Every now and then it’s worth stopping and asking the question, “Why do I do what I do?” We always have a choice – make the world a better place or make it worse – and the answer isn’t always obvious. This list of LIVE news articles published in 2017 is focused on SUSTAINABILITY issues. Articles involving POLLUTION and ENERGY are covered on separate pages.

Today’s articles can be found on Greg Hunt’s Blog.
Note that this is NOT the Liberal Party’s Greg Hunt!
It is a retired environmentalist also named Greg Hunt.

Why children make the best environmentalists.

It’s not overpopulation that causes climate change, it’s overconsumption.

Can Facebook help you make your home more sustainable?

‘Nature-based solutions’ is the latest green jargon that means more than you might think

Down with data! Sagas are more likely to save Earth.

Green is the new black for luxury apartment owners.

Twelve things you need to know about driverless cars.

How Will Cities Adjust to the Population Boom?

How to reduce your carbon footprint

What can blockchain do for the environment?

Five ways kids can benefit from being outside this summer break

Why you need more dirt in your life.

How urban bushland improves our health and why planners need to listen

The benefits — and potential pitfalls — of urban green spaces

What’s the annual value of trees? $500 million per megacity, study says

Global Kids Study: More Trees, Less Disease

Improving Urban Green Spaces Increase Thermal Comfort of Citizens

Richard Heinberg: It is a lie that human society can continue growing its population and consumption levels indefinitely on our finite planet

Billions wasted on infrastructure projects

The ‘tiny house’ movement: could you live in just 12 square metres?

The stress of sitting in traffic can lead to more crime

The eco guide to a happier, greener workplace

Is the ‘Anthropocene’ era a condemnation of human interference ­ or a call for more?

End of the road? Why it might be time to ditch your car

Hope you like algae, because it’s going to be in everything you eat.

The 20th century saw a 23-fold increase in natural resources used for building

Buying green doesn’t make you green: QUT study

One fifth of world’s food lost to overeating and waste, study finds

The frugal movement saving people thousands

The eco guide to greener salads

How one of the world’s densest cities has gone green.
The green movement is talking about racism? It’s about time.

Improving the Biodiversity of Green Roofs

How to have a green vacation

Kids are spending less time outdoors ­ and it’s causing short-sightedness

Food waste: The simplest way to improve the world’s food systems requires no new science.

The eco guide to female-friendly shopping

Connectivity isn’t the same as social connection

Eating healthier food could reduce greenhouse gas emissions–dag030817.php

The decoupling delusion: rethinking growth and sustainability

Forget pricey panels: How to go green at home for less than $50

Protest and persist: Why giving up hope is not an option.

How to sell conservatives on the environment.

Access to nature reduces depression and obesity, finds European study.

A tiny home is a happy home

Women can save the planet. If men will listen

The Carbon Footprint of Crime Has Fallen, Study Finds

The eco guide to virtual reality

After 25 years of trying, why aren’t we environmentally sustainable yet?

Populate … and perish? Policy lessons from the past

Cities of the Future Will Depend on Resiliency to Meet Urbanization Demands

20 million people are at risk of starving to death. Here’s how it got so bad.

Rethinking Corporate Social Responsibility

The eco guide to bike-sharing

‘Sustainable tourism’ is not working – here’s how we can change that

More Than 2000 Nuclear Bombs Have Been Detonated On Our Planet

Understanding How to Change the World

Cities are complex systems – let’s start looking at them that way

Fighting climate change means building dense, diverse, walkable cities.

We should create cities for slowing down

It’s the end of the world and we know it: Scientists in many disciplines see apocalypse, soon.

Imagine if your office made you healthier

We would need 1.7 Earths to make our consumption sustainable.

The eco guide to laundry

Death spiral for cars. By 2030, you probably won’t own one

Do residents of green places live longer?

Sustainable shopping: with the right tools, you can find an eco-friendly car

Distrust of experts happens when we forget they are human beings

The eco guide to green lawns

Rescue old data before it’s too late.

Why meat eaters should think much more about soil

Less than 1% of surplus food from farms and manufacturers used to feed hungry

The economics of 7.5 billion people on one planet

Why monetary policy should go green.

The eco guide to unusual materials

Feeding a hot, hungry planet

Toy libraries stop plastic treasures becoming trash-pile terrors

Do you know how many times you need to use your green bags?

Atlas of the human planet 2017 — how exposed are we to natural hazards?

Fig leaves are out. What to wear to be kind to the planet?

Green space – how much is enough, and what’s the best way to deliver it?

Why you’re almost certainly wasting time rinsing your recycling

Sustainable shopping: for eco-friendly jeans, stop washing them so often

Fashion diet: Could you live with just 6 items of clothing?

Alternative ways you can minimise your food waste

Our future ‘way past worst case scenario’

A ‘greener’ office actually improves how well you work

How we can stop antibiotic resistance.

Is biochar a game-changer for sustainable farms?

When women have land rights, the tide begins to turn

‘A reckoning for our species’: the philosopher prophet of the Anthropocene

The best cycling cities on the planet.

Remember the population bomb? It’s still ticking.

How vanity could save the planet.

Consumer power won’t save the world, democratic power can

World population to hit 8bn in 2023, says new UN survey

Urban farming won’t save us from climate change.
Community gardens serve many purposes. A new study says that slowing climate change in colder climates such as the Northeast’s isn’t one of them.

Logically, how is it possible to use more resources than Earth can replenish?

The eco guide to the repair economy

Progress on world hunger has reversed.

Is inequality bad for the environment?
Despite the myth, sustainable farming methods can lead to high-yield agriculture.

A simple solution for terrible traffic

How to save the planet: Cut holidays, sell the car and don’t have as many children, say scientists.

Nations of the world agree to ban nuclear weapons – now what?

What ethical business can do to help make ecocities a reality

What actually is a good city?

Want to fight climate change? Have fewer children

Why a single nuke’s impact shouldn’t only be measured in megatons

How people can best make the transition to cool future cities

What type of nature is best for your head?

Why the ecocity needs to be a just city

Ecological underpinnings of rural poverty

The rich, the poor and the earth

Should a healthy environment be a human right?

Why apartment dwellers need indoor plants

Science: Are we in a male fertility death spiral?

Trees Can Make or Break City Weather

Women the key to Australia’s positive future

Not just nice to have: nature in the workplace makes employees happier and healthier

The cities of the 21st century will be defined by water.

Health at a planetary scale

Water Conservation Can Have Unintended Consequences

How the law could save the planet

Downsize your living space to maximise life

Is it better to repair or replace broken washing machines?

The world is running out of antibiotics, WHO says.

The eco guide to cleaning products

The urbanization of malnutrition.

Sponges, urban forests and air corridors: How nature can cool cities.

Are you ready for that jelly? Why it’s time to start eating jellyfish.

Drought — a cause of riots

Monetising time savings makes toll roads financially stack up

When 1.2 billion tourists become 1.8 billion, will we be ready?

Researchers explore why humans don’t purge lethal genetic disorders from the population

An open mind on privately-owned open space

A new shock doctrine: In a world of crisis, morality can still win.

Why the world needs more global citizens

An idea to help save the world

Why factory farming is not just cruel – but also a threat to all life on the planet.

Why fuel efficient cars might do less for the environment than you’d think

Should we be having fewer children for the sake of the planet?

Conservationists’ Eco-Footprints Suggest Education Alone Won’t Change Behaviour

Global data shows 2017 is shaping as the best year ever

Giving up hope won’t save the planet. Ending poverty might.

The eco guide to radical materials

Our cities need fewer cars, not cleaner cars

How big water projects helped trigger Africa’s migrant crisis.

Are the policies of promoting bicycle use socially profitable?

The eco guide to new mindful activism

Is it worth paying extra for Fairtrade products?

Living Close to Green Spaces Is Associated With Better Attention in Children

Private car ownership is ridiculously wasteful

Cooking to fight climate change – 12 simple tips to get you started

Science Confirms You Should Stop and Smell the Roses

The eco guide to big ethics

Sustainable shopping: how to rock white sneakers without eco-guilt

Mapping how to feed 9 billion humans, while avoiding environmental calamity

Sharing economy sounds caring, but let’s put it to the ethical city test

The eco guide to using your money

A city that forgets about human connections has lost its way

How will driverless vehicles change cities?

Here’s a roadmap for solving 3 of the world’s biggest problems

Could water ­ and women ­ be key to ending extreme poverty?

Social Impact Investing: investing to make a difference

What, me worry? Humans are blind to imminent environmental collapse

The haves and have-nots: four cities in crisis

Feedlots can be the environmentally and ethically smart choice

Our relentless consumption is trashing the planet

Why The World Needs to Rethink The Value of Water

Is capitalism killing the planet?

‘I am not buying things’: why some people see ‘dumpster diving’ as the ethical way to eat

Heritage building preservation vs sustainability? Conflict isn’t inevitable

One third of food lost, wasted – enough to feed all hungry people

Consumption is the bottleneck for sustainable development

The population crisis – a call to arms

Fewer crops are feeding more people worldwide – and that’s not good

Once they start composting, people find other ways to be ‘green’

People love parklets, and businesses can help make them happen

The human race has peaked

Earth from space: Taking on a sense of perspective

Nobel laureate: There is one way to prevent nuclear war

Is the World Full Yet?,11016

Don’t blame God or nature. We’re the culprits

The diet that helps fight climate change

Waterworlds: How should we protect our most precious resource?

Mass starvation is humanity’s fate if we keep flogging the land to death

Who are urban green initiatives really helping?

Why we’re behind on saving the world

What’s behind the rise of minimalist living?

The eco guide to not buying stuff

Achieving sustainable resource use attainable through science of cooperation

The biggest thing we forget when talking about food justice

Vive la résistance: 10 ways people stood up for the planet in 2017

What’s the ideal number of humans on Earth?

Keep calm: reasons to head for the park not the beach

Why a better transportation system is good for your health

People can handle the truth about the environment