Spain, Italy leadership changes raise hopes for EU climate ambition
Climate hawk Teresa Ribera gets a leading role in Pedro Sánchez’ government, while Giuseppe Conte promises to speed up Italy’s decarbonisation.

How to keep the lights on without burning the planet
Ditching fossil fuels to go 100 per cent renewable is a dream within reach – thanks to new tech that keep things humming even when wind and sun aren’t there.

Experts call for planting more trees to beat global warming
CS says temperature in summer reached alarming level due to rapid changes in environment

Coastal flooding worsens as sea levels rise
High-tide flooding is happening across the USA at twice the rate it was just 30 years ago, according to a new report released Wednesday. And this flooding isn’t necessarily caused by a storm, but by rising seas.

Sen. Whitehouse to Pope Francis: Exxon, BP not being genuine on climate change
Exxon, BP among big oil companies set to meet with Pope Francis late this week.

May was warmest on record for USA
May shattered heat records across the U.S. as sizzling warmth was reported nationwide, federal scientists announced Wednesday. Not only was it the warmest May on record across the country, but almost 8,600 local heat records were also broken or tied during the month.

How climate change will make pollution even worse
David Bressan
Long buried toxic waste and chemicals are released back into the environment by climate change, with possible negative effects on the environment and human health.

An Update on the Australian Recycling Crisis
While the urgency to come up with a solution to our current recycling crisis is high, Australia needs to step up instead of side-stepping with band-aid solutions.

This four-point plan could halve our annual $20 billion food waste bill
Australians throw out millions of tonnes of perfectly good food each year. Could a new plan that mimics the “Slip, Slop, Slap” success be the key to changing all that?

Coles and Woolworths’ plastic bag ban and the choices that remain
What is and isn’t being phased out? And how effective will the new policy be?

‘The lazy people who use them will go nuts’: Supermarkets urged to ditch disposable nappies
IF supermarkets were serious about the environment they would ban these items. But they won’t because people “will go nuts”.

National party comments on drought and climate ‘a disservice’ to farmers
The majority of farmers and National party voters say they are ‘increasingly frustrated’ at the lack of action on climate change at a federal level

‘Tipping point’: Unilever to run Australian plants on 100% green power
Consumer goods giant Unilever says it will run its Australian manufacturing plants entirely on clean energy within two years, with the country having passed a “tipping point” where going green is no longer a financial disadvantage.

Too much of a good thing: Solar power surge is flooding the grid
Rising levels of solar rooftop installations are creating too much energy for the grid and could cause blackouts as it struggles to control the excess power.

Energy storage goes with the flow  [PAYWALL]
Australia has a strong history of inventions, and maybe one day we’ll see another innovation added to this group: vanadium redox flow batteries.

Power price pressure on AGL  [PAYWALL]
The ball is now in AGL’s court to cut electricity prices, Citibank analysts say, after Origin Energy announced a drop in prices.

Wind and solar farms face tough new connection hurdles
Rule changes proposed by AEMO in response to the grid’s rapid transition to renewables have sparked vigorous debate about what precautions are necessary, and what are just “gold plating” generation assets.

More than half of quolls returned to mainland die during pilot program
The first attempt at reintroducing eastern quolls to the Australian mainland has mixed success, with more than half of the quolls dying within three months.

Could Turnbull deliver a sensible Coalition drought policy?  [PAYWALL]
Bernard Keane
Is the government finally embracing the fact that drought assistance merely punishes farmers who do the right thing?

Morwell Power Station to be demolished despite heritage listing
Heritage Victoria has granted permission for the historic, asbestos-riddled Morwell Power Station to be demolished, despite being listed on the Victorian heritage register.

How much time will you save due to the Metro Tunnel? This much …
Commuters will save up to 25 minutes on their journey to the inner-city once the $11 billion Metro Tunnel is built, the state government promises.

Publican pots Hazelwood closure for power price rise  [PAYWALL]
A publican has claimed his energy company told him his bill is three times more expensive because of the closure of the Hazelwood power station.

Shipping containers lost off coast may never be found
Only one of the 83 containers lost in wild seas off Port Stephens on Friday has been recovered.

Cargo ship to foot bill for NSW clean up
Taiwanese ship YM Efficiency, which lost more than 80 containers off the NSW coast last week in rough weather, has docked at Sydney’s Port Botany.–spt.html

‘Insane’: Government gets its way on wild horses despite protests from scientists
The Berejiklian government has secured passage through Parliament of a controversial bill to protect wild horses in the state’s largest national park, ignoring broad protests from scientists and even a farmer responsible for relocating many of the feral animals.

‘Massive impact’: Coal mining’s effect on the Hunter water tallied
Coal mining in the Hunter has affected groundwater in about a quarter of the region, and 22 planned new mining projects would expand the impact, a study finds.

New bus services will make Sydney easier place to live
Geoffrey Clifton
The announcement of 2000 extra bus services a week seems to have been met with claims that this is just an election stunt that will add to congestion. So let’s look at the facts.

Massive UQ Warwick solar farm gets green light despite community objections
A solar farm being built for the University of Queensland near Warwick gets the nod from the local council despite some strong community concerns.

Queensland ministers will be targeted if state funds roads for Adani, warn activists
If Labor decides to finance infrastructure for the Carmichael mine, it would be a betrayal of trust and break a key election promise, say anti-coal protesters

Brisbane bulk water bill to increase by 3.5 per cent per year
It will equate to about an extra $16 per year on Brisbane water bills, with the move designed to standardise costs across the south-east.

Council scraps $6 million tunnel duplication plan
Brisbane City Council has scrapped its plans to spend $6 million to duplicate a tunnel and provide cyclist and pedestrian separation in Brisbane’s west.

Support for public transport falls  [PAYWALL]
Despite fare cuts the number of people in Queensland using public transport has declined.

Reef grant ‘hits target’  [PAYWALL]
A filmmaker says having half-a-billion dollar grant for the Great Barrier Reef issued to a charity will ensure the funding is not lost in administration fees.

Japan to start buying coal from USA instead of Queensland  [PAYWALL]
About $100 million in coal sales to Japan have been lost by Queensland and NSW mines because of red tape, delays in mining approvals and growing concern about issues like the Aurizon debacle.

Taxpayers prop up solar  [PAYWALL]
The Queensland government is concealing its financial support for large-scale renewable energy projects.

Time for Qld coal miners to talk tonnes  [PAYWALL]
Matthew Stevens
The time has come for a coal miner to demonstrate that Aurizon’s behaviour has resulted in a meaningful loss of coal volumes.

Grave climate warning for governments and business: “This is about money”
All levels of government face huge, unprecedented legal and financial risks if they don’t address a myriad of new obligations forced on them by climate change, the Adelaide City Council has been warned.

Speirs on mercy-dash fight for river water  [PAYWALL]
Irrigators are heading to Canberra on Thursday to fight plans to deliver South Australia 450 gigalitres of river-saving water, but Water Minister David Speirs says he’ll be going to the capital to fight for SA’s share.

Astonishing waste of water for seven years  [PAYWALL]
Drained by a seven-year fight to stop thousands of litres of groundwater being pumped on to the beach every week, these residents have had enough — and are demanding an immediate fix.

Parks are no place for supermarkets  [PAYWALL]
Caleb Bond
Plans to sell a suburban park to a supermarket chain could be the thin end of the wedge – and need to be stopped, writes Caleb Bond.

Pumped hydro projects unveiled as Tasmania bids to be ‘battery of the nation’
State and federal governments to confirm that 14 lake sites have been earmarked

The North-West Coast stands to win big from plans for pumped hydro
The North-West Coast will be the big winner in the pumped hydro project announced on Wednesday at Cethana Dam.

Funds hope for second energy cable  [PAYWALL]
Federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg has talked up the chances of Federal Government funding for a second Bass Strait interconnector.

Call for state to mediate on fish versus forestry  [PAYWALL]
Southwood Fibre and Tassal have failed to reach a resolution over a proposed woodchip port near Dover, instead calling for State Government leadership to help end the stalemate.

Neville-Smith treating residents like mushrooms
Geoffrey Swan
The proposal for a woodchip export facility at Port Esperance first came to public notice in Dover late last year. Because of the lack of available information around the proposed Dover Woodchip Port there is an increasing groundswell of community interest in what James Neville-Smith, CEO of Neville Smith Forest Products is actually planning.

NT’s coastal environments worth $2b per year, report finds
The findings of the report by the Australian Marine Conservation Society argue for increased investment in tourism and more protections to preserve the Territory’s coastal environments, saying they support more than 6,000 jobs.

‘Is a shark victim not worth that?’: WA family calls for smart drum line trial
What price do you put on life? That’s the question Rick Gerring is asking the WA Government two years after his brother was killed by a shark.

The Very Good Bra
Stephanie Devine talks to Pro Bono News about the world’s first zero waste lingerie line

‘Impossible-to-cheat’ emissions tests show almost all new diesels still dirty
Other new research shows diesel vehicles cause 88% of the £6bn annual damage to people’s health from car and van exhaust in the UK

Go green for healthy, rich cities: study
A British study says going green is the way to ensure healthier, happier and richer cities, from improving public transport to creating energy-efficient spaces.

Betting on a uranium recovery  [PAYWALL]
New UK firm Yellow Cake will float and buy a stockpile of uranium, hoping a looming supply crunch will push up prices.

Flexible solar cells: Will they someday power your devices?
Researchers in Finland and Montreal are looking at the challenges of mass producing and commercializing the now-experimental technology.

World’s Most Efficient Production of Succinate from Carbon Dioxide
Succinate is widely used as a raw ingredient for petrochemicals, and there is high demand for a way of producing succinate that is renewable and environmentally benign.

A big analysis of environmental data strengthens the case for plant-based diets
A new study calculates the bonus for the planet of choosing more foods from plants.

Next time you fly for vacation, buy your right to pollute
Tourism has a growing impact on the climate — particularly with regard to flights. Many aviation companies offer an option to offset carbon emissions. But where does that money go, and how effective is this contribution?

Does Living Near Wind Turbines Negatively Impact Human Health?
Wind turbines are a source of clean renewable energy, but some people who live nearby describe the shadow flicker, the audible sounds and the subaudible sound pressure levels as ‘annoying.’

World’s biggest solar tower with storage starts commissioning
The world’s biggest solar tower power plant with molten salt storage has begun commissioning in Morocco, and is scheduled to begin production by October.

Every coal plant in the world since 2000, mapped
See every coal plant in the world from 2000 on.

Kiwi scientists breed sheep to fart and burp less
A NZ agricultural research company has bred a line of sheep which produce 10 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions.

Antarctica: plastic contamination reaches Earth’s last wilderness
Traces of microplastics and hazardous chemicals found in majority of snow and ice samples taken earlier this year

Patenting marine genetic resources: Who owns ocean biodiversity?
Marine organisms have evolved to thrive in various ocean environments, resulting in unique adaptations that make them the object of commercial interest. Researchers from the Stockholm Resilience Centre and University of British Columbia have identified 862 marine species, with a total of 12,998 genetic sequences associated with a patent. They found that a single transnational corporation (BASF, the world’s largest chemical manufacturer) has registered 47 percent of these sequences.

Scientists Stunned by Decline of Birds During Epic Southern African Roadtrip
A two year project repeating a famous bird survey by driving over 20,000 km in a 4×4 across Botswana has confirmed ..

Nutrient Pollution Makes Ocean Acidification Worse for Coral Reefs
A new study showed that local impacts of humans — nutrient pollution from activities on land — may accelerate the negative impacts of global ocean acidification on …

Orangutan forest being logged despite Indonesian govt vow
Environmentalists say a tropical forest that’s home to critically endangered orangutans on Borneo island is being logged more than a year after Indonesia’s forestry and environment ministry ordered a halt to the forest’s exploitation.

Ecuador: Waorani people map their rainforest to save it
Ecuador’s indigenous Waorani have undertaken a three-year mission to map out the natural riches of their territory in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon — a region zoned by the government for oil exploration and exploitation.

I climbed Everest expecting a rubbish dump but what I found surprised me
Ben Fogle
A huge clean-up is returning the world’s highest mountain to its former glory

Time is running out for palm oil certification
Nusa Urbancic
For too long, certification has been considered as the one and only “possible and realistic” option for addressing the impacts of palm oil cultivation, but the fact is: we are running out of time.

Are You a Tax Time Donor?
Sally Cunningham
Tax time is an opportunity to consider what you have done for others in the last year