Melting of Arctic mountain glaciers unprecedented in the past 400 years
Glaciers in Alaska’s Denali National Park are melting faster than at any time in the past four centuries because of rising summer temperatures, a new study finds.

Hotter, longer, more frequent — marine heatwaves on the rise
We know heatwaves over land have been increasing, but now new research reveals globally marine heatwaves have also been increasing in length, number and intensity over the past century. More intriguing still, this trend has accelerated markedly since 1982.

10 teams advance in international carbon dioxide competition
A $20 million international competition to make profitable products from a gas that otherwise would contribute to global warming has entered its final stretch.

Government is losing its grip on power
With coal on the brain, the Turnbull Government is showing signs its judgment is compromised as arguments over the future of energy intensify.

Why Turnbull will “never” back renewables
Smart Energy Council CEO says PM Turnbull will never support a policy that boosts renewables, tackles climate, or rolls back the predominance of coal. Here’s why.

Frydenberg to warn Abbott allies against ‘extreme ideologies’ on energy
Energy minister says sensible, market-based solutions needed to stave off policy paralysis

Coal industry and Coalition’s fear campaign against renewables gaining traction
New polling shows campaign by coal industry and Coalition against renewables is showing signs of gaining traction.

Too many cars, too few supermarkets: how Australia’s cities really stack up
Magazines may gush about the ‘liveability’ of Australian cities, but new data shows big disparities in transport, rents and health

Holding pattern for climate change [PAYWALL]
Long-term drought forced a re-think of farming methods

Their sport is banned in three states. Meet a duck hunter
Dean Rundell knows many people think he and his duck hunting mates are just “bogans with guns” who celebrate animal cruelty. But what really motivates a man to shoot birds out of the sky?

Fears ‘clean coal’ study just hot hair [PAYWALL]
Barnaby Joyce’s push for a $5 million “clean coal” power station feasibility study is still being considered by Cabinet.

Why Australia’s wind and solar market could grind to a halt
Giles Parkinson
Recent surge in large scale wind and solar projects will quickly come to an end – regardless of policy – because Australia’s emissions reduction targets are so weak, and because the Coalition is so determined to defend coal.

The struggle for power [PAYWALL]
Graham Lloyd
Australia needs a comprehensive national energy plan and less hot air.

Energy-rich nation without a plan [PAYWALL]
Australian editorial
Canberra and the states have failed to manage electricity.

The ACCC and Liddell: Just opinion and no facts
 David Shearman
AGL is filling the role abdicated by the Turnbull Government and the ACCC by recognising the disastrous effects of coal on human health.,11383

Hazelwood mine fire linked to spike in doctor visits, medication
The Hazelwood mine fire in 2014 is linked to a spike in doctor visits by Latrobe Valley residents, as well as a jump in rates of prescription medicine being dispensed.

Government and opposition pledge more station parking
Both the state government and the opposition announced millions of dollars for more car spots at train stations.

South Melbourne market to ban plastic bags from Wednesday
The South Melbourne Market will ban single-use plastic bags on Wednesday, with customers told to bring their own.

Hopes pipeline can finally put out peat fires in state’s south-west
It’s 74 hectares and is, in parts, seven metres deep. Now firefighters hope a four-kilometre pipeline will finally put out a peat fire that has been burning in the state’s south-west for almost a month.

How to avoid campsite violence: an expert’s guide to etiquette
Camping can be a relaxing time away with family but sometimes it goes horribly wrong

The radical plan to split Sydney into three
A plan to reshape the Sydney region aims to capitalise on its rapid growth by breaking the pull of the harbour. But will it work?

The Menindee Lakes project: who loses and who really wins?
The Murray-Darling authority questions the plan to shrink Menindee Lakes and its impact on communities, the environment and those downstream

Liddell closure: Power bills up $500 a year [PAYWALL]
NSW consumers will be slugged an extra $500 a year for power when energy giant AGL shuts its coal-fired Liddell power station, modelling has shown.

Liddell must stay — power to the people [PAYWALL]
Terry McCrann.
Last year the Victorian Labor Government allowed the Hazelwood power station to close and the wholesale price of electricity in Victoria promptly doubled and has stayed doubled ever since

More power to people, please [PAYWALL]
Telegraph editorial
‘So, are you with us?” asks a bearded fellow in AGL’s television commercials, promoting the ­energy giant’s move away from coal to a greater use of renewable power sources. It’s an interesting question, particularly in light of the latest assessment of future electricity prices in NSW.

The light rail’s a mess. It’s time to cut our losses [PAYWALL]
Miranda Devine
We got rid of trams 70 years ago to ease congestion, so it makes no sense to continue with the disaster plagued light rail. It’s time to abandon this white elephant and get our streets back.

Is the container recycling scheme a costly feel good exercise?
Canberra Times editorial
At first glance drink container recycling schemes such as NSW’s “Return and Earn Program” and the ACT’s Container Deposit Scheme, which takes effect on June 30, make a lot of sense.

South32 orders 3MW solar farm for Cannington silver and lead mine
BHP thermal coal spinoff South32 orders its first solar farm, to help power the world’s largest silver and lead mine in Queensland.

‘Very rare’ win against gas company for serious harm sounds a warning
The successful prosecution of Linc Energy for serious environmental harm is “very rare” and puts Queensland industry firmly on notice, an environmental lawyer says.

Great Barrier Reef: conservationists campaign for net-free zone to protect dugongs
WWF-Australia wants to buy 600m net, which would effectively end gillnetting in area

‘Dancing around truth’ on Adani [PAYWALL]
Environmentalist Geoff Cousins says Bill Shorten has ‘dodged’ questions about his stance on the coal mine.

Graziers strive to help furry friends [PAYWALL]
A rare gliding possum has been identified a key factor in helping improve grazing practices across the Wet Tropics region.

Get lowdown on defeating yellow crazy ants [PAYWALL]
A series of field sessions this month will assist local sugarcane growers to protect their crops against the spread of yellow crazy ants.

Protest rally on new laws [PAYWALL]
Far North Queensland farmers and industry leaders will step out to voice their concerns about the Palaszczuk Government’s proposed vegetation management laws by holding a rally in Cairns on Friday.

Tensions run high over soaring road bill [PAYWALL]
Michael Wray
As commuters cry out for a fix on the M1, our politicians can’t work out who pay

More SA blackouts as scorcher hits [PAYWALL]
South Australia faces an ­increased risk of blackouts today as temperatures soar into the mid-30s for the fourth day in a row.

SA bracing for severe bushfire risk
South Australia is bracing for a day of high fire risk on Wednesday with severe conditions in at least 10 districts.

86,000 native animals culled in one year [PAYWALL]
Tens of thousands of native animals causing a nuisance for farmers, councils, businesses and the public are being put down.

A nuclear dump? Show us the money first [PAYWALL]
The Federal Government needs to provide more information on financial rewards and jobs before Kimba locals approve a radioactive waste facility, the town’s mayor says.

Extended Basslink outage for another six weeks ‘unacceptable’
The Tasmanian Government says delays to the return of the Basslink cable are disappointing and unacceptable but says there’s not threat the power security.

Questions over plans for luxury heli-fishing venture in Tasmania’s Central Highlands
Anglers and the Wilderness Society are raising questions about plans for a luxury “heli-fishing” venture on Halls Island in Tasmania’s Central Highlands.

Kokam commissions 30MW battery to help supply Gina Rinehart mine
Kokam battery in Pilbara is biggest of its type in Australia and will reduce cost and emissions of Alinta’s gas power supply to Gina Rinehart

Housing to swallow yet another of Perth’s threatened banksia woodlands
Western suburbs residents are gutted that yet another swathe of woodland nationally listed as ‘threatened’, home to species nationally listed as ‘endangered’, faces the developer’s bulldozer.

Weatherwatch: overheating cities take steps to cool down
Light-coloured roads and rooftop gardens are planning measures being employed to combat rising urban temperatures

Perovskite technology is scalable, but questions remain about the best methods
As perovskite solar cells set efficiency records and the nascent technology becomes more stable, another major challenge remains: the issue of scalability, according to researchers at the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

High efficiency solar power conversion allowed by a novel composite material
A composite thin film made of two different inorganic oxide materials significantly improves the performance of solar cells.

Your future home might be powered by car batteries
It was a light-bulb moment for a tinkerer in the countryside outside Dublin.

South Florida nuclear site to expand despite sea level rise projections
Sea level rise projections show the Turkey Point facility could be in danger, but the South Florida nuclear site will expand anyway.

Coal Baron: Subsidize coal ‘to make sure Grandma doesn’t die on the operating table’
Bob Murray, who has heavily influenced the Trump administration’s energy stances, said climate change is only an issue of “political correctness.”

Is plastic waste poisoning our seafood?
The massive amounts of plastic trash in marine environments may be leading to toxic metals entering the food chain.

Uranium threat: Green activists detained by cops in India
A team of environment and human rights activists led by senior chemical scientist and environment expert Dr K Babu Rao was invited by locals for support.

Plan needed to get children back outside
Examiner editorial
Gone are the days where children play outside until the street lights come on.

Center of World’s Marine Biodiversity Is in Danger
Researchers have found that the world’s center of biodiversity is under widespread threat of losing a key …

WSU project could save honey bees from collapse
Honey bees have a brighter future, thanks to promising research at Washington State University.