Dutch government appeals against court ruling over emissions cuts
Judges ordered a 25% carbon emissions cut by 2020 in the first successful lawsuit against a government’s climate policy

Invisible scum on sea cuts CO2 exchange with air ‘by up to 50%’
Scientists say the findings have major implications for predicting our future climate

China floods to hit US economy: Climate effects through trade chains
Fluvial floods will increase due to human-made climate change, in particular in China. This might raise direct and indirect economic losses along the global supply and trade chains. The US is susceptible to indirect climate-related economic losses due to its negative trade balance with China. Trump’s tariffs might further reduce the resilience of the US economy.

Limiting global warming could avoid millions of dengue fever cases
Limiting global warming to 1.5°C could avoid around 3.3 million cases of dengue fever per year in Latin America and the Caribbean alone — according to new research from the University of East Anglia (UEA). A new report published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) reveals that limiting warming to the goal of the UN Paris Agreement would also stop dengue spreading to areas where incidence is currently low.

Chart of the day: Cars are king when it comes to our daily commute
In every capital city, more of us still choose to drive to work than use public transport, walk or cycle, according to the latest Census data.

Land-clearing wipes out $1bn taxpayer-funded emissions gains
Official data shows forest-clearing released 160m tonnes of carbon dioxide since 2015

‘Unfortunate’ the carbon tax coincided with soaring network costs, Rod Sims says
ACCC chair says electricity price spike due to network charges, not carbon tax or renewables

Emissions scheme wastes millions on projects that would have gone ahead anyway
Government advisers call for changes to Direct Action policy to end investment in schemes that do not reduce emissions

Labor trusted more on energy: Newspoll
The coalition has not fared well in a Newspoll asking voters who they trust to secure the country’s power supply and keep prices down, The Australian reports.

AGL Energy is Australia’s biggest carbon polluter but its marketing boasts so-called ‘green credentials’
AGL’s greenhouse emissions have blown out by more than 5 million tonnes since American import Andy Vesey took over as boss, launching an advertising blitz promoting the company’s green credentials.

Big appetite for renewable energy projects  [PAYWALL]
Renewable power developer CWP will partner with investment firm Partners Group to build more than 1.3 gigawatts of solar, wind and battery projects in Australia over the next four years.

ACCC crackdown on ‘fake’ electricity discounts  [PAYWALL]
ACCC head Rod Sims has flagged stronger penalties against electricity retailers who trick consumers into thinking they are receiving big discounts.

Energy “reliability” obsession could lead to more gold plating, warns ACCC
ACCC chair says Australia’s “excessive focus on generation reliability” could wind up costing consumers more, in same way as network gold plating.

Sungrow adds 4.8kWh PowCube battery to Australian market
Sungrow Power has launched its next generation suite of inverter and battery storage technology in Australia, including the 4.8kWh lithium-ion PowCube.

In cotton country, facts beat fear factor in war against GM  [PAYWALL]
Consumers have been deluged with inaccurate information when it comes to genetically modified crops, according to Renée Anderson who is revealing her home truths.

Snowy 2.0 may have killed coal  [PAYWALL]
The Snowy 2.0 scheme was close to delivering on Labor and the Green’s renewable energy dream to shut the door on new coal.

Know your NEM: Wind versus solar
David Leitch
Plans for new wind and solar projects are abundant. But how many will actually go ahead? Plus: wind versus solar in the NEM.

Tree believer  [PAYWALL]
Sarah Hudson
With rainfall and weather patterns increasingly erratic, there’s still a way of staying profitable amid climate uncertainty

Our low-energy energy debate
Australian editorial
Coalition must highlight differences with Labor on power.

Smartphone tap-and-go trial for public transport in Victoria
Victorians might soon be able to ditch their myki cards and tap onto public transport using their smartphones, as 1,000 people prepare to trial a new mobile ticketing system for trains, trams and buses.

Shared solar switched on at Melbourne apartment complex
Allume Energy has switched on its first suburban shared solar system that allows PV electricity to be distributed and billed to individual tenants, for 30% less than grid costs.

Powercor investigated over Vic bushfires
An Energy Safe Victoria report has found a bushfire in southwest Victoria was likely sparked by poorly-constructed powerlines clashing in high winds.

Frydenberg changes mind on NSW brumby laws
Federal Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg says he is now confident in the NSW government’s new brumbies policy.

CWP brings in Partners for 1,300MW of wind, solar and batteries
CWP and Partners Group to develop 1,300MW of wind, solar and storage in NSW, saying it will beat coal and will be the future of large scale generation in Australia.

Hyundai jumps back into booming Australian solar market
Hyundai Heavy Industries re-enters Australian solar market, with $70m vote of confidence in residential and commercial rooftop solar boom.

Enough of political idiocy, let’s “do something” on EVs
Redflow technology chief and Tesla owner says governments need to move beyond fossil fuel “idiocy” and get smart about EVs and storage.

Hold your horses – brumby fertility control isn’t that easy
Andrea Harvey, University of Technology Sydney; Carolynne Joone, James Cook University, and Jordan Hampton, Murdoch University
There is no way to effectively administer fertility control to thousands of horses scattered through a huge national park meaning population growth will only be limited as they run out of food

Why there will be no new petrol cars sold in Australia by 2027
Robert Dean
Within 10 years, the only ICE vehicles of any value will be rare classics from the days when Australian’s loved their cars. Here’s why.

Great Barrier Reef survived five ‘death events’, but may not bounce back this time
In the past 30,000 years, the reef endured sea level changes by migrating landward and back out to sea. But current climate change might be happening too fast for it to keep up.

Greens want inquiry into awarding of $444m Great Barrier Reef grant
Peter Whish-Wilson says grant was made to small foundation without competitive tender

Reef charity’s fundraising record casts doubt on $444 million grant
The Turnbull government’s record funding injection to a small reef charity has been described as “bizarre”.

Government urged to stop Great Barrier Reef tree-clearing ‘frenzy’
Forest covering an area more than 50 times the size of the combined central business districts of Sydney and Melbourne is set to be bulldozed near the Great Barrier Reef, official data shows, triggering claims the Turnbull government is thwarting its $500 million reef survival package.

BHP and Treasury reach agreement over $300 million coal royalties dispute
BHP and Queensland Treasury have reached an out-of-court agreement after a dispute over more than $300 million in coal royalties.

Number of dogs in Brisbane increases by 10 per cent
The number of dogs in Brisbane has increased by about 10 per cent in the past five years with one-third of homes having a dog.

‘If these islands sink, we’ll sink with them’  [PAYWALL]
More than 1000 of Queenslanders living on Torres Strait islands fear their homes are at risk from being washed away in the next big storm and are demanding action to save them.

Kangaroo Island green carpenter bee is a flying “flagship” for insect conservation [PAYWALL]
Meet the cute green and gold mascot named as a “flagship” species for insect conservation in a special issue of the journal Austral Entomology.

Dredge waste will be dumped into the Gulf  [PAYWALL]
A controversial plan to widen the Port Adelaide shipping channel and dump the dredged waste in Gulf St Vincent has been approved by the State Government.

Bid to save trees at risk in $174m crossing plan  [PAYWALL]
The State Government should go back to the drawing board and come up with new plans for Oaklands Crossing to avoid felling “a forest of trees”, local councillors say.

Nature and tourism can thrive in parks  [PAYWALL]
Advertiser editorial
Few pristine nature parks can be found at the end of well-paved roads.

‘We’re not backing horses’: Government takes neutral stance in woodchip stoush
As two industries prepare to square off in southern Tasmania over a proposed woodchip export facility, the Tasmanian Government insists it will not be taking sides.

Cooperative sees farmers generate and trade renewable energy
Farms across Tasmania will soon be generating their own power as part of an energy trading community.

Shooters and Fishers Party raises concerns over 1080 poison laid at Penstock Lagoon
Concerns have been raised over the release of 1080 poison near a popular recreational fishing lagoon.

Fines, jail for attacks on threatened species  [PAYWALL]
People who disturb any of Tasmania’s threatened species will face huge fines and even jail time as part of proposed amendments to the Threatened Species Protection Act.
Wild about Tassie’s natural charm  [PAYWALL]
Alex Heroys
Tourism in southern Tasmania has room to grow if we do it right

Could the Tasmanian Tiger still roam the Top End?
There have been more than 5,000 thylacine sightings across Australia within the past 100 years, according to the Thylacine Awareness Group of Australia. So could they still be roaming the Top End?

Hundreds of sheep killed and farming land destroyed in WA blaze
Farmers on Western Australia’s south coast are still coming to terms with the extent of loss after devastating bushfires tore through the region last week.

Authorities say prescribed burns still ‘critical’
Academics have criticised the practice in the wake of the frightening Great Southern fires. But the government has defended its strategy.

ClearVue solar glass developer closes $5m IPO
Perth-based building-integrated solar PV company has debuted on the ASX after successful $A5m initial public offering.

After 60 years of nuclear power, what about the cleanup?
The demand for atomic energy is in decline. But before the country can abandon its plants, there’s six decades of waste to deal with.

EU Commission plans ban on plastic waste
Plastic utensils, straws, coffee stirrers and cotton swabs may soon be a lot harder to come by in Europe. The EU Commission presented a draft directive to ban the single-use products in the fight against plastic waste.

Food waste enough to feed world’s hungry four times over
The United Nations is continuing to fight a relentless battle to eradicate extreme hunger – particularly in the world’s poorest nations – by 2030.

Remote village to metropolis: how globalisation spreads infectious diseases
Allen Cheng, Monash University
These days we can get from most remote villages anywhere to home in 36 hours.

Return of the bison: herd makes surprising comeback on Dutch coast
Endangered species can thrive in habitats other than forests, paving way for their return

NZ government announces mass cattle cull
A cull of 126,000 cattle has been announced by the New Zealand government in a bid to rid the country of bovine disease Mycoplasma bovis.

New research finds tall and older Amazonian forests more resistant to droughts
A new Columbia Engineering study shows that photosynthesis in tall Amazonian forests–forests above 30m–is 3x less sensitive to precipitation variability than in shorter forests of less than 20m. Taller Amazonian forests were also found to be older, have more biomass and deeper rooting systems that enable them to access deeper soil moisture, making them more resilient to drought. The findings suggest that forest height + age are an important regulator of photosynthesis in response to droughts.

Man-made beaver-style dams help restore land in New Mexico
By recreating formations that once existed, the dams can help replenish vital wildlife habitats.

Conservation emergency as endangered hornbills’ numbers plummet
If reincarnation is a thing, one of the worst life forms in which to return must be the chick in the second egg laid by a southern ground hornbill.

Phosphorus nutrition can hasten plant and microbe growth in arid, high elevation sites
Glacial retreat in cold, high-altitude ecosystems exposes environments that are extremely sensitive to phosphorus input, new University of Colorado Boulder-led research shows. The finding upends previous ecological assumptions, helps scientists understand plant and microbe responses to climate change and could expand scientists’ understanding of the limits to life on Earth.

Biomass study finds people are wiping out wild mammals
Humans have had a massive impact on other forms of life, one that far outweighs how little biomass we represent, according to a recent study.

Have you got an end-of-life plan?
Lawyers are encouraging us to think about how we want our lives to end as part of a campaign to record end-of-life wishes with a free online tool call…