Thursday 21 September 2017

Australia must sign the prohibition on nuclear weapons: here’s why
Tilman Ruff, University of Melbourne
At a time of increasing threat of nuclear war, a historic treaty to ban nuclear weapons might provide a much-needed panacea.

Melting Arctic ice cap falls to well below average
This summer’s minimum is the eighth lowest on record
Shrinking ice cap increasingly linked to extreme weather events around the world, say scientists

It takes just 4 years to detect human warming of the oceans
John Abraham
Our new paper illustrates the rapid, consistent warming of Earth’s oceans

Is climate change driving you to despair?
Sara S. Moore Ensia
To maintain our capacity to address climate change, we need to recognize and address the trauma it creates.

We’re paying for a climate of fear
Andrew Bolt
AS climate scientists retreat from their predictions of imminent catastrophe, we’re still paying for their alarmist policies

Steelmaker teams with Ross Garnaut to run factories using renewable energy
Steel-making baron Sanjeev Gupta and climate change expert Ross Garnaut sound like strange bedfellows. But the pair are behind a plan to run four steel mills across Australia on renewable energy.

Abbott could cross floor over clean energy target
Former prime minister Tony Abbott intensifies the pressure on Malcolm Turnbull over a clean energy target, saying “it would be unconscionable for a Government that was promising to abolish the carbon tax … to go further down this renewable path”.

Tony Abbott opposed moves for cheaper gas: Libs
Tony Abbott has been labelled a power price hypocrite by colleagues who say he recently argued against imposing limits on gas exports.

Malcolm Turnbull says energy target legislated ‘while Tony was prime minister’
PM hits back at Tony Abbott after former prime minister says clean energy target would be ‘unconscionable’

Barnaby Joyce warns Tony Abbott over energy threats

Sims backs energy crisis heavy hand

How dazzling new gas industry became scapegoat

Battery boom as households counter big bills

Battery ban off the table after industry roundtable “consensus”
Standards Australia says industry roundtable has broadly agreed to “review” proposed rule banning li-ion batteries from being installed inside homes and garages. But rifts emerge in industry.

Coal boss calls for investment policy
The World Coal Association says Australia should move quickly on a technology-neutral energy policy which balances emissions, affordability and reliability.

Off-grid solar + battery systems prove 15x more reliable than network
Western Power pilot shows stand-alone solar + battery + diesel systems 15 times more reliable than grid, and could save $300 million in avoided network upgrade costs – but only if rules are change changed to allow the systems to be rolled out.

Australia’s southern winters are drying out. Here’s why
Winter rains are in decline across southern Australia, and while it is too early to say beyond doubt it is due to climate change, scientists say it is not just about climate variability.

AGL says its time to get over baseload
Angela Macdonald-Smith
Caught in the crossfire of the politics of electricity generation, AGL Energy sees the issue quite differently, at least as far as replacing…

Australia must sign the prohibition on nuclear weapons: here’s why
Tilman Ruff, University of Melbourne
At a time of increasing threat of nuclear war, a historic treaty to ban nuclear weapons might provide a much-needed panacea.

The amazingly positive renewable story the Murdoch media won’t write
Giles Parkinson
The Australian buries its admission that Tuesday’s front page lead was fabricated, and still seeks to portray a cost saving to consumers as an extravagant “payday” for rich Saudi man.

Energy policy: can we have a Carbon-Cutting Reliable Affordable Programme (C-CRAP)?
Geoff Carmody
The root cause of the ‘trilemma’ is renewable energy. We could deliver reliability and affordability, as we have in the past, if we didn’t have renewable energy targets.

Tony Abbott is completely out of touch on renewable energy and here’s why
Paula Matthewson

A clean energy target is not ‘unconscionable’, Tony Abbott. Wrecking climate policy is
Katharine Murphy
Abbott wants to lead an insurgency to sink Turnbull’s climate and energy policy, which has always been a proxy for his leadership. It’s pure political expediency

A quick reality check for Abbott
Paul Kelly
Green energy schemes contribute only a small fraction to high power prices. That’s the hard reality for Tony Abbott.

A radioactive wolf in green clothing: Dissecting the latest pro-nuclear spin
Noel Wauchope
Michael Shellenberger is a nuclear salesman posing as a new generation environmentalist with unsubstantiated energy “solutions”.,10735

Death Spiral: why electricity prices are set to climb ever higher
Peter Martin
As power prices rise, wealthier customers cut use, leaving the poor to pay more.

Coal’s future up in smoke
David Uren
The cost and the political will are never likely to favour the continued building of coal-fired power plants.

Victorian hydro plan powers up
MORE than 4000 viable potential sites in Victoria have been earmarked for pumped hydro energy storage — with the potential to generate as much as 11,000 gigawatt-hours of electricity.

Pricing revamp to scare investors
Victorian power chaos looms as Andrews government mulls regulating power prices.

Deer hunters in headlights
VICTORIA’S 32,306 deer hunters are battling to regain access to almost 360 square kilometres of state forest northeast of Dargo and north of Wongungarra, after State Government bureaucrats locked them out.

What are the issues for Melbourne Airport rail?
Alan Davies
The solution is seen as a single rail line, but it should be conceived as the package of infrastructure and policies that will best improve the accessibility of Melbourne Airport

Right to farm: Victoria’s right first step for farming
Weekly Times editorial
AT LONG last Victoria is moving towards protecting our food bowl, with the State Government putting a raft of right-to-farm planning reforms on the table.

Generate facts, not fights, on renewable energy
Lily D’Ambrosio
POWER debates should not run on the hot air of politics

$220m per km: Transport leaks resurface to reveal secret light rail report

Our green spaces left to the wolves
John Menadue
The NSW government is abandoning the public need for national parks when we need them most

ACT tips another $4m into home battery subsidy scheme
ACT government opens third competitive grants round, in a $4m extension of its home battery storage subsidisation scheme.

Inland railway to go across Queensland floodplain despite deadly warning
The Melbourne-to-Brisbane inland rail line will be built across the Condamine floodplain in Queensland, despite farmers’ warnings that it could put lives at risk.

No widespread contamination from Adani’s wetlands release, department finds
There is no evidence the release of stormwater from Abbot Point Coal Terminal caused widespread contamination of the nearby Caley Valley Wetlands, Queensland’s Environment Department finds.

Abbot Point spill further proof Adani can’t be trusted on coal, green groups say
Pollution of wetlands adjacent to Adani’s main coal export port in Queensland is proof the Indian-owned company can’t be trusted to operate a much larger operation should the Galilee Basin ever be opened up to mines, environmental groups said.

Making lithium-ion batteries ‘not that hard’, says QUT professor
The Queensland University of Technology develops a facility to produce Australia’s first lithium-ion batteries, similar to those used to power Tesla cars, and wants share the knowledge.

Queensland Premier calls for rewrite of national electricity rules
Annastacia Palaszczuk says other states’ decision to privatise electricity assets hurts Queensland power prices.

Project plan lease target
DEVELOPERS of a proposed indigenous eco-tourism attraction at East Trinity say work to secure a 30-year lease of the land they need already is already well underway.

Call to arms in Great Barrier Reef film
A DOCUMENTARY maker hopes her film about the demise of the Great Barrier Reef can grab worldwide attention and spark government action.

Key to boosting our city’s livability
Ed Haysom
A KEY driver must be strengthened if Brisbane is to maintain its future livability and development as a new world city.

Whyalla steelworks buyer invests in local renewables
Whyalla steelworks buyer Sanjeev Gupta buys a controlling stake in Adelaide-based energy company Zen Energy, and also takes a swipe at the high cost of power in Australia.

Premier defends forest plantation sale
Labor and the Greens are still arguing that the government could have won more money from a recent ..

Libs to ban seal relocations
THE State Government will today announce that Tassal can no longer relocate seals to the North West Coast amid concerns from recreational and commercial fishers.

Scats tested for Tasmanian tiger DNA
A LABORATORY has analysed animal droppings to determine the likelihood they belong to a living thylacine.

Cable guy hits out at Hobart council
CABLE car proponent Adrian Bold says the Hobart City Council could not be trusted with confidential information relating to the Mount Wellington Cableway Company proposal.

Arnhem Land community calls for ban on commercial fishing in its waters
Traditional owners in Maningrida, 500 kilometres east of Darwin, say they are struggling to feed their families because fish numbers and sea mammals are in significant decline.

Two Aboriginal clans in native title tug-of-war over NT town of Katherine
The Jawoyn and Dagoman clans are fighting over which has a rightful claim to Katherine, and say uncertainty over the issue is preventing the NT town from developing.

Residents angry after council rips up turf and paving to plant trees

Iron ore prices hit by faltering demand amid Chinese property slowdown
Iron ore prices are being hit by tightening credit in China as well as a crackdown on air pollution in key steel making cities.

Maggots, algae and blow-up pools could help fix ‘sheer madness’ of aquaculture
The much-hyped growth of aquaculture has brought with it a host of problems, but a pool of innovative solutions could still help to feed the world.

Pete Myers honored by Sierra Club for ‘Distinguished Service.’
Founder of and recognized for efforts to increase the public’s scientific literacy about our environment and health.

Can we turn the Whitechapel fatberg into biodiesel?
The human-waste bomb recently found clogging up a London sewer has an unlikely admirer – a Scottish renewable energy company.

The commuter parking benefit is seriously hurting cities.
The US government spends $7.6 billion a year paying people to drive to work, and it’s making traffic and pollution worse. Here’s how some cities are fighting back.

Work begins on world’s biggest solar tower and storage plant
Work begins in Dubai on world’s largest solar tower with storage facility, featuring a 260m tower.

Is it better to repair or replace broken washing machines?
Vivienne Pearson
When it was clear my old washer was on its way out, it was harder than I expected to make an ethical choice about whether to fix it or buy a new one

Why natural disasters are not natural
Daniel Macmillen Voskoboynik
Storms do not discriminate, but they make landfall on societies that do

New study shows global sea turtle recovery
Scientists are calling a recovery in sea turtle numbers a global conservation success story.

Where eco warriors are being murdered.
An alarming number of people are killed for trying to protect their country’s natural resources

Avoiding extinction.
Giving Mexico’s rarest porpoise, the vaquita, a fighting chance in the face of poverty, corruption, and greed.

Mathematics predicts a sixth mass extinction
In the past 540 million years, the Earth has endured five mass extinction events, each involving processes that upended the normal cycling of carbon through the atmosphere and oceans.

Forest Fire Pollution Wreaks Havoc on Wildlife
Forest fires in Southeast Asia during the El Niño droughts of 2015 caused considerable disruption to the biodiversity of the region due to the smoke-induced ‘haze’ they created, according to new research led by Benjamin Lee at the University of Kent and the National Parks Board in Singapore.

Brazil investigates alleged slaughter of Amazonian tribespeople by gold miners
Eight to 10 members of a remote indigenous group were allegedly killed by men working for illegal prospectors in Javari Valley

When residents take charge of their rainforests, fewer trees die
Community management slows deforestation, study finds