How Big Oil lost control of its climate misinformation machine
One of the longest and most consequential campaigns against science in modern history is becoming more extreme—and turning against its originators.

Climate change is driving people from home. So why don’t they count as refugees?
The treaty that defines the status of refugees was written with the Second World War in mind. Now, research shows that weather shocks are forcing millions to move.

7 years before Russia hacked the election, someone did the same thing to climate scientists
“Why does this story sound so darned familiar?”

The 4 ways we can hope to make some climate progress in 2018
Can we slow our use of coal as we rapidly ramp up our use of electric vehicles? And can the rest of the world–and the rest of the U.S.–back up rhetoric about the climate?

2017 was a terrible year of climate disasters — and too many media outlets failed to tell the story
From hurricanes to heat waves to wildfires and beyond, 2017 has been a terrifying year of disasters in the U.S. And too many media outlets have missed a key part of the story

Rising humidity can worsen impact of higher temperatures
High humidity will magnify the effects of rising heat from South America to India, affecting people’s ability to work and even survive, unless greenhouse gas emissions are substantially cut in coming decades, according to U.S. researchers.

From Fijian child to Kenyan ‘evangelist’: Five climate heroes of 2017
Action to address worsening climate threats has gathered pace globally, from business boardrooms to city mayors’ offices to kitchen dining tables.

Can agriculture and the climate fix their ‘unhappy marriage’ in 2018?
Agriculture, forestry and other land uses together account for nearly a quarter of the greenhouse gas emissions heating up the planet.

Charcoal remains could accelerate CO2 emissions after forest fires
Charcoal remains after a forest fire help decompose fine roots in the soil, potentially accelerating CO2 emissions in boreal forests.

US government climate report looks at how the oceans are buffering climate change
A key chapter of the US Global Change Research Program Report deals with how the oceans are being impacted by human carbon pollution

Polar ice is disappearing, setting off climate alarms
The short-term consequences of Arctic (and Antarctic) warming may already be felt in other latitudes. The long-term threat to coastlines is becoming even more dire.

Year of reckoning for climate change
Simone Aloisio
Our communities should continue to prepare for this new normal as best we can, while we try to work with the global community to solve the problem.

2017 was the year climate denial died
Leo Barasi
Reality has killed climate denial – but apathy will still condemn the world to dangerous global warming unless it is confronted.

Climate action is good business
Sarah Barker
YOU may have noticed a change in the emphasis of your morning coffee read. The press has begun to devote serious column space to the issue of ‘climate change’ — including in the business pages.

From ‘angry summer’ to ‘weird winter’: 2017 was riddled with extreme weather
Amanda McKenzie
Australia is the land of droughts and floods, but they are becoming more frequent and forceful. The window of opportunity to act on climate change is closing

Fighting climate change, and building a world to withstand it
Adam Rogers
The past year was one of the worst on record for natural disasters. Blame greenhouse gases, and start planning for a hotter future.

Coral Reefs, assisted evolution and geo-engineering
Gwynne Dyer
We are probably going to end up trying to regulate the temperature of the entire planet, with megadeaths as the penalty if we fail. But by then there will be no alternative. Welcome to the future.

Solar now all charged up
When Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull declared last March that Australia was facing an energy crisis, Australian households offered up a collective: You don’t say.

Cost of Snowy Hydro expansion could hit nearly $12 billion

Ipsos poll: Only 18 per cent think Turnbull government is doing a good job on climate change

People power will shape Australia’s energy market in 2018

Miners end the year on a major high

‘Cut bills or lose more jobs’
High energy costs will force more plant closures and job losses as prices continue to increase, says ACCC’s Rod Sims.

Voters are burning politicians who won’t ditch coal
Richard Denniss

Christmas a way to hide bad policy decisions
Peta Credlin
Take Tuesday’s backflip by Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg to include international carbon credits in Australia’s energy policy.

Walking mightn’t be good for you if it’s through Australia’s polluted city streets
Lidia Morawska, Queensland University of Technology
The beneficial effects of walking are reduced by the detrimental effects of inhaling polluted air.

Why every town should build its own big battery
Dean Spaccavento

Seeing red on buried emissions toll
Peter Boyer
I’d rather not keep coming back to this issue year after year, but it’s getting to me. Climate change is not just some trivial idea to be tossed aside at will. It’s real and it’s dangerous, and in failing to take their reporting obligations seriously the minister and his leader are seriously negligent.

Home battery cost-benefit relies on non-financial pluses
Ben Potter
Batteries, solar panels and other “behind the meter” energy are tipped to be a major part of the electricity system in the not-too-distant future. But better battery economics are needed to spread the technology beyond highly-motivated and well-heeled customers to a wider market. At the moment they’re not quite there on a strict cost-benefit analysis, except in sunny South Australia.

Transportation of containers by rail – unfinished business
David Kirby
We are all familiar with container trucks. They are massive, and when fully laden may weigh more than 30 tonnes. It is a no-brainer that containers should be carried by rail through congested suburbs.

Plenty of energy went into doing nothing about our energy crisis
Petra Stock
Look to Australia’s states and territories, not Canberra, to see where the good news on energy policy is.

How the Turnbull government stole Christmas
Graeme McLeay
The Turnbull Government may have hoped releasing Australia’s latest greenhouse gas emissions together with the 2017 Climate Reportwould pass unnoticed.

Australians set to get a more affordable, reliable energy system
Josh Frydenberg
The fact that this summer South Australia and Victoria have installed expensive, polluting diesel generators that guzzle up to 80,000 litres an hour, just to ensure the lights stay on, is indicative of the challenges we face. But out of this vicious cycle of increased prices and reduced stability there is now hope.

A great year for clean energy in Australia ends, while bad news for coal continues
Simon Holmes à Court
In 2017 Australian energy politics was just a sideshow. The real story, driven by the states and the private sector, is more interesting and much more positive

Deride the high country: big cut planned to feral horse numbers

Generator sales rise as Victorians warned to be power prepared

St Kilda foreshore trashed: Thousands gather on beach, leave trail of destruction

Solar farm threat to Goulburn Valley orchards

National Trust wants Government to save Mt Buffalo Chalet
The historic Mt Buffalo Chalet will mark the 11th anniversary of its closure next month as its future remains up in the air. And the National Trust has warned time to save the chalet is ticking away.

Fire that razed Cheltenham parkland was suspicious

$6.7 billion West Gate Tunnel contract released

West Gate project in doubt
The future of Melbourne’s proposed $6.7bn West Gate Tunnel is in doubt after the ­opposition threatened to scuttle the project.

Native mammal returns to NSW outback after 100-year absence
A small carnivorous marsupial long thought extinct in New South Wales is discovered in the far north-west corner of the state.

Solar-powered CCTV cameras failing due to lack of sunlight

Statewide STD screening amid fears disease could wipe out koalas

Environment chief Barry Buffier resigns
The head of the environmental watchdog has resigned after a year of intense scrutiny, in which he referred the body to the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

Move them or lose them: Sydney councils crack down on dumped share bikes

Waste glut looms for NSW as China closes the door

Quolls to be reintroduced to the mainland in the wilds of Booderee
Plans are ramping up to reintroduce 100 eastern quolls to Booderee National Park in Jervis Bay over the next four years.

Get ready Tuggeranong, the green bins are coming

New Clive Palmer mine could ‘gas’ drivers on Bruce Highway, doctors warn
Clive Palmer’s proposed new central Queensland coal mine poses a potentially toxic health risk to drivers on Australia’s main highway north of Rockhampton, project opponents claim.

Tourism boss wants to open Queensland national parks to eco-tourism
Queensland’s pristine national parks could be opened up for tourists, potentially allowing eco-resorts, accommodation and attractions, as part of a push to help the Sunshine State reclaim its mantle as Australia’s tourism capital.

Third solar farm on the horizon for Mareeba Shire

Wesfarmers doesn’t need coal sale cash to help Coles or Bunnings UK
Wesfarmers chief executive Rob Scott says the company does not need to rely on the $700 million proceeds from the sale of the group’s Curragh coal mines to bolster Coles’ defences in its battle with Woolworths, or accelerate the rollout of the Bunnings chain in Britain.

State approval to dredge Trinity Inlet could be given by early 2018

Reef watchdog finds severe reef damage from Australian Border Force patrol boat grounding

Adani: Palaszczuk Government not ruling out loan to rival Aurizon for Galilee Basin rail line

Scientists developing early warning and early detection for irukandji.
CSIRO scientists are testing the waters off Cairns northern beaches as they develop sensors that will detect irukandji jellyfish

Environmental group boss raises concerns over coral recovery after Australian Border Force boat collision in FNQ

Cassowary road warnings
Cassowary sightings around Kuranda, near Cairns, for the first time in about six months has prompted calls for road users to slow down and be aware.

Brisbane cycling boom: Inner-city workers ride bikes to work to beat traffic jam

Queensland Government Adani loan veto: Adani CEO Jeyakumar Janakaraj says it was ‘blindsided’

Adani coal megamine: Palaszczuk Government dismisses complaints about NAIF veto impact

Adani urges coal miners to fight activists or Hunter Valley will be next
Adani’s Jeyakumar Janakaraj has stepped up his rhetoric against anti-coal activists

The Numbers Don’t Stack Up: W&J’s Rights on the Chopping Block for Adani’s ‘Non Viable’ Project
John Quiggin

Premier’s hypocrisy at heart of sorry saga
Courier-Mail editorial
Annastacia Palaszczuk began her official holiday yesterday, secure in the knowledge that she achieved precisely what she set out to in the immediate weeks after being sworn in again as Queensland’s premier. And that’s mostly because those commitments amounted to really not much, other than penning a letter to prevent Indian miner Adani from receiving a federal loan.

Cashing in on green assets will come at a cost
Graeme Bartrim
The National Parks Association of Queensland fully supports the notion that national parks are important for humans but believes activities should be compatible with the purpose of nature conservation.

SA Water to put floating solar panels in Happy Valley water treatment plant to bring down power bills

Tesla’s giant lithium-ion battery in South Australia outperforms Gladstone Power Station

Thebarton residents protest West Torrens council decision to cut down trees on George St

Royal Commission needed into Port Augusta power station closure: Mayor

Public transport projects co-ordinated to avoid traffic chaos under SA Liberals policy

Water plans must deliver on promise
Advertiser editorial
SA Water should be applauded for its push to embrace renewable technology and try to reduce its net energy bills to zero dollars by 2020.

Licence buybacks planned to boost SA fish stocks
About one-third of South Australia’s commercial long-line and net fishing licences are to be bought back in an effort to bolster snapper, whiting and garfish stocks.

Power station dust smothers Port Augusta — but it’s not ash says Flinders Power manager

Walking the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail

French nuclear test tensions threatened Olympic Dam expansion plans, declassified Cabinet documents reveal

There’s no benefit in stalling the Murray Darling Basin Plan
Neil Andrew
For people reliant on the water resources of the Murray-Darling Basin – and that includes more than a million South Australians – the close of 2017 is notable for several reasons. The MDBA finalised a number of commitments crucial to the continued rollout of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

River Murray Royal Commission findings and recommendations cannot be applied to the other states
Dean Jaensch

Serious questions remain on the state government’s handling of the O-Bahn tunnel
Trevor Farrant

Government, Hydro misleading public over cable failure cause, Basslink chief says
Hydro Tasmania and the Tasmanian Government’s conclusion on the 2015 failure of the Basslink cable was not based on any facts, Basslink boss Malcolm Eccles says.

Calls for helicopter flights to be banned from Freycinet
A push to ban helicopter flights over one of the state’s most popular natural tourist attractions will be considered by the Parks and Wildlife Service.

What happens when a rural town becomes the mountain bike capital of Australia?
A mountain bike riding boom in a small Tasmanian country town is showing other rural communities how to balance tourism, forestry and the environment.

King Island residents oppose Tassal’s exploration of salmon farming off Nine Mile Beach

Parks and Wildlife releases new visitors guide

Bruny Island residents call for urgent action on visitor waste

Former world surfing champ comes out in opposition to planned fish farm
Former world surfing champion Tom Carroll has joined the opposition to a planned salmon farm for King Island.

Australia’s first major hydro-electric town has a new buyer
The site of Australia’s first major hydro-electric town is set to enter a new phase, thanks to the renewable energy push in Tasmania.

Robert Morris-Nunn’s eco-resort at Recherche Bay is being held up over lease dispute

Groups raise fears of Statewide Planning Scheme on public land
Planning Minister Peter Gutwein says the statewide planning scheme will not result in over-development on public land after conservation and community groups raised fears over its impact on Tasmania’s parks and reserves.

Tourism and development leaders believe the best way to conserve Tasmania is to allow sensible development
The best way to conserve Tasmania’s special values, heritage and wilderness is by allowing sensible development — tourism and development leaders argue.

Time to sit down and talk
Tasmania’s global edge as a wild and unspoilt island can only be enhanced by abandoning  conflict and building a consensus approach to the state’s environment, conservation groups and developers agree.

Battle to tame the Prosser sands
Peter Boyer
The little beach near Port Arthur where my family used to camp over summer was the perfect place for a boy to play out fantasies about coastal engineering.

Only a clear vision can protect what makes Tasmania great
Sophie Underwood
To achieve its full potential, and protect what’s special about the state, Tasmania needs to develop a set of guiding principles through which we can navigate a path towards a sustainable, equitable and prosperous society.

Investors and tourists lining up for more
Elise Archer
The Hodgman Liberal Government came to office promising to transform Tasmania into the environment tourism capital of the world, ensuring more people of all abilities could enjoy what our beautiful state has to offer.

Greens pledge to introduce flat $1 fares to use public buses to remove more vehicles from Queensland roads

Territory Generation broke, will push for power price increases to cover costs
On the final business day before Christmas, the NT Government announces it has sacked the board of Territory Generation, appointed an interim board, and releases a damning report on the ailing utilities corporation.

Northern Territory government condemned over mine’s huge toxic dump
Environmental groups ask whether government can ever adequately regulate the Macarthur River Mine, after reactive waste rock was dumped in wrong place

Tensions over Labor’s 50 per cent renewable target led to dissolution of Territory generation board
Tension between Territory Generation and its shareholder the Northern Territory Government over the utilities wholesalers role in Labors 50 per cent renewable target has led to the dissolution of its board.

Massive cost blowout at power company, Territory Generation
Treasurer Nicole Manison has ruled out a power price hike as the Government scrambles to keep the lights on amid a massive cost blowout at Territory Generation.

Electricity fee hike is needed, says independent MLA Robyn Lambley

Italian oil and gas firm Eni buys out Shell’s stake in Evans Shoal gas field

Wesfarmers’s $700m coal exit

Miner hit in native title case
Kimberley Land Council chief executive Nolan Hunter said the decision was critical to securing future agreements nationwide.

Report: Perth families to be ‘overcharged’ for water bills in 2018
Perth families will be slugged $400 more than they should be paying in water bills next year, says the State’s economic watchdog.

Wishing for a low-waste Christmas and a sustainable new year
Whether it’s food, alcohol or gifts, the holiday season is typically a time of excess. But there’s a growing appetite from shoppers for gifts and packaging that won’t leave as much of a mark on the environment.

WA is easily Australia’s great white capital: CSIRO

More must be done to protect south coast beachgoers: MP

New highways in remote Amazon risk ‘ethnocide’, say Peruvians
Indigenous federations, state entities and congresspeople speak out against proposed law promoting road construction

See photos taken on illegal visits to Chernobyl’s dead zone
Thirty-one years after the worst nuclear disaster in history, a group of self-proclaimed “stalkers” makes illegal trips into the abandoned radioactive city.

Why the prospect of ‘Peak Oil’ is hotly debated
Technological advances driven by the threat of climate change could mean the world’s thirst for petroleum tops out sooner than companies such as Exxon Mobil Corp. or giant producers like Saudi Arabia are banking on.

Academics at odds on fracking
Two new studies, both published last week, pull the fracking conversation in two different directions and shed light on a complex matter that scientists still wrangle over.

Bali’s ‘garbage emergency’: Beaches buried under plastic as 100 tonnes removed each day
Bali’s palm-fringed Kuta beach has long been a favourite with tourists seeking sun and surf, but nowadays its golden shoreline is disappearing under a mountain of garbage.

Trump’s busy year on energy and environment
President Trump and a trio of cabinet members have made headway in their campaign for American fossil fuel “energy dominance.” This might slow renewable energy, but it won’t bring back coal.

Georgia, facing ‘difficult dilemma,’ keeps nuclear project alive
Regulators approved plans to continue building the only two nuclear reactors still under construction in the country, despite delays and overruns.

‘Safe’ levels? Small amounts of air pollution linked to more death for senior citizens: Study
Elderly people have a higher risk of dying after short-term exposure to particulate air pollution and ozone, according to a new study from Harvard.

Norway leads way on electric cars: ‘it’s part of a green taxation shift’
Nearly a third of all new cars sold in the country this year will be plug-in models and experts expect that share to skyrocket

How green are electric cars?
Norway, the world leader in electric car take-up, can boast that the vehicles are clean because they’re almost exclusively run on hydropower. But how environmentally friendly is an electric car if its ultimate energy source is an oil-fired power plant?

Electric and plug-in hybrid cars whiz past 3m mark worldwide
Rapid growth is due to falling battery costs, government incentives and car makers competing to build new models

Love solar power but got no rooftop? “Shared solar” is coming for you
Shared solar is a way for non-rooftop folks to directly support clean energy, while also supporting local jobs and economic development.

Fighting climate change with bioenergy may do ‘more harm than good’
As nations try to stem emissions to keep the world from warming more than 2 degrees Celsius in line with their commitments towards the Paris Accord, replacing fossil fuels with renewable alternatives is widely seen as a big step in the right direction.

Fracking to begin in earnest in 2018 after tough year for industry
Firms leading UK push for shale gas say ‘we will see results next year’ after 12 months of opposition, protests and a ban in Scotland

China exceeds target for household gas projects, but some left freezing
China’s Ministry for Environmental Protection said it had completed coal-to-gas and coal-to-electricity projects for 3.9 million households or 25,220 villages, exceeding a target of 3.1 million houses for 2017 in northern Chinese regions.

$180bn investment in plastic factories feeds global packaging binge
Colossal funding in manufacturing plants by fossil fuel companies will increase plastic production by 40%, risking permanent pollution of the earth

No change to NK nuclear policy in 2018
North Korea will continue to enhance its nuclear capabilities in the future, the North’s state media says, declaring the communist state an “invincible” and “responsible” nuclear power.

So long, UNESCO! What does US withdrawal mean for the environment?
In an uncertain world, UNESCO’s environmental, sustainability and peace programs benefit all nations; Trump’s U.S. pullout most deeply hurts Americans, say experts.

Renewables generated triple the power of coal in 2017, UK figures show
As the worst-polluting coal plants near the end of their life, the focus must turn to tackling gas dependency, says analysis firm

Tesla lithium battery demand fuels Bolivian hopes
Bolivia, home to 25 per cent of world lithium reserves, hopes it can tap into Tesla’s popularity to boost development.

A Philippines grandmother fought to get a toxic coal stockpile out of her neighborhood. Three bullets stopped her
Gloria Capitan was shot to death last summer after campaigning against a coal stockpile. That was only the beginning.

Vive la résistance: 10 ways people stood up for the planet in 2017
Fighting pipeline construction, reaffirming commitments to the Paris accord, and suing the EPA were among many acts of defiance.

Why Americans are using a lot less water
The average American has cut daily use by 6 gallons. Efficiencies in states like California and Texas – which are experiencing droughts – can serve as models for other states to reduce consumption.

Utility-scale solar installations can avoid using farmland, study says
A new study finds that developing solar energy arrays on alternative sites like buildings, lakes, and contaminated land would allow California to meet its 2025 electricity demands without sacrificing farmland.

New model considers an extra factor to improve our prediction of nuclear fission

Is this the future? Dutch plan vast windfarm island in North Sea
Advanced plans by Dutch power grid aims to build power hub possibly at Dogger Bank whose scale would dwarf current offshore sites

What’s the ideal number of humans on Earth?
Despite our best efforts, Earth continues to gamely welcome our rapidly expanding population, barring the occasional earthquake. Whether the planet might be a little better off with fewer of us is a different question, a freighted one.

Top 10 HAPPY environmental stories of 2017
The past year may have seemed like doom and gloom for the environment, but there was plenty to be thankful for.

Will 2018 be the year of solar or coal?
The two will battle for market share. Only one will win.

Vehicles are now America’s biggest CO2 source but EPA is tearing up  regulations
Transport overtook power generation for climate-warming emissions in 2017 but the Trump administration is reversing curbs on auto industry pollution

New Year’s Eve: Are fireworks harming the environment?
In some countries, it’s not New Year’s Eve without a night sky full of fireworks. But how bad are these colorful explosions for the environment? And what are the health effects?

Pope Francis hated 2017 too, calling it a ‘wasted’ year of death and lies
Speaking at an evening vespers service in St. Peter’s Basilica, the Pope said humanity had “wasted and wounded” the past year “in many ways with works of death, with lies and injustices.”

World demographics are changing profoundly: What does it mean for the 21st century?
Joseph Chamie
The revolutionary demographic changes that the world continues to experience are impacting virtually every aspect of human life, including the environment.

Keep calm: reasons to head for the park not the beach
Ross Gittins
I’m much attracted by the American biologist Edward O. Wilson’s hypothesis of biophilia, that humans have an innate tendency to seek connection to nature, for its calming effects.

Supersized cities: residents band together to push back against speculative development pressures
Jason Twill, University of Technology Sydney
City residents all around the world are getting together to create housing tailored to their needs and budgets, instead of being developed for maximum profit.

The article that changed my view … of how civil disobedience helps the planet
Suganshi Ropia
Suganshi Ropia says a piece she read after the signing of the Paris Climate Agreement helped her realise we shouldn’t wait to make our voices heard

Will 2018 be a better year for US environment policy?
Peter Dysktra
Columnist Peter Dysktra offers some optimism—but expects more of the same in the coming year

Why a better transportation system is good for your health
Bill Ravanesi
We need a shift to a modern transportation system that increases electric cars, trucks, and buses, expands public transit and ride sharing, and builds walkable, bike-able, transit-oriented communities accessible to all of residents. These solutions can mean fewer delays, safer travel, improved health and fewer climate impacts.

People can handle the truth about the environment
Mark Buchanan
Scientists don’t need to sugar-coat it.

New lab-bred super corals could help avert global reef wipeout
Pioneering research on cross-species coral hybrids, inoculations with protective bacteria and even genetic engineering could provide a lifeline for the ‘rainforests

Failing our forests: in two years we’ve lost enough trees to cover Spain
Fire. Oil palm. Cattle. Soy. Rubber. Wood. New data from Global Forest Watch shows that forest destruction is on the rise globally, in spite of a slate of pledges and commitments.

UN poised to move ahead with landmark treaty to protect high seas
Waters outside national boundaries are currently unregulated, devastated by overfishing and pollution. 140 countries back the motion to establish a treaty

Experts to China: Cooperate or South China Sea fisheries may collapse
A group of experts that includes geopolitical strategists as well as marine biologists is calling on disputing parties to come together to manage and protect the sea’s fish stocks and marine environment.

How Sea Shepherd lost battle against Japan’s whale hunters in Antarctic
The Southern Ocean was a sanctuary – but now Japan’s boats have military hardware and conservationists can no longer track them

‘I have a lot of enemies’: the Honduran marine park rangers facing death threats
The tropical island of Roatán is a gold mine for tourism and fishermen but those protecting the reef want tougher laws to turn the area into a no-take zone

How the fight to save a bird species shows how to bridge the red/blue divide
A plan to save the sage grouse was a rare instance where ranchers, the timber industry, scientists, landowners and environmentalists all agreed on something

How did half of the great Florida coral reef system disappear?
Overfishing, development and pollution have all contributed to the reef’s decline, but climate change is its biggest threat. UN targets must be met to stop ocean acidification

A classic Darwinian ecological hypothesis holds up — with a twist
New research shows that a long-held hypothesis about the factors that govern species ranges largely holds true, but may be the result of a previously underappreciated ecological mechanism.

The Caribbean is stressed out
But there is hope, according to data from 25-year monitoring program

Paper giant and its ‘suppliers’ are essentially one and the same, investigation finds
An investigation by The Associated Press has uncovered ownership ties between one of the world’s largest paper producers and more than two dozen tree-plantation companies linked to devastating fires and deforestation in Indonesia.

‘Coral bleaching is getting worse … but the biggest problem is pollution’
Conservationists are battling to save the 700-mile Mesoamerican Barrier Reef in the Caribbean suffering the effects of mass tourism and global warming.

“This is not a symbolic action” — Indigenous protesters occupy oil platforms in radicalized fight against pollution in the Amazon
Oil companies have polluted the waters the Peruvian Amazon for decades. Tired of false promises, indigenous groups are taking on the industry.

Alarming link between fungicides and bee declines revealed
Fungicides are found to be the strongest factor linked to steep bumblebee declines, surprising scientists and adding to the threats to vital pollinators

‘It’s a perverse system’: how Colombia’s farmers are reforesting their logged land
In the wake of Colombia’s peace deal, the rush to clear Amazon jungle for cattle ranches and coca caused deforestation to soar. A new scheme hopes to enable farmers to make a sustainable living from the forest

Spades, saplings and sheep: Iceland battles to restore long-lost forests
Planting trees is “among the least painful ways” to meet the country’s goal to slash carbon emissions, experts say.

Nice to meet you: amazing new animal species discovered in 2017

Prepare for the global bananapocalypse
Stephen Mihm
The bananapocalypse is coming. That’s the likelihood that sometime in the next decade, bananas may disappear, victims of a fungal pathogen known as Panama Disease.

Ice will return but extinctions can’t be reversed. We must act now
Mark Urban
We have to develop digital forecasts of species’ responses to climate change, design robust strategies to protect as many as possible, and help nature to adapt

AI is learning from our encounters with nature – and that’s a concern
Andrew Robinson, Australian National University
Does big data threaten how humans explore the natural world? We need to protect our impulses to observe, compare, play, discover and love, no matter what technological capabilities are available.

26 Tiny Changes That’ll Make Your Life A Lot Better In 2018
From little things, big things grow.

New laws that will affect Australia
From January 1 and beyond, there are a raft of changes coming that will change how we live in Australia. This is what will affect you.