this is based on out of date analysis

Battery storage just part of smart demand response to grid problems
Alan Pears
It is amazing how much is happening, even in Australia. There may yet be hope for Australia to become a low-carbon, successful 21st century economy!

It’s time to take charge
Genevieve Barlow
ENERGY alternatives are a golden chance for regional towns to have power over their own futures

Leadbeater’s possum zones costing Victorian loggers, report finds
Special buffer zones to protect Victoria’s endangered Leadbeater’s possum have helped reduce the risk of extinction but will cost the state’s timber industry nearly $15 million in lost revenue, a review finds.

Council takes on farmer for clearing trees along fence line
A Victorian local council threatens a farmer with legal action for clearing vegetation along fence lines.

Fire risk of solar power systems
Victoria’s Metropolitan Fire Brigade has responded to more than 40 fires caused by solar panels in the past five years.

Federal regional rail cash still ‘not enough’
A MASSIVE injection of federal funding into Victorian regional rail projects has still left the state short of receiving its fair share, the Opposition says.

Revamp of Melbourne’s historic Victoria Market gets green light
A plan to redevelop Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market is set to go ahead after the State Government placed height restrictions on a controversial proposed tower in the precinct.

We asked readers if Melbourne was becoming less liveable. This is what they said

Is Melbourne Metro being built too fast?
Alan Davies
The Sunday Age reckons the Andrews Government has cynically chosen to use a truck-intensive tunnelling method so it can get the Melbourne Metro rail project finished faster

Why driverless cars could increase Sydney’s congestion
Elliot Fishman

Queensland commits to zero net emissions by 2050
Queensland becomes latest states to commit to target of zero net emissions by 2050, putting further pressure on federal government’s unambitious climate goals.

Tequila plant to fire up clean energy industry
Far north Queensland could soon be home to the world’s largest crop of the plant used to make tequila, but rather than putting fire in bellies, it will be used to help fuel a green energy initiative.

Class action begins against Defence over toxic firefighting foam use
About 450 residents are seeking up to $200 million in damages from the Defence Department over the contamination of soil and water by toxic firefighting foam used at the Oakey Army Aviation Centre in south-east Queensland.

Push for new coal-fired power station in Queensland ‘nonsense’ – state minister
Idea championed by federal Nationals ‘one of the most irresponsible policy propositions I’ve heard’, Mark Bailey says

Premier’s blind eye to profiteering
Queensland has no plans to take any action against taxpayer-owned power generator CS Energy to limit profiteering.

Hostile crowd turns on Palaszczuk
A HOSTILE crowd has clashed with Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk in Cairns over the Adani coal mine.

Premier meets with community groups
THE spectre of Adani has hung over Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s town hall meeting at Brother’s Leagues Club tonight with a vocal crowd of anti-coal campaigners bringing the event to a temporary halt.

Dumping sites chosen for Cairns dredging project
DREDGE spoil will be dumped on land at Portsmith and the Barron Delta as part of the $120 million Cairns Shipping Development Project.

Sustainable yacht visits Cairns
A YACHT run entirely on sustainable resources has docked in Cairns this week but not without its share of troubles halfway across the Pacific Ocean.

Government inaction leading to increased pollution on Barrier Reef, says WWF
Huge spike in Queensland land clearing destroys ecological communities and habitat of threatened species, according to analysis

Cost to save Great Barrier Reef
Graham Lloyd
Australians on average were willing to spend $1.30 a week or $67.70 a year to save the Great Barrier Reef.

South Australia machine turns waste plastic into energy
South Australia company develops systems to use anaerobic digestion technology to turn waste plastics into energy and fertiliser.

Shorten eyes 3700 jobs from irrigation scheme
FEDERAL Labor Leader Bill Shorten has promised $46 million for an Adelaide project that could create 3,700 jobs

Questions remain over giant battery
Dean Jaensch
THERE are some facts yet to emerge, issues to be discussed and questions to be answered over South Australia’s giant battery

Tesla shows us how to think big on renewables, but there’s a long road ahead
Sam Hardy
Elon Musk’s company has rightly been praised for its proposed giant battery in South Australia, although some components will prove controversial

Anger at Bruny Island upgrade work
UPGRADES to a popular Bruny Island tourist attraction are causing havoc for residents and tourists.

C-Cell almost ready but needs clients
Southern Waste Solutions chief executive Christine Bell said progress had stalled on construction of Tasmania’s first hazardous waste dump because of rain, but it was only a small delay.

DNA sampling could determine if Tasmanian tigers exist, researcher says
Modern forensic science could be used to solve one of our much-loved mysteries — is the thylacine actually extinct?

Australia’s first battery ‘gigafactory’ considered for Darwin
An Australian company announces a bold plan to build Australia’s first “gigafactory” in Darwin, producing custom-made lithium-ion batteries for large-scale energy storage.

NT-east coast gas pipeline work starts today
WORK on the $800 million gas pipeline to bring Northern Territory gas to the east coast will start with an official sod-turning today

Are Perth people water guzzlers or just misunderstood?
A study concludes Perth residents use twice as much water per capita as those in Melbourne and Brisbane, but the water authority disputes that.

Game changer: Cheap renewables are causing rethink on markets
Fossil fuels once had little to fear from renewable energy, but that’s no longer the case.

How is pollution connected to race and inequality?
The Trump administration has proposed cutting the EPA’s budget by 30 percent. What does that mean for polluted communities in the U.S.?

Invisibility cloak makes solar panels work more efficiently
A new material that hides the metal grid on top of solar panels make them 9 per cent more efficient in lab tests

IEA warns fall in global energy investment may lead to shortages
The International Energy Agency’s second annual IEA benchmark analysis of energy investment found that while the world spent $US1.7 trillion ($2.2 trillion) on fossil-fuel exploration, new power plants and upgrades to electricity grids last year, global energy investment was down 12 per cent from a year earlier and 17 per cent lower than 2014.

Mexico’s methane emissions threaten the environment.
Mexico is in transition towards commercial exploitation of its shale gas, which is being included in two auctions of 24 hydrocarbon blocks, at a time when the country is having difficulty preventing and reducing industrial methane emissions.

Just 100 companies responsible for 71% of global emissions, study says.
Just 100 companies have been the source of more than 70% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions since 1988, according to a new report

Is a car maker about to save the planet?
Zoe Williams The Guardian
Volvo’s move to electric demonstrates the role ethical business can play in shaping our society for the better.

How many countries does it take to save a fish?
All of them—which makes conservation difficult when your neighbors keep poaching.

It’s a mistake to focus just on animal extinctions.
Population declines tell a much scarier story.

Marine Vessels are Unsuspecting Hosts of Invasive Species
Invasive ascidians — sac-like marine invertebrate filter feeders — are nuisance organisms that present a global threat. They contribute to biodiversity loss, ecosystem degradation and impairment of ecosystem services around the world.

How to plant a tree in the desert.
A Dutch engineer has developed a cheap and easy way to restore vegetation to barren landscapes, and a for-profit business to go with it.

A new system to estimate the duration of a walk in the countryside
The method offers a result that is closer to times taken by walking enthusiasts than the estimations made by the most commonly used current calculation systems