In-depth: Is Shell’s new climate scenario as ‘radical’ as it says?
Simon Evans
Last week, Shell published a “radical” new climate change scenario, showing how the world could meet the “well-below 2C” goal of the Paris Agreement.

Morrison, Abbott at odds over cost of power from old and new coal plants
Electricity from new coal-fired power plants would cost twice as much as power from existing coal power stations, Treasurer Scott Morrison warns, but Tony Abbott says the claim is puzzling and issues his own warning about coal phobia being “politically contagious”.

Motoring lobby warns against ‘too strict’ emissions standard
The Australian Automobile Association warns introducing vehicle emission standards could increase the price of a car and lead to Australians holding onto their “older dirtier cars” for longer.

Biofuel targets nationally could add $1 billion, thousands of jobs for regions
New research suggests increased use of ethanol and biodiesel fuel could generate thousands of jobs regional areas.

Murray-Darling: when the river runs dry
Five years after the implementation of the Murray-Darling basin plan, our great river system is under stress. Follow our 3000km journey along the rivers, travelling from inland Queensland to the Murray mouth, to understand where the plan has failed those who live and work on this land

Ghost water, poor planning and theft: how the Murray-Darling plan fell apart
More than five years and $9bn since the basin plan began, the Murray-Darling river system is in crisis.

River commission needs whistleblowers
Whistleblowers, witnesses and experts are needed to help the Royal Commission work out whether critical parts of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan are at risk.

Small emus’ size related to island homes
The body size of small emus that once lived on Australia’s isolated offshore islands correlated to the size of the islands they inhabited, new research reveals.

Koala wipe out: Government apathy and the STD killing our national icon
Koalas are in big trouble with disease now rampant in wild populations.,11360

Key backbencher warns Frydenberg to tread carefully on energy policy
Craig Kelly says Coalition has not yet agreed on details of national energy guarantee and the new Monash Forum will push to influence it

Scott Morrison: new coal-fired power station not the answer
The treasurer has pushed back against backbenchers arguing for a return to coal saying ‘the days of subsidies in energy are over’

The energy price is wrong, says Joyce
Barnaby Joyce has called for power prices to be lowered and proclaimed the Monash Forum is not an anti-Turnbull group.

Change the name: Monash family
The descendants of Sir John Monash and former deputy PM Tim Fischer have demanded pollies change the name of their pro-coal group.

Canavan dismisses Monash plan
Matt Canavan says subsidies for coal-fired power stations aren’t needed as Cory Bernardi weighs in on the Monash Forum.

‘Cheaper than wind, solar’
Tony Abbott has backed the immediate replacement of ageing coal fired power plants and taken a swipe at Scott Morrison.

Government accuses AGL of abuse of power 
The government is accusing AGL of an abuse of market power for refusing to sell Liddell. The ACCC disagrees.

‘Slender’ roofs won’t bear a solar future
Landlords are crimping on the development of new logistics projects, failing to future-proof roofs by giving them the requisite strength to carry solar installations, say industry players.

You don’t have to be a climate science denier to join the Monash coal forum, but it helps
Graham Readfearn
The Coalition’s backbench group of coal fans have a history of attacking climate science

Deadheads of coal wars aren’t worthy of a giant like John Monash
Tony Wright
Would Sir John Monash, an innovator as both a military man and a civil engineer, want his name associated with propping up a creaking industry?

Pro-coal “Monash Forum” may do little but blacken name of revered Australian
Marc Hudson
The new pro-coal ‘Monash Forum’ follows in a rich political tradition of think tanks and pressure groups, all with names calculated to lend themselves maximum gravitas and a large dose of obfuscation

Is political lobbying by ‘outsider’ NGOs, as represented by HOOC, effective?
John Warhurst
Many of NGOs already see themselves under threat from unsympathetic government attitudes

Charge of the coal brigade
SMH editorial
Waving coal around in Parliament is one thing; waving it around in front of voters is another.

Abbott haters should let him be heard
Andrew Bolt
Tony Abbott’s critics are right. He’s pushing this plan for more coal-fired electricity knowing it will hurt Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. But Abbott’s critics are also wrong. That doesn’t make his plan bad

Abbott right on coal-fired power
Terry McCrann
Tony Abbott is not only right, on the fundamental importance to the daily lives and best interests of every single Australian, he also got his timing exquisitely right

Contradictions of a caretaker team 
Greg Sheridan
No investor would go within a hundred of miles of the Australian energy market after the government’s display yesterday.

Abbott and his Monash morons should quit the Libs 
Bernard Keane
Tony Abbott isn’t merely destabilising Malcolm Turnbull, he’s trashing his party’s values. And his history shows he simply doesn’t believe in the most basic ideas of the Liberal Party.

Greens urge end to coal by 2030, as Turnbull begs AGL for crumbs
Giles Parkinson
Greens accept carbon price won’t happen any time soon, but call for coal and petrol cars to be phased out by 2030. Government also has intervention on its mind, and Turnbull has pleaded with AGL again to keep Liddell open, so he can keep the hard right at bay.

Abbott in Latrobe for Turnbull’s 30th
Tony Abbott will cycle through Latrobe Valley following next week’s anticipated 30th losing Newspoll for Malcolm Turnbull.

Cash for bypass
The NSW Government is charging ahead with reforms that would allow the Commonwealth to pay the state’s northern irrigators to let environmental water flow past their pumps.

Hot, dry start to 2018 set to continue for Sydney, much of NSW
The state – and Australia as a whole – is off to one of its warmest starts to any year.

Alinta Energy approaches AGL to buy ageing Liddell power station
Power company Alinta Energy confirms it is interested in buying the Liddell power plant in the NSW Hunter Valley.

Keeping Liddell alive: Inside Alinta’s bid for the power station
A failed bid for two power stations – and some government persuasion – have prompted Alinta to make a bid for AGL’s soon to be closed Liddell power station.

Deal without a mandate: Turnbull dips back into investment banking
Elizabeth Knight
The Prime Minister is pushing for AGL to sell its ageing Liddell power station to Alinta. He stands to gain some political currency from the deal.

Why AGL is likely to rebuff any and all suitors to ‘old lady Liddell’
Peter Hannam
Liddell might appear to be the perfect power station to offload to an eager buyer – indeed any buyer at all.

Obsession with Liddell sends mixed messages on energy
Canberra Times editorial
The real story here is that the Coalition’s discredited right wing rump continues to fight Australia’s inevitable, and overdue, transition to renewables tooth and nail for reasons of its own.

Easy being green while plugged into the grid
Mike O’Connor
You probably have never heard of Shane Rattenbury, a resident of that human zoo known as the Australian Capital Territory. But the Green energy minister is attempting to hold the country’s electricity supply to ransom

Bid for Daintree study
Douglas Shire Council will ask the state government for $100,000 to investigate traffic options for crossing the Daintree River.

‘Plague’ of noisy corellas lay siege to Adelaide
Thousands of noisy corellas in search of food are terrorising residents in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, damaging street lights, signs and trees.

Torquay Surf Life Saving
Conny Wilson
While daylight saving has ended and temperatures are starting to drop, it’s important to remain just as vigilant about water safety as we are in warmer summer months.

Bag ban catch-up overdue, but let’s not wrap it up there
Vicctoria Hannaford
Finally, the rest of the country is catching up to South Australia’s plastic bag ban but so many questionable conveniences absorbed into modern life should be banned too

Environmental Protection Agency gives approval for tyre recycling facility at Mowbray
A tyre recycling facility at Mowbray has been given the green light by the environmental watchdog.

NT man charged with polluting environment
A former company director has been charged with environmental offences after his company allegedly dumped chemicals in the Northern Territory.

Scientists say parks plan guts protections around Ningaloo and beyond
Vast areas of national marine parks around WA, including those near Ningaloo Reef and Perth Canyon, have been left open to fishing and mining in a federal government bid to roll back protection plans.

Shell threatened with legal action over climate change contributions
Friends of the Earth demands the oil firm move away from fossil fuels to comply with Paris deal

US power sector carbon emissions intensity drops to lowest on record
Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) today announced the release of the 2018 Carnegie Mellon Power Sector Carbon Index, at CMU Energy Week, hosted by the Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation. The Index tracks the environmental performance of US power producers and compares current emissions to more than two decades of historical data collected nationwide. This release marks the one-year anniversary of the Index, developed as a new metric to track power sector carbon emissions performance trends.

Australia’s role in elephant, rhino poaching under scrutiny
While importing ivory is banned, it is perfectly legal to buy and sell ivory items in Australia without documentation proving they are antiques — something that could be encouraging poachers, according to a senator who has pushed for a parliamentary inquiry set to investigate the matter.

After days of denials, Indonesian oil company admits responsibility for spill
Indonesia’s state-owned oil company Pertamina finally admits it is responsible for a major oil spill on the coast of Borneo.

Study: Climate change could impact critical food supplies for migratory birds
Climate change could disrupt a critical fueling-up stage for migratory birds just as they’re preparing to depart on their autumn journeys to Central America, according to research published in the journal Ecology Letters.

Increase of plant species on mountain tops is accelerating with global warming
Over the past 10 years, the number of plant species on European mountain tops has increased by five-times more than during the period 1957-66. Data on 302 European peaks covering 145 years shows that the acceleration in the number of mountain-top species is unequivocally linked to global warming.