Sunday 5 November 2017

Is it too late to save the world?
Jonathan Franzen
As the ice shelves crumble and the Twitter president threatens to pull out of the Paris accord, author Jonathan Franzen reflects on the role of the writer in times of crisis.

What do Jellyfish teach us about climate change?
John Abraham
A new study shows that the biological effects of two ecosystem changes can be greater than their individual impacts

Predicted West Gate Tunnel pollution seriously under-estimated, expert warns

Renters call for landlords to go green

Calls for bike-sharing service to be set up in Mitchell

Palaszczuk’s Adani loan veto decision ‘jeopardises mine project’
Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s decision to not support a concessional Federal Government loan for the Adani coal mine could halt the multi-billion-dollar project, Northern Australia Minister Matt Canavan says.

Projects pounded by Annastacia Palaszczuk’s Adani backflip
THE Government’s Adani backflip has the possibility of knocking over other major projects for north Queensland.

Labor to reintroduce tree clearing laws
A re-elected Palaszczuk Labor government would reintroduce its tree-clearing legislation as well as offer “green bonds” to farmers.

Nicholls pledges $1m to pipeline fund
THE LNP has continued their pitch to rural Queensland, promising money towards a water pipeline in the Lockyer Valley.

More coral bleaching feared for Great Barrier Reef in coming months
The next event, if it occurs, may not be as damaging as the previous two, but could ruin the chances of coral recovery

Adani conflict of interest claim will be ‘severe test’ of Palaszczuk leadership
Chris O’Brien
Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk must dig deep if she is to stay on the course that Labor strategists had set of daily policy pitches and smiling campaign appearances, while also facing another barrage of questions about the Adani mess.

Liberals reveal plan to fix South Australia’s ‘broken’ Natural Resources Management scheme
THE Liberal Party will appeal to ratepayers slugged millions of dollars in increased land taxes when it unveils a plan today to cap the Natural Resources Management Levy.

Adelaide Metro data reveals which bus, train and tram services are likely to run late

SA’s giant infrastructure wishlist: Adelaide Airport, outback roads and rail line to Aldinga among Canberra cash request

Labor candidate Joanna Siejka leads the Pembroke by-election

Pile-up alarm over war on soft plastic
Record numbers of Tasmanians are joining the war on waste, with soft plastic for recycling piling up at supermarkets where disposal rates have spiked massively.

Farming to save wild brumbies
An organic farming couple in the Huon Valley is not only saving plants with a history, but also wild horses.

Aboriginal rangers unite to protect Australia’s largest wooded swampland
More than 20 Aboriginal clans in the Northern Territory band together to create a 10-year plan to manage Australia’s largest wooded swampland and other pristine environments.

Coral bleaching badly affected reefs of Kimberley, study finds
Up to 80% of Kimberley’s inshore reef bleached in El Niño heatwave of 2016, with about 29% of the coral at Rottnest, off Perth, also affected

The New Coal Crisis
By loosening environmental regulations, Trump risks making a serious public-health hazard critical.

One woman’s crusade to help stop the tsunami of plastic suffocating our planet
Lainie Anderson
Why does everything (right down to individually peeled oranges) need to be surrounded in plastic these days?

‘For us, the land is sacred’: on the road with the defenders of the world’s forests
A busload of indigenous leaders have been crossing Europe to highlight their cause before the start of UN climate talks in Bonn

Why are talks over an East Antarctic marine park still deadlocked?
Cassandra Brooks University of Colorado