Climate denial pervades the Trump White House, but it’s hitting some limits
The administration’s culture of denialism and support for fossil fuels has pushed rollbacks of policies meant to protect public health, safety and the environment.

Climate Change Drives Collapse in Marine Food Webs
University of Adelaide scientists have demonstrated how climate change can drive the collapse of marine “food webs”.

2017 was 3rd warmest year on record for U.S.

Spotty coverage: Climate models underestimate cooling effect of daily cloud cycle
Princeton University researchers have found that the climate models scientists use to project future conditions on our planet underestimate the cooling effect that clouds have on a daily — and even hourly — basis, particularly over land.

The ‘imminent mini ice age’ myth is back, and it’s still wrong
Dana Nuccitelli
We can’t accurately predict solar activity, and a quiet solar cycle would have a small impact on Earth’s climate anyway

Climate change is triggering a migrant crisis in Vietnam
Alex Chapman, University of Southampton and Van Pham Dang Tri, Can Tho University
It looks as if climate change is forcing 24,000 people to leave the Mekong Delta every year.

Australia’s healthcare system contributing to 7% of nation’s carbon footprint
Study prompts calls for more energy-efficient hospitals and for doctors to use general anaesthetic alternatives to gases

Higher electricity bills if Snowy 2.0 hydro not built, says Frydenberg
Despite costing up to $4.5bn, the feasibility study for ‘Australia’s biggest battery’ finds it would still be economically viable
BHP threat won’t stop Minerals Council coal advertising pushs-if-snowy-20-hydro-not-built-says-frydenberg

BHP threat won’t stop Minerals Council coal advertising push
Environment groups like the Australian Conservation Foundation, which has used legal tactics to try to delay Adani’s Carmichael coal project in Queensland, were viewed favourably by 45 per cent of those surveyed

Australia’s emissions are rising. It’s time for this government to quit pretending
Greg Jericho
In case you missed it, the latest greenhouse gas emissions data was released just before Christmas. It’s bad

Renters and low-income households feel the heat more than others
Stephanie Gray
With many more summer scorchers to come, it’s unacceptable that many of the most vulnerable people in our community will have to suffer the heat more harshly than others because of the barriers to rooftop solar.

Climate change and big data: our forgotten great moral challenges
Nicholas Stuart

Power for the people on tap
Paul Broad
Snowy 2.0 is not new or unique. The concept of expanding pumped storage capability has been around since the 1960s.

Australia’s climate in 2017: a warm year, with a wet start and finish
Linden Ashcroft et al

Riverfront grazing rights: Battle looms for Victorian farmers
Victorian farmers are gearing up for a battle to retain grazing rights on their 9000 crown land frontage licences along 17,000km of the state’s river frontages.

Tambo Valley water ‘at risk’ from Benambra dam mine-waste proposal
East Gippslanders have accused the Victorian Government of cutting a murky deal on reopening a Benambra tailings dam to take mine waste, which they say puts the Tambo Valley’s water supplies at risk

Could this signal the return of the East West Link?

Without culling, Victoria’s feral horse plan looks set to fail
Don Driscoll, Deakin University

‘So addicted to secrecy’: Government refuses to say how many cars use M4

Thousands without power after NSW storms
A severe electrical storm has cut power to 11,000 homes in the NSW Illawarra and parts of western Sydney.

A day of chaos on the trains
SMH editorial
Public transport is the lifeblood of any large city, and Sydney is no exception. The health of our train, bus and ferry system is one of our city’s vital signs. So it is worrying that, over the past month, some serious glitches have disrupted the circulation of the city’s trains.

Bureau of Meteorology’s annual climate statement shows the trend of warmer than average temperatures continues
October flooding in Tully, mass coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef and a Far Northern town recording the most rainfall for the year.

State Government open to funding public campaign to end cycle war

Adani’s mega mine: it’s not over yet
Julien Vincent

Big SA bushfire blamed on electric fence fault
A faulty electric fence caused the Sherwood bushfire in the upper south-east of South Australia last weekend, police confirm.

SA’s solar thermal plant gets approval
A giant solar-thermal power plant to be built in South Australia’s mid-north has received development approval from the state government.

Bright sparks in SA energy developments
Advertiser editorial
SolarReserve’s $650 million solar thermal plant at Port Augusta securing development approval is no small milestone.

South Australia should ban car access and driving on all beaches, like Goolwa and Moana
Craig Cook

Battery of the Nation ‘won’t compete’ with Snowy 2.0: Hydro Tasmania

Tassal says the death of thousands of fish at Okehampton Bay was a minor one-off incident
TASSAL has described the death of tens of thousands of fish at its Okehampton Bay salmon farm as a “minor, one-off mortality”.

Tasmanian tiger extinction linked to cooling climate
The demise of the Tasmanian tiger and other extinct Australian tigers has been linked to rapidly cooling climate change millions of years ago as wet forests transformed to drier, open woodlands

We ignore fire warnings at our own risk
Jan Davis

WA will clear path for Browse gas pipeline
Western Australia is stepping up efforts to ensure a pipeline is built from the Browse gas fields to a processing plant at Karratha.

Invasive weed spotted in Perth waterway
An invasive aquatic weed that can affect river health and biodiversity has been found in a Perth waterway.

UK must be ready for rise of electric vehicles, says ABB chief
Charging point manufacturer’s CEO warns that UK power grid needs to handle expected 9m electric vehicles by 2030

Brexit bill may have broken international environment law, says UN
Compliance committee considers complaint alleging government breached Aarhus convention by not consulting public over withdrawal bill

Energy agency rejects Trump plan to prop up coal and nuclear power plants
The unexpected decision by the Republican-controlled body is a blow to the president’s high-profile mission to revive the struggling US coal industry

Justices reject 4 US environmental cases
Coal giant Murray Energy Corp.’s bid to force U.S. EPA to continually evaluate the impacts of its air regulations on the coal industry today came to an end in the Supreme Court.

Plastic microbeads ban enters force in UK
Manufacturing ban means the tiny beads which harm marine life can no longer be used in cosmetics and personal care products.

Bio-based compound offers a greener carbon fiber alternative
Stampede1 helps researchers elucidate the chemistry of renewable acrylonitrile production

The hellish e-waste graveyards where computers are mined for metal
Ever wonder where all those old devices end up?

Multi-model effort highlights progress, future needs in renewable energy modeling
Models of the U.S. electricity sector are relied upon by sector stakeholders and decision makers, but the recent surge in variable renewable energy (VRE), such as wind and solar, led a team of modeling experts to examine how these models would represent scenarios with high penetrations of VRE.

Ecosystems are collapsing, food bowls are next
Companies need to look past temporary farm gluts to a leaner and more profitable future.

IUCN, other global NGOs, UN likely to see major budget cuts under Trump
While Pres. Trump’s 2018 budget remains in limbo, international NGOs and the UN stand to lose big if Congress okays his cuts. Still, global momentum is building for conservation and climate action, say policymakers.

Smoke from wildfires can tip air quality to unhealthy levels
Researchers analyze the long-term impact that wildfire smoke has on air quality in the US

The Shore Line: A storybook for a sustainable future
Liz Miller
Filmmaker Liz Miller discusses her collaborative, interactive documentary process and how storytelling might lead us to an alternative future through action and resistance.

Tourism should be regulated, before it’s too late
Roberto Savio
We should pause and take a look at tourism’s social, cultural and environmental impact and take remedial measures, because they are becoming seriously negative if things are left as they are.

Is your recycling being incinerated? It’s time to watch our waste
Jenny Jones
China’s ban on our recycling exports has exposed the folly of the current system.

The private company selling off America’s public lands
EnergyNet, an online auction company from Amarillo, Texas, is set to make a fortune from oil and gas leases under the Trump administration. And good luck finding a way to protest.

Peru’s alpine herders revive ancient technologies to face the future
Indigenous communities are restoring abandoned dams, reservoirs and canals that date back over 3,000 years.

Frog genome mapping sheds new light on environmental contaminants
A University of Victoria molecular biologist has gained new insights into how environmental contaminants may disrupt thyroid systems. The discovery was made while assembling the genome of the North American bullfrog.

Mass extinctions remove species but not ecological variety
UChicago study could shed light on patterns for current mass extinction

A little restraint might save the world and boost happiness
Caitlin Fitzsimmons
Have you noticed that self denial is creeping slowly back into vogue?