U3A Tutors Sharing Ideas
Listed below are U3A tutors who have a skill they are prepared to teach tutors from other U3A’s. If you have a skill you would like listed below send write it in an email and send it to David Robinson who is managing this page. He will publish it here. Some of these ideas may come to nothing. Then again some just might be taken up.

Neil Shaw of U3A Prom Coast
Currently showing U3A Kingston members how to use ZOOM (zoom.us)

David Peake of U3A Bayside
David is happy to have members of other U3A’s attend two of his Classical Music classes. If they like them, they can join U3A Bayside as an associate member.

Diana Stock of U3A Port Phillip
My contribution would be a meeting in person, with all tutors at Port Phillip, for starters. It would need chairing and ways of getting people to mix and talk to each other. Perhaps a continuum line to start with, such as Axel’s yesterday. While the focus was/is focused on tutors and presentation, it is the participants or attendees at classes, be they, history, politics, scrabble, language that should also be considered. The category of ‘students’ doesn’t quite do it for me. I think what we offer, is very important, particularly for retired people and perhaps more so for those who are on their own.

Minuk Richards of U3A Port Phillip
To extend the possibilities of tutors collaborating and sharing ideas, what do you think about using some of Google’s free tools such as shared Google doc files, where any interested tutor can add information/comments/discussions? If U3APP has its own Google Drive which can serve as a repository of such files, maybe someone in admin can set up some files that are shared among tutors. If not, what do you think of setting up a weebly site for U3APP tutors? — I have a weebly (free) account and can give editing rights to any tutor wanting to add information and comments. One drawback to this is that weebly sites are public, there may be a privacy issue to doing this if tutors want to set up frank discussions. Being new to U3APP and not knowing what tutors can use, I would be interested in getting information about u3APP resources available eg how many of the rooms have a projector, any sound systems available, is there wifi available at some venues etc. This may all be common knowledge among established tutors, but knowing the extent of resources would help new tutors to work out logistics and may even inspire more members to volunteer to be tutors.

Hi Minuk. Most of the questions you have asked can be answered in a walk through at the Mary Kehoe Centre. We use dropbox.com and some Google products, like AppSheet. Helen Vorrath manages the website with a team of helpers. Maybe we need an orientation program for potential tutors so they are aware of what is available at U3APP. David Robinson

Jim Pribble of U3A Port Phillip
I am getting increasingly proficient at setting up computer driven videos on the equipment in Room 3, MKC. My ‘courses’ have been based on videos from The Great Courses series which often times requires ‘cherry picking’ segments from the series as a whole, then transforming the selected video discs into MP4 format and storing them on memory chips for later use in the course. I have the program for video transformation and I am willing to assist anyone wanting to develop these skills. Any U3A member/tutor/facilitator from any jurisdiction is welcome to attend any of ‘my’ sessions. The next course starts next term. Its title: Egypt: 500,000BC to 30BC,

David Robinson of U3A Port Phillip
Will teach tutors how to prepare a PowerPoint presentation, how to find images and videos on the internet to enhance their courses using google’s advanced search features, how to use modern TVs to show PowerPoint presentations and videos.
Why not attend ad hoc classes at other U3A’s with the approval of the tutor? For instance I would be happy for other U3A members to attend the 2 classes I give at U3APP, namely www.LIVE.ORG.AU/FILMS and www.LIVE.ORG.AU/DOCOS

5 thoughts on “TUTORS

  1. Hi Axel

    We would include your PowerPoint handout as part of some sessions on PowerPoint for tutors.
    Perhaps we could add some examples of good and bad presentations to create a few laughs.
    They are easier enough to find on the internet with the advanced google search.

    I can remember sitting through a PowerPoint presentation many years ago.
    Every slide was crammed with tiny text in one continuous block filling the entire slide.
    Moreover the text was coloured yellow, and it was on a white background. Ugggghhhh!

    Hi Sue

    In answer to your email.

    “I agree with Diana.. an inhouse workshop in Room 3 for all tutors would be a great idea. Although I will be in Room 1 for Term 4, learning how to prepare a PowerPoint presentation and how to use the TV in Room 3 to show PowerPoint presentations and videos would be of great value to me. Can anyone tell me if there is the same facility in Room 1 for showing PowerPoint presentations?”

    YES, the TV in Room 1 will show PowerPoint Presentations and Videos on the internet.
    All rooms at U3APP are equipped the same way, but Room 3 is by far the latest and best.

    I have decided to organise a PowerPoint course for Term 4, but JUST for TUTORS.


  2. I’m not really a tutor, more a facilitator. Although I do set headings and lead discussions at my current affairs group.
    I’d be happy to meet whenever the tutors wanted to get together.

  3. Hi Ken

    Thanks for posting your comment on http://live.org.au/tutors/

    The knowledge and skills needed to be a good tutor are extensive.
    You need to have had a career teaching to be really good at it.
    Then you have to have the time to put a course together.

    Facilitators use source material created by experts.
    They then adapt this material to their students needs .
    The objective is to generate discussions among students..
    This, I feel, is crucial for U3APP students.
    They will never have to pass an exam.
    They are seeking intellectual stimulation, new knowledge, and social contact.

    Facilitators are VERY VALUABLE members of U3APP.

    David Robinson
    U3APP Facilitator

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