Renewable energy investment ‘bonanza’ is coming to Australia
Experts believe a string of new renewable energy investments could be the beginning of the end for Australia’s energy crisis.

Study finds that global warming exacerbates refugee crises
Higher temperatures increase the number of people seeking asylum in the EU

1.5 degrees warming and the search for climate justice for the poor
The difference between 1.5 and 2 degrees is a ‘greater likelihood of drought, flooding, resource depletion, conflict and forced migration,’ a new IPCC draft warns.

If China changes, everything changes in battle for the planet
Although Trump will still hog the limelight, it is the Chinese who hold the key to curbing climate change.

Why I’m a global warming sceptic
Doug Edmeades
The satellite data shows that there has been no increase in global temperatures since 1998 – almost 20 years now – despite an increase in global CO2 concentrations.

2017 solar installations jump by half to hit record 1GW

Combing up with solutions to cut down on salon waste
Hairdressers are joining the war on waste by helping to recycle hair clippings and other rubbish that will ultimately help sick children and clean up the environment.

Australia’s coastal living is at risk from sea level rise, but it’s happened before
Sean Ulm, James Cook University; Alan N Williams, UNSW; Chris Turney, UNSW, and Stephen Lewis, James Cook University
People have been forced to move in the past thanks to changes in sea levels that affected Australia’s coastline.

Know your NEM: What to expect in 2018
David Leitch
If 2017 was a year of price shocks and renewables investment, we expect 2018 to be more cagey. That said, bids in America for wind plus storage at $US21/MWh is not a bad start!

Climate politics in 2018: another guide for the perplexed
Marc Hudson, University of Manchester
As I predicted a year ago, 2017 was another vicious and bloody-minded year in Australian climate politics. Yet the political bickering belied the fact that it was actually a great year for green energy.

Second Tesla “big battery” to power Victorian farm
US battery maker Tesla has again been selected to team up with French renewables developer Neoen on another ground-breaking Australian project; this time on a wind farm and battery storage facility that will help power a major Victorian farming business.

Renewable energy: Solar and wind to the rescue in Victoria
More than 40 per cent of Victoria’s energy needs during last Saturday’s heatwave were met by renewables, an energy expert has found.

Alinta pledges cheap power
Alinta plans to drive down power prices after buying the Loy Yang B brown coal power station in Victoria.

Victoria may extend Yallourn coal licence despite zero-emissions pledge
Environment Victoria says extending Australia’s most polluting power station would pose an ‘unacceptable risk’ to the climate

Maoneng inks major solar PPA with UNSW, via Origin
China-Australia renewables developer Maoneng to sell output of 200MW Sunraysia Solar Farm to UNSW, in landmark “tripartite” deal backed by Origin.

Gas industry roll-out linked to startling rise in Darling Downs hospital admissions
A recent report published in the International Journal of Environmental Studies has found that circulatory and respiratory diseases in Darling Downs communities have skyrocketed since the arrival coal seam gas mining, and points to significant failures in regulation.

Mining expert tells industry to fight back against cashed-up protest
McCullough Robertson law firm strategic adviser Michael Roche, former chief of the Queensland Resources Council, said the activist groups were cashed up

Anti Adani protesters vow to continue their campaign in North Queensland

Save the Great Barrier Reef and become a millionaire
Millions of dollars will be handed out to people from around the world to come up with groundbreaking ways to save the Great Barrier Reef.

Scientist to commence long-term monitoring study of corals at Lizard Island
A Great Barrier Reef island that was one of the worst hit by mass coral bleaching will have its reef carefully monitored for the next two years for signs of recovery

Indigenous ranger programs are working in Queensland – they should be expanded
Emilie Ens, Macquarie University and Alana Grech, James Cook University
Indigenous ranger programs have now been running successfully for a decade. Given Queensland’s size and large Indigenous population, there’s a strong case for expanding the program in that state.

Buying Time To Beat Adani
Ben Pennings
People ask me why I quit my job at The Queensland Greens, why I put myself at physical and legal risk to initiate citizen resistance against Adani’s plans. The answer is always the same. To buy time.

The council taking its residents and businesses along for the ride is lamentable
Alex Antic
It may well be that our energy future will become increasingly reliant upon renewables, but to take this bull by the horns before the technology can provide cheap and reliable power is irresponsible and the ACC taking its residents and businesses along for this ride is lamentable.

Calls to ban cruise ships near Tasmanian national parks
The cruise ship industry brings thousands of tourists and their money to Tasmania each year, but there are calls to ban them from national park areas.

Northern Territory launches tender for up to 45MW grid-scale battery storage
NT calls for expressions of interest to develop battery storage system of 25-45MW to support grid in Darwin and Katherine.

Remains of ex-tropical Cyclone Joyce deliver a drenching to Perth
What is left of a cyclone that crossed the coast last week could dump three months’ worth of rain on Perth today, helping firefighters to contain a blaze in Mundaring that yesterday blanketed the city in smoke.

Feral camels tamed for new Perth city tourism venture
So it’s not sunset on Cable Beach, but the operator of a new camel tourism venture along Perth’s foreshore wants it becomes a quintessential city experience.

Here’s what would happen in Hawaii if there was a real nuclear attack
Hawaiian authorities are already getting ready for this scenario, but the weekend’s accidental warning message showed there’s still a lot of work to be done.

Iranian oil tanker fire burns out but pollution concerns remain
The fire from a sunken Iranian tanker ship in the East China Sea burns out, as concerns remain about possible major pollution to the sea bed and surrounding waters.

SCANA, Dominion, NextEra wage info war over South Carolina nuclear debacle
SCANA, Dominion and NextEra have hired dozens of lobbyists to push their agendas in the impending battle over S.C.’s nuclear crisis and its energy future.

Virgin Hyperloop One is bringing Elon Musk’s dream to life
Virgin Hyperloop One wants to launch a commercial hyperloop in 2021, and it’s got work to do.

This is a sin.’ Public appeals to Pruitt’s religion
To keep the Clean Power Plan alive, some people are appealing to Scott Pruitt’s faith in God. They are challenging Pruitt to reconsider his opposition to the Clean Power Plan in light of his moral obligation to protect the planet.

Solar Fuels: Better Efficiency Using Microwires
Researchers have made significant efficiency improvements to the technology used to generate solar fuels. This involves the direct conversion of energy from sunlight into a usable fuel (in this case, ..

China further cementing its clean energy dominance
IEEFA’s latest report finds that China continued to set itself up to dominate clean energy sectors during 2017.

Cruise holidays: how to go clean and green
Be eco-aware and choose your cruise line with care.

Changing paradigms in food and farming
Jack Lazor
Changing lifelong habits is never easy, but is necessary if we want to have a habitable world for our children and grandchildren. We need to do everything possible to put the biology back into all of agriculture.

Why China’s good environmental policies have gone wrong
Yanzhong Huang
Under Mr. Xi, political power has become so centralized and so authoritarian that it has perverted the incentive structure that drives environmental policy and its execution. In such a system, even good policies can have bad effects.

Let’s wrench power back from the billionaires
Bernie Sanders
If we stand together against powerful special interests we can eliminate poverty, increase life expectancy and tackle climate change.

Laying waste to our planet
John Milnes
We humans are laying waste to our planet, not just in our unwise efforts regarding climate change.

We can’t afford to ignore indoor air quality – our lives depend on it
Steve Atkinson, Deakin University
Most of us spend up to 90% of our time indoors, according to many surveys. Add up the time you spend at home, in the office and on transport, and you will see how close this figure is for yourself.

Population growth and the threat this represents to the ‘developed’ world
Guy Hallowes
Even if the Syrian crisis does resolve itself there is a veritable Tsunami of potential refugees coming from Africa. Africa, you may well ask: Why?

Rising CO2 affecting freshwater three times faster than saltwater
As carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere rise, more CO2 is absorbed into our oceans, making them more acidic. We know the problems this has caused in the saltwater environment. Now, rising CO2 levels are also affecting some freshwaters, too.

Belize bans oil activity to protect its barrier reef
Decision hailed as huge step forward that will safeguard both the marine environment and the country’s lucrative dive tourism industry.

Pope’s Chile visit to cast light on Mapuche Indians’ land struggle
The plight of Chile’s indigenous Mapuche people and their struggle for land rights will come under the spotlight as Pope Francis travels to the country on Monday amid growing tension between the Mapuche and loggers and farmers.