What will it really take to avoid collapse?
Jeremy Lent
Our global systems, which are designed for perpetual growth, need to be fundamentally restructured to avoid the worst-case outcome.

Global Warming Could Cause Dangerous Increases in Humidity
Climate scientists often warn that rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere will cause an increase in the number and intensity of heat waves in many regions of the world. But a new study is cautioning that climate change will also significantly increase humidity, magnifying the effects of these heat waves and making it more difficult for humans to safely work or be outside.

Earth will start becoming a desert by 2050 if global warming isn’t stopped, study says
More than 25 percent of Earth will experience serious drought and desertification by the year 2050 if global warming is not curbed, according to a new study by the journal Nature Climate Change.

New study identifies thermometer for global ocean
Researchers now able to reconstruct past ocean temperatures–nsi010318.php

Predicting the effect of climate change on crop yields
Scientists now have a new tool to predict the future effects of climate change on crop yields.

Nowhere to hide from climate change
The water is nibbling away the beaches of Fiji. Not even the dead are allowed peace of mind.

Arctic Clouds Highly Sensitive to Air Pollution
A study by atmospheric scientists has found that the air in the Arctic is extraordinarily sensitive to air pollution, and that particulate matter may spur Arctic cloud …

Miners in the fast lane on electric vehicle surge

Koalas centrestage in debate on protecting the natural environment
There’s a tree change taking place on the frontline of Australian conservation. Images of the Great Barrier Reef and tales of bleaching and troubled waters are fading. Increasingly they are being replaced by pictures of koalas in distress.

Businesses ‘desperate’ for options on power
Olam Orchards has become the latest business to sign up for a renewable energy project to protect itself from soaring power bills.

Business rejects Abbott’s attack on carbon credits
Business groups say access to international permits is crucial to achieving carbon abatement at the lowest cost possible.

Abbott ‘pioneered foreign permits’
International permits were on the table during Tony Abbott’s time as prime minister, Josh Frydenberg said yesterday.

Abbott ‘on the warpath again’
Tanya Plibersek says Tony Abbott backlash over government’s carbon trading policy heralds another year of Coalition infighting.

Keeping carbon permits option open makes sense
Australian editorial
With so much uncertainty surrounding the global post-2020 climate change response, the Turnbull government wisely has chosen to hasten slowly and keep its options open

Koala extinction: Death by a million cuts
Sue Arnold
The Turnbull Government is overseeing a thoughtless extinction plan, dressed up as conservation, in which the koala will not survive.,11075

Landmark native title plan to boost jobs, Indigenous tourism in Victoria’s east
There are hopes an ambitious native title plan aimed at creating jobs and tourism opportunities will improve the lives of the Gunaikurnai people of in Victoria’s Gippsland region.

Pressure on NSW as Victoria in line for large-scale battery

Ocean plastic: Zoos Victoria’s MCG bubble campaign aims to raise awareness of balloon pollution

Predatory seastar thought eradicated found in marine park
The invasive Northern Pacific seastar is rediscovered in highly protected waters off south-east Victoria despite efforts to purge it four years ago.

Victorians paying big price for no-go, green zones
Oly Oleszek
Victorians are being ripped off over parks.

New flight centre offers local rehab for injured microbats
Microbats injured in New South Wales and the ACT no longer need to go to Queensland to learn how to fly again.

The crane mutiny: how Sydney’s apartment boom spun out of control
Building apartments along transport routes in Sydney was meant to create a more sustainable city. But only developers seem happy with the results

Operation Wombat fails to deliver, but conservationists will try again
A world-first attempt to artificially inseminate wombats didn’t work out as planned, but there is still hope that the critically endangered northern hairy nose can be saved.

Weather patterns conspire for turtle ‘baby boom’
There is a predicted ‘baby boom’ for not-often-seen green turtles on central Queensland beaches and it is down to weather patterns.

Level 2 water restrictions to be enforced across Cassowary Coast
Immediate Level 2 water restrictions have been imposed on all business and domestic customers in the Cassowary Coast region as local rivers and creeks reach record lows.

Indians commit to Galilee
GVK Hancock Coal has reaffirmed its commitment to its Galilee Basin projects.

SA bushfire destroys 30 hectares
A bushfire burning uncontrolled south of Adelaide has destroyed more than 30 hectares of grassland as fire crews continue to battle to bring it under control.

Taxpayers pay for SA Water to hire potplant waterers
Taxpayers spending hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for State Government departments to pay people to water their indoor plants.

‘Significant’ bushfire risk for weekend ahead: Tasmania Fire Service

Illegal dumping ruins clean-up work
A Bridgewater clean-up group is becoming increasingly frustrated at the amount of rubbish illegally dumped in the suburb and says one area went from clean to a tip site in just five weeks.

NT Parks and Wildlife rules out closing parks in thunderstorms in wake of the lightning strike death of South Australian tourist Antony Van Der Meer

Modern homes tapping heat ‘like a plastic bag’
Experts say many new builds aren’t equipped to properly deal with heat in the summer months, and reveal some of the hidden sources of unwanted warmth in homes.

Air pollution linked to increased risk of premature births, scientists warn
Very fine particles of air pollution caused by burning coal or vehicle exhausts are linked to an increased risk of premature births, scientists warn.

Laser evaporation technology to create new solar materials
Delicate hybrid organic-inorganic crystals open new possibilities for light-based technologies

New Desalination Method Offers Low Energy Alternative to Purify Salty Water
Providing safer drinking water to those in need may be a little easier. A new desalination technique is able to remove salt from water using less energy than …

China halts production of 500 car models in green move
China is suspending the production of more than 500 car models that do not meet its fuel economy standards, several car makers have confirmed.

Why smoking a blunt contributes to climate change
For each kilogram of cannabis grown indoors, 4600 kilograms of carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere, which is also the equivalent emission of 3 million average U.S. cars.

What will it really take to avoid collapse?
Jeremy Lent
Our global systems, which are designed for perpetual growth, need to be fundamentally restructured to avoid the worst-case outcome.

The population bombers keep on bombing — and 50 years on they keep getting it wrong
Terence Corcoran
Half a century after publication of The Population Bomb, the world is healthier, better fed, less poor, better entertained and generally living fuller lives.

What are forever chemicals? They’re in your body, in the air, and won’t ever go away
Joseph G. Allen
Companies need to work to eliminate these “Forever Chemicals.”

Ensuring justice in the era of transformation
Kevin Zeese, Margaret Flowers
World events ensure major transformations are on the horizon. The movement must ensure that economic, racial and environmental justice and peace are realized in the transformational era.

Trump had a field day with the environment while you were on vacation
Alex Lubben
Here’s 5 moves the administration made in the final days of 2017.

Sowing corals: A new approach paves the way for large-scale coral reef restoration
Innovative sowing approach minimizes costs and time required for outplanting corals

Vanuatu bans plastic bags in bid to preserve its ocean
The South Pacific Ocean nation of Vanuatu has banned unrecyclable plastic bags and polystyrene takeaway boxes in a bid to address growing pollution concerns affecting the island nation’s surrounding waters.

Habitat on the Edges: Making Room for Wildlife in an Urbanized World
Richard Conniff
One morning not long ago, in the southern Indian state of Karnataka, I traveled with a Wildlife Conservation Society biologist on a switchback route up and over the high ridge of the Western Ghats. Our itinerary loosely followed the corridor connecting Bhadra Tiger Reserve with Kudremakh National Park 30 miles to the south.

Stop grumbling, people – life is much better than it used to be when I was a kid
Ruth Davidson