The dramatic melting of Arctic icebergs – in pictures
Photographer Francesco Bosso travelled to Greenland to capture images of the melting icebergs, which he describes as ‘gems of nature in danger of extinction’

Can you recycle a used pizza box? 
As China crackdowns on the standard of waste it will import, many Australians are still confused about what can and can’t be recycled.

Why bush tucker should be our national cuisine
Forget meat pies and prawns on the barbie. These bush tucker enthusiasts reckon native food grown and shared locally is our national cuisine and should be celebrated as such.

Who nerve-gassed our common sense? 
Piers Akerman
In name and deeds, the engineer-general Sir John Monash is precisely the right person to invoke when seeking a solution to the existential energy crisis facing Australia

Reminder: Nothing Green ever works
Tim Blair
Attention, savvy investors! Want to turn $4.5 million into a pathetic $36.86 worth of electricity?

Abandon coal and the lights go out 
Peta Credlin
Paranoia about the motives of the Monash Forum shows how jumpy the Turnbull camp has become. But supplying electricity is the ultimate essential service and renewables won’t meet demand

When penguins won and land owners lost
In the 1980s on Victoria’s Phillip Island, a little-known state government decision was made to secure the future of the resident little penguin population. But the decision came with considerable heartache.

Critters may add $3m to cost of Werribee jail 
Striped legless lizards are among the rare animals and plants that may add millions to the cost of a new youth prison at Werribee.

Government scrambles as ‘smart’ meters face upgrades 
Thousands of “smart” electricity meters which cost Victorian households $2.2 billion to roll out would have to be replaced or upgraded under changes to the national electricity rules.

Solar deals made easy
Electricity customers are being encouraged to install solar panels with easier ways to pay, thanks to a new “one-stop” package.

‘This has been a cock-up’: Sydney light rail contractor sues NSW Government
The firm building Sydney’s light rail is taking the NSW Government to court, claiming it is owed more than $1 billion extra, prompting Labor to call the project a “total embarrassment” for Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

The one thing about commuting that is strangely stable
Matt Wade
Sydney’s average commute is just 37 minutes. Unless you work in the CBD.

Channel Country rejuvenated by floodwaters heading for Lake Eyre
After months of punishing heat, Queensland’s Channel Country is being rejuvenated by floodwaters heading through Birdsville towards South Australia’s Lake Eyre.

Licence renewals set to go form-free as TMR goes paperless
Hate filling out forms? No dramas, with Queensland going paperless for transactions such as driver licence renewals.

Better roads essential for safer cycling
A study conducted by QUT’s Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety — Queensland — has revealed poor road infrastructure is a major factor in cyclist safety, especially during incidents involving them being overtaken by motorists.

Sanjeev Gupta talks up renewables, not nuclear, after meeting Prince Charles
Whyalla steelworks boss Sanjeev Gupta believes renewables present a cheaper option for electricity generation in Australia than nuclear power, and is pushing ahead with alternative energy plans.

Prolonged SA heat could break records
South Australia’s Country Fire Service has issued a total fire ban for the Mount Lofty Ranges district ahead of hot and windy conditions.

Right to light: Neighbour blocks my solar panels 
A former council boss says a three-storey development next to his city home will make his $6500 solar panel system ineffective and is calling for mandatory compensation for neighbours affected by “overshadowing”.

Taking a knife to a gunfight
Wayne Johnston
Farmers need more firepower, including self-loading rifles and pump-action shotguns, to kill the pests that are taking over their farms

Cyclone Marcus tree tax
Darwin property owners would be slugged with additional rates to pay for the replanting of trees after Cyclone Marcus, if alderman Simon Niblock had his way

In Britain, Conservatives are leading the charge against coal
As Tony Abbott and other prominent Coalition MPs make the case that Australia should be building more coal-fired power stations, Conservatives in Britain are pushing a very different agenda.

NUS engineers pioneer greener and cheaper technique for biofuel production
A research team led by Associate Professor He Jianzhong from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at NUS Faculty of Engineering has found that a natural bacterium isolated from mushroom crop residue can directly convert cellulose to biobutanol, a biofuel.

Turning food waste into animal feed could take a chunk out of livestock emissions
Using European plant and dairy waste as an alternative to soy-based animal feed could see a big drop in agricultural emissions and prevent deforestation.

Microplastics may enter freshwater and soil via compost
Compost is pinpointed as a source of plastic pollution, but environmental fate and effects unknown.

Shipping Is Part of the Climate Problem
Bloomberg editorial
Every sector should pull its weight in addressing climate change.

How will environmental changes affect western Greenland?
Thirty-one miles north of the Arctic Circle lies Kangerlussuaq, Greenland. It is one of the most studied regions in the Arctic. To highlight environmental change and impacts in the Kangerlussuaq area, Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research (AAAR),’has released a special issue, to examine how past, present and future climate impacts may affect this landscape. Three of the 10 articles feature lead authors, who are alumni of the Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) at Dartmouth.

1C Rise in Atmospheric Temperature Causes Rapid Changes to World’s Largest High Arctic Lake
An interdisciplinary team of scientists examining everything from glaciology to freshwater ecology discovered drastic changes over the past decade to …

Climate Change and Recreational Activities at Walden Pond Have Altered Its Ecosystem
Climate change and recreational activity at Walden Pond may have altered the ecology of this iconic lake during the past ..