Sunday 6 August 2017

US formally tells UN of withdrawal from Paris agreement
The Trump administration officially tells the United Nations the US intends to pull out of the Paris climate change agreement, in what it calls a “strong message” to the world.

How Congress is cementing Trump’s anti-climate orders into law.
These ‘cynical’ efforts are mostly flying under the radar, but they could short-circuit lawsuits and make it harder to restore environmental protections.

Red/blue and peer review.
The state of climate science today includes the vast accumulation of 50+ years of published papers and reports, each subjected to reviewers’ skeptical eyes to ensure that published conclusions are supported by data

What price are we paying for our blitz on backyards?
Amid regular talk of the need for higher-density housing, one planning expert is concerned that the loss of the suburban backyard is bad for our health.

When it comes to electricity, the joke’s on us
Peter Martin

Melbourne council to build emissions-free rubbish trucks
Australia’s diesel-fuelled garbage truck fleet could be about to begin turning emissions-free, as a Melbourne council works on adapting its fleet to hydrogen fuel.

‘We’ve got this enormous problem at Stawell’
A shadowy offshore internet marketing company based in the tax haven of Panama now has control of a toxic dump of 9 million used tyres considered a huge fire risk in the state’s west.

Families do without hot water
SOARING energy prices are crippling Victorian household budgets as families go without fresh food and shut down parts of their homes to stay afloat.

Tipping a bucket on Victoria’s ever-growing waste problem

Scientists weigh in on plan to pipe Murray water to outback
Piping groundwater rather than precious supplies from the Murray would be the best option for outback Broken Hill in NSW, an analysis by downstream scientists suggests.

Tyre stockpile found dumped at north Queensland cattle station
About 15,000 used tyres dumped on a property near the Great Barrier Reef will be shredded and converted into biofuel, after they were discovered by the Queensland Government.

Adani’s $250m indigenous boost
ADANI will award a minimum $250 million in contracts to indigenous businesses and set an employment target of 7.5 per cent.

Cable car water worry
THE State Government’s controversial cable car law has met with a mixed response, including concerns geotechnical testing could affect Hobart’s water catchment.

TasWater bill scheduled for parliament
The state government will table itsTasWater legislation this week

West Coast track probe
THE Wilderness Society has welcomed an investigation into illegal track use in the Tarkine region, but concerns remain about a barge it says has been giving 4WD motorcycles access to closed coastal tracks between the Pieman River and Sandy Cape.

Thousands seek challenge of hunt
ANGLERS have flocked to Tasmania’s inland waterways this weekend for the opening of the brown trout season.

Electric bike trial results in huge savings across the board

Work starts for WA newest gold mine with jobs on offer
Fanfare surrounding the development of a major new gold mine in a remote part of Western Australia has begun, with Premier Mark McGowan pressing the button for the first steel cut by fabricators.

The Energy 202: The United States is running out of nuclear options.
When planning began on two new nuclear reactors at Plant Vogtle in eastern Georgia a decade ago, Southern Company’s Georgia Power thought the project would be one of several to come online in a wave of new nuclear power plants opening in the United States.

Nuclear revival is set to falter.
Hopes of a nuclear revival to combat climate change have been dashed as another prestige project runs into trouble.

How to clean up hundreds of tons of melted nuclear fuel.
More than six years after three nuclear reactors melted down in Japan, the country is homing in on the lost fuel inside one of them

As Trump sings coal’s praises, mine fatalities are on the rise.
There have already been more fatalities so far this year than in all of 2016, as U.S. production of the fossil fuel rises.

Rouhani accuses Trump over nuclear deal
President Hassan Rouhani has warned US President Donald Trump he is risking political suicide if he scuttles the nuclear deal with Iran.

The worst thing about eco-bullies is that they’re right
Celia Walden

Fast-tracked border wall may be a death sentence for these animals.
The fight against President Trump’s border wall gained urgency this week when the Department of Homeland Security announced plans to fast-track construction. Photos are a particularly effective reminder of just what is at stake, and yesterday the American Society of Mammalogists tweeted pictures of species that the wall threatens.

Recreating the Wild: De-Extinction, Technology, and the Ethics of Conservation
Is extinction forever? Efforts are under way to use gene editing and other tools of biotechnology to “recreate” extinct species such as the woolly mammoth and the passenger pigeon.

Controversial weed killer gives these toxic toads extra-deadly venom.
New research shows that exposure to a glyphosate-based herbicide causes cane toads to produce elevated levels of venom

Killer whale research highlights how little we know
Killer whales are in the sights of citizen scientists and academic researchers as they join forces to better understand the mammals’ lives and impact on the environment.

Just like that, my generation is out of date
Claire Thurstans
Well, my mind’s blown. Firstly, because there’s a new generation – Generation Z – some of whom are already 20 years old (!) and secondly, judging by the research about them, they are completely different from me and my fellow Gen Ys.