Tuesday 7 November 2017

The rivers taking plastic to the oceans
Just 10 river systems transport more than 90% of all plastic waste to the world’s seas, new research shows.

EU energy groups push for tougher climate goals
Some of Europe’s largest energy companies have accused the EU of lacking ambition in the fight against climate change.

G7 on Health, Science Suggests Global Action to Reduce the Impact of Climate on Health
Decisions that will be taken at the G7 Ministerial Meeting on Health that will be open by Minister Beatrice Lorenzin tomorrow in Milan have followed an intense dialogue with the international scientific community on the most efficient strategies to be adopted to deal with the impact of climate changes on health on a global scale in the near future.

Climate change likely to be more deadly in poor African settlements
Conditions in crowded urban settlements in Africa make the effects of climate change worse, pushing temperatures to levels dangerous for children and the elderly in those areas, according to a new study led by a Johns Hopkins University scientist.

HSBC pledges $100 billion of finance by 2025 to combat climate change
HSBC has pledged to provide $100 billion in financing and investment by 2025 to help combat climate change, the bank said on Monday.

Bonn climate talks will aim to meet goals laid out in Paris, says UN
Delegates ‘do not have the luxury of lots of philosophical discussions’ but must focus on advancing the pledges set out in the Paris agreement

Bonn climate talks must go further than Paris pledges to succeed
Hosts Fiji will be aiming to build transparency and constructive dialogue – and this will be crucial to successfully ratcheting up the tough climate targets sidestepped at Paris

2017 set to be one of top three hottest years on record
Data so far this year points to 2017 continuing a long-term trend of record breaking temperatures around the world, says World Meteorological Organization

How India’s battle with climate change could determine all of our fates
India’s population and emissions are rising fast, and its ability to tackle poverty without massive fossil fuel use will decide the fate of the planet

Fiji calls for urgent climate action
Fiji has launched the UN’s climate change conference with a plea for the world to do more to protect its most vulnerable people.

The climate risks we face
The further we push the climate system, the greater the risks of potentially unforeseen and catastrophic changes.

Seven ways you can help mitigate climate change
There are things the public and private sectors, civil society and all of us can do to reduce our impact on climate change and be prepared for its impacts.

Five things that should happen at the Bonn climate talks but probably won’t
Matthew Paterson, University of Manchester and Marc Hudson,University of Manchester
And one thing that probably will, but won’t make much difference.

Garnaut says NEG may do little for prices, certainty or competition
Garnaut says proposed National Energy Guarantee may fail on price reductions, emissions, and reliability, and may serve to simply reinforce the power of the big energy incumbents.

Liberal stalwart unloads on ‘immoral’ climate stance

Know your NEM: NEG’s windfall for big three power utilities
David Leitch
The proposed NEG is already delivering big gains for the big three gentailers, as Adani emerges as major Queensland issue, and REC prices fall.

Can the city’s train network carry 100,000 people today?

Summer could be wet thanks to a La Nina expected to hit Victoria
A LA Nina weather event may be on its way to Victoria and the eastern states by the end of the year, raising the possibility of a wetter-than-average summer.

Cat curfew and fines should be introduced across Victoria
Wendy Tuohy
Monash Council’s great move to introduce a cat curfewcould be brought in across Victoria and have hefty fines attached for repeated noncompliance.

Watch out for bats infected with rabies-like virus, NSW Health warns
More than 140 people have been bitten or scratched by bats in New South Wales so far this year, putting them at risk of a rabies-like virus, the health department warns.

China wind giant buys 100MW wind project in NSW
Beijing Jingneng Clean Energy adds Biala wind farm, approved for development in NSW Southern Tablelands, to growing Australian portfolio.

WestConnex chief says reintroduction of M4 toll is ‘exciting’

Inner-west traffic predicted to worsen by up to 300pc

Sydney running out of space to bury its dead

Why Palaszczuk’s nuclear option on Adani was ‘the messiest’ choice possible
Labor insiders say opposing taxpayer funding of the Carmichael coalmine should have been ‘an open and shut issue’

Council approves 350MW PV farm, stage 1 of massive solar and storage hub
First phase of 1GW+ solar and battery storage hub in Gympie approved for development by local council.

Cats, foxes pose bigger risk to native wildlife than climate change in the outback
A study has found feral animals in the Simpson Desert pose a bigger risk to wildlife than climate change.

Moss in $2bn battery plant push
A group backed by Bill Moss is planning a $US1.6 billion ($2bn) lithium-ion battery plant in Townsville.

Green leaning will kill mine, jobs
Nick Cater
Queensland runs the risk of missing out on a big opportunity.

Honest Annastacia doesn’t add up on Adani
Jennifer Hewett
The Queensland Premier’s explanation for vetoing any loan for the Adani coal project is more than curious. It doesn’t pass the pub test. So what’s the real reason?

Adani backflip a gift for LNP
Campbell Newman
The issue of the mega-coalmine has now taken centre stage in the Queensland election campaign.

Why Adani may still get its government loan
Brendan Gogarty, University of Tasmania

Qld Galaxy: 52-48 to Labor but One Nation up. Why Labor’s Adani support a vote loser
Adrian Beaumont

The Adani election
Everald Compton
The biggest concern is the Great Barrier Reef and the threat to its existence is the hottest issue of them all, particularly among voters under 35.

Queensland election 2017 opinion: How Adani blew up in Premier’s face
Paul Williams

Queensland election 2017 opinion: ‘Decision’ does women no favours
Kylie Lang

South Australia’s stunning transition to consumer-powered grid
Giles Parkinson
Rooftop solar expected to provide more than 20% of local generation by 2025, ushering in transition to consumer focused grid in South Australia. Meanwhile, S.A. begins to benefit from renewables, with prices so far in 2017/18 lower than coal-dominated Victoria and NSW.

Call to establish waste research hub in Tasmania
Trash talking in Tasmania is usually around sport or GST distribution, but there are calls to make the state the waste research centre of Australia.

Tassie tops fishing fees
Tasmania’s recreational fishers could pay up to $100 more than other Australian states for their fishing licences.

TasWater takeover is going down the drain
THE chances of the State Government achieving its proposed TasWater takeover are fading fast, with the Bill set to fail if just three independents vote against it in the Legislative Council.

Defence seeks 12.5MW solar for Darwin barracks, RAAF base
Defence department seeks 15.5MW of solar for Darwin barracks, RAAF base to cut energy costs and boost energy security. More are planned.

Coral bleaching damages more WA reefs

More pressure to kill MinRes bid for Yilgan mine
Fifty scientists and academics have signed a letter urging the State Government to block an iron ore mine expansion that would affect the Helena Aurora Range north of Southern Cross.

Swapping Where Crops are Grown Could Feed an Extra 825 Million People
Redrawing the global map of crop distribution on existing farmland could help meet growing demand for food and biofuels in coming decades, while significantly reducing water stress in agricultural areas, according to a new study.

Higher Air Pollution in Cities Tied to Higher Mortality
New research presented today at APHA’s 2017 Annual Meeting and Expo examined the burden of air pollution and its association with mortality in Chinese cities.

Mandatory state policies work best to curb power plant emissions, study finds
US state policies aimed at mitigating power plant emissions vary widely in effectiveness

Simple green synthesis is a breath of fresh air
Nanoparticles of controllable composition and size have great potential in electrical, optical and chemical devices, but they must be created in a safe and cost-effective way. Kazuhiro Takanabe and coworkers from KAUST now report a simple method for synthesizing metal-sulfide nanoparticles at low temperature without using environmentally harmful solvents.

Germany’s solar, wind generation hits high in October
PV and wind power systems generated 15 billion kWh of electricity in Germany in October, with renewables accounting for 44.1% of demand

How to resolve the planet’s ‘biggest health threat’
When a group of researchers studying connections between public health and climate change in Canada tried to look into the impact of fracking on Indigenous communities, they made a startling discovery.

Only 36pc of population has access to safe drinking water
Only 36 percent of the Pakistani population on average, including 41% in urban areas and 32% rural areas, has access to safe drinking water in the country, a report by the World Health Organisation revealed.

The misguided notion of peak oil demand
Amy Harder
The new conventional wisdom suggests the world is approaching peak oil demand. That’s a misleading term for a more stubborn dependency.

Why hydroelectric utilities are endangered by soaring solar and wind
A California phenomenon called the ‘duck curve’ successfully predicted an electricity surplus as solar and wind energy flooded the grid. This may be bad news for Western hydroelectric dams that are unable to adapt.

The soil champion who might hold the key to a hopeful climate future
In his new book, David Montgomery goes deep on the economic and climate-saving potential of healthy soil around the world.

Put down the bug spray and embrace the creepy crawlies
Lizzy Lowe Macquarie University, Cameron Webb University of Sydney and Kate Umbers Western Sydney University
The weather is getting warmer, and gardens are coming alive with insects, but here are five good reasons to avoid pesticides.

How regenerative food and farming can reverse rural poverty and forced migration in the Americas
Ronnie Cummins
“Regenerative food and farming is the new gold standard for climate and environmentally friendly agriculture and land use across the world.”

Sustainable shopping: how to rock white sneakers without eco-guilt
Lisa Heinze

My vision for a pollution-free planet
Erik Solheim
The rapidly falling cost of energy from renewable sources, such as wind and solar power, means that the countries leading the shift away from fossil fuels will reap the greatest benefits to their economies, as well as their environments.

Protecting ‘High Carbon’ Rainforests Also Protects Threatened Wildlife
Conservation efforts focused on protecting forests using carbon-based policies also benefit mammal diversity, new research at Kent has found.

Acoustic Monitoring Provides Holistic Picture of Biodiversity
Ecologists are using a network of ‘outdoor recording studios’ to better monitor the subtropical Japanese island of ..

Saving Seagrasses From Dredging – New Research Finds Solutions
Timing of dredging is the key to helping preserve one of the world’s most productive and important ecosystems – seagrass meadows.

Early bloomers: Statistical tool reveals climate change impacts on plants
USU scientist Will Pearse discusses statistical ‘trick’ that extracts meaningful measures of phenological change from disparate sources

Red squirrels successfully reintroduced to north-west Scottish Highlands
New population naturally expanded since reintroduction to north-west Scotland in 2016

The rivers taking plastic to the oceans
Just 10 river systems transport more than 90% of all plastic waste to the world’s seas, new research shows.

Alaska’s plan to pay for climate change: Drill for more oil
State officials want to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling to close a budget deficit.