The City of Port Phillip and the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) are conducting an event called Speed Date a Sustainability Expert on Sunday 6 May (Hey, that’s TODAY!).  This is your opportunity to get free one-on-one advice from a wide range of experts, including sustainable architects/designers, solar/battery, energy efficiency, strata sustainability, low water garden and permaculture experts.

Rogue deer hunters terrorise Victorian farmers [PAYWALL]
Rogue deer hunters are terrorising farmers on isolated Victorian properties, with aSunday Herald Sun investigation told heavily armed hunters have indiscriminately opened fire across private land.

Motorists put on notice as new devices measure distance from cyclists
A four-week trial will measure drivers’ adherence to the “metre matters” rule.

WWF accused of politicising plight of dugongs with gill net purchase
The World Wildlife Fund has been accused of playing political stunts and making a “money grab”, as a divisive debate rages over the future of far north Queensland’s dugong population.

‘Like bait in a burley net’. Diving with sharks and the battle for the Bight
Sharks are unwittingly part of the battle between environmentalists who want to keep the Bight as it is, and energy companies who are eager to explore what resources the area has to offer.

Anti-nuclear protesters make final push before poll  [PAYWALL]
Anti-nuclear campaigners will increase their fight to stop South Australia from becoming the nation’s radioactive waste ground, ahead of a final vote by the community.

‘Breed like crazy’ – possums at play in special love nests  [PAYWALL]
Hiding in the hills is the cutest little critter, the elusive and endangered western pygmy possum. Now natural resource managers are using nest boxes to spy on the possums and get a better idea of their numbers.

Push growing for wild Tasmanian deer to be hunted for restaurants and butchers
A new government body will consider allowing problematic wild deer to be harvested for food, but critics, including environmentalist Bob Brown, say action needs to be taken now to “stop the deer in their tracks”.

Woodheaters prompt health concerns  [PAYWALL]
Woodheaters are making a comeback in Tasmania, prompting a warning about the health effects caused by plumes of woodheater pollution.

TasWater criticised for contribution to Tamar River clean-up
TasWater has defended it’s contributions to the Tamar River Recovery Plan after a report claimed its study outcomes were “vague and unactionable”.

NT camp water still contaminated two weeks after alert
Indigenous residents in Garawa 2 community told to avoid drinking water until source of lead and manganese detected

The slow death of nonproliferation norms
The global stigma against using chemical weapons is weakening. That’s alarming—but not as alarming as the broader breakdown of nonproliferation norms that may be in the offing.

Forget the checkout: what about the plastic clogging supermarket aisles?
Nicola Heath
Supermarkets regularly defend their wanton use of plastic, claiming its what customers want — despite the increasing clamour from unhappy shoppers on social media who clearly don’t need their bananas wrapped in clingfilm