Sunday 8 October 2017

Indian paper reports on Adani protests
Protestors in Melbourne form a human sign reading “Stop Adani,” as part of a massive Australia-wide demonstration at 45 different locations across the island continent on Saturday

Heating Dirt Could Cause a Runaway Rise in Carbon Emissions
Tucked into the apple-growing hills of Western Massachusetts is the Harvard Forest, a 3,700-acre wooded preserve that hosts school kids on field trips, day-tripping hikers, and, for more than a quarter century, a highly unusual science experiment.

Sunlight and the right microbes convert Arctic carbon into carbon dioxide
Nearly half of the organic carbon stored in soil around the world is contained in Arctic permafrost, which has experienced rapid melting, and that organic material could be converted to greenhouse gases that would exacerbate global warming.

Disasters must force insurers into climate action
Dan Gocher
Earlier this week, QBE declared “2017 will likely prove to be the costliest year in the history of the global insurance industry”. That’s quite a statement from Australia’s only global insurer, but QBE’s failure to mention climate change is revealing.

Australia Defence looks to solar power to cut costs, lift security
The Australian Department of Defence has made it first major push into solar energy, calling a tender for solar power system to be installed at its Satellite Communications Station (ADSCS) at Kojarena, near Geraldton, in Western Australia.

The personal battle against nuclear weapons with ICAN
For Karina Lester, the activist daughter of an Indigenous man blinded during weapons testing in South Australia, 2017 has been a mixed bag — the loss of her father, but a big win with the Nobel Peace Prize-winning International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.

Protesters turn out in force against against Carmichael coal mine
A national day of action to oppose the proposed Carmichael coal mine sees thousands of protesters turn out in dozens of locations across Australia.

‘Strewn all over the place’: Can Australians rent bikes responsibly?
Councils say they may crack down on share bikes as they begin to turn up in creeks, on top of bus stops, rooftops, and abandoned in garden beds.

It’s all about the power, people
Courier Mail editorial
No surprises today that soaring energy bills are the biggest hip-pocket burden on Australian families.

How did nuclear disarmament campaigners from Melbourne win the Nobel Peace Prize?
It is an international anti-nuclear weapons group which launched in Melbourne a decade ago. So what does the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons actually do? And how did it go on to win the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize?

ICAN founder discusses Nobel Peace Prize win

Ican director: I thought Nobel peace prize win was a prank

Vic coal mines face clean-up fund increase
Three Victorian coal mines have been forced to increase their back-up funds to the government, which will be drawn on if they fail to rehabilitate their sites.

Push to shred paper bill fees
THE state government is facing calls to ban energy providers from charging customers for posted bills and over-the-counter payments.

Vic Government’s $136m power tax grab
A STATE Government tax grab on land used by a power giant has soared to $136 million. And it is passed straight on to customers.

Is this the answer to our gridlock woes?
MELBOURNE’S morning peak is the worst in Australia – this is why the ever-unpopular congestion tax could help fix it.

Less train overcrowding, but it comes at a cost: your seat

A Nobel Peace Prize born in Australia
Margaret Beavis

These dogs with jobs (and jackets) are sniffing to save the Snowies
Lurking within the Kosciuszko National Park is a weed that could do serious damage to this stunning environment. Luckily, spaniels Sally and Connor are on the case.

Bondi Beach Adani mine protest one of 45 around the country

Gungahlin should borrow “house jungle” trend from Melbourne to improve its look
Ian Warden
Reader, are you one of the increasing number of Canberrans living a gardenless life in an apartment or a teensy town house? Does this make you aware of a void in your heart?

Australians don’t like Adani: Poll shows majority oppose coal mine Australians don’t like Adani: Poll shows majority oppose coal mine
Protestors in Melbourne form a human sign reading “Stop Adani,” as part of a massive Australia-wide demonstration at 45 different locations across the island continent on Saturday

Richard di Natale targets Adani at Greens’ Queensland campaign launch
Leader attacks connection between lobbyists and politicians, saying democratic rules are ‘rigged’ in the state

Energy bosses bonus bonanza
ENERGY company bosses are reaping fat-cat salaries and $75,000 bonuses – equal to the average workers’ total annual pay – as householders struggle to meet sky-high power bills.

Protesters spell out reef message
MORE than 1000 people took part in a national protest against coal mining at Port Douglas’ picturesque Four Mile Beach this afternoon.

Thousands in Brisbane join nationwide Stop Adani rallies

In Jay Weatherill’s push to win the March election, the bush doesn’t matter
Matthew Abraham
Elon Musk will not put a single person on Mars.

Climate and wildfire history held in ancient King Billy pines
They’re not the biggest or prettiest trees, but Tasmania’s King Billy pines are among the oldest, with lots to tell us about our world.

Tasmania urged to join mine campaign
VETERAN environmental activist Bob Brown is confident Tasmanians will beat a path to Queensland to help the fight against the controversial Adani coal mine project.

Wombat Warriors on a mission
Tasmania’s army of wombat warriors is calling on the State Government to stop allowing landowners to shoot healthy animals as others battle a disease they fear could lead to the species’ extinction.

‘Birding’ catching on among new generation of nature buffs
Those in the know say the art of bird watching, known as “birding”, is experiencing a renaissance of sorts, with the quiet pastime now attracting a younger group to its ranks in the Top End.

Could private money put Perth’s public transport back on track?
Public transport in Perth has long been viewed as a welfare service for those who cannot drive, as experts criticise an inadequate train and bus network that fails to provide for people living in the middle and outer suburbs.

Carnegie turns wave energy focus to Albany after winning W.A. grant
Perth-based Carnegie Clean Energy is switching the development of its commercial-scale wave energy technology to Albany in the south of Western Australia after winning a tender for a $15.7 million state-government grant.

What would a nuclear attack look like?
A DETAILED analysis has revealed what would happen if Kim Jong-un did the unthinkable and actually fired a nuclear weapon.

Essen’s experiment: Can going green revive a post-industrial economy?
Will green tourism be profitable enough for a German city to regain its former economic strength?

Inuit say ‘nyet’ to toxic splash from Russian rockets.
Inuit in Canada and Greenland are calling for the postponement of a Russian rocket launch scheduled to deliver a European Space Agency satellite to orbit next week and look for alternative launch vehicles that use non-toxic propellants for any future launches.

Why fuel efficient cars might do less for the environment than you’d think
Matt Wade

UNEP official calls for ‘coherent planning’ as Aichi falters in Africa.
International agreements are increasingly looking at conserving forests as a way to mitigate global warming, preserve biodiversity and safeguard human communities from environmental disasters.

Marchers across the world demand justic for wildlife
The Global March for Elephants, Rhinos and Lions brings people in cities across the world together to demand action to save threatened wildlife from extinction