Renewable Energy Market Report: Traders doubt regulator’s confidence of project timelines
Prices stay high as traders doubt regulator’s confidence on project timelines, while questions remain on future of RET post 2020.

‘Women would design better cities’: expert [$]
Australian cities would be safer, healthier and more friendly if designed by women, a UQ urban planning expert says. Dr Dorina Pojani is calling for more female urban planners in her new report “Sexism and the city”.

Australia’s Energy Fiasco: How do we extract ourselves from a deep hole?
Alan Pears
A diversified and distributed energy systems is feasible, but attractive – except to powerful incumbent interests and those whose thinking is trapped in the past.

Will Turnbull’s Snowy Hydro continue its war against battery storage?
Giles Parkinson
Turnbull’s purchase of Snowy Hydro means he is now both utility owner and policy maker. More concerning is that the newly purchased Snowy Hydro has a strong economic interest in preventing the battery storage market from taking off.

State of disrepair: figures reveal Victoria’s creaking bridges
More than two-thirds of bridges managed by VicRoads are rated as being in ‘poor condition’.

‘Grossly mismanaged’: Sydney residents furious at new toll road plans
South Sydney residents infuriated by the State Government’s “vague” plans for an underground toll road cutting through their suburbs call for a royal commission into transport.

Airport rail plan tipped to start ‘gold rush’ [$]
A north-south rail link will be constructed from St Marys to Bringelly via western Sydney airport under a joint federal and NSW government deal to be unveiled today.

Danger ruling leaves lakes site in limbo [$]
It was to be a jewel in the western Sydney landscape — a waterworld of lakes, beaches, parkland and thousands of homes created from a former quarry site. But public access to Penrith Lake is now in doubt.

Crews contain grass fire in Palmerston

Lake Tuggeranong already closed twice this year

From the Barrier Reef to Batman, Labor’s roads all lead to Adani
Katharine Murphy

AEMO sees South Australia at 73% renewables by 2020/21
AEMO scenarios predict 73% renewables for South Australia by 2020/21, and up to 80% five years later. And is it worried?

What have the major parties been promising ahead of SA’s election
The South Australian election is fast approaching and the Labor Party, Liberal Party and Nick Xenophon’s SA Best have all been announcing policies for months. We take a look at what’s been promised so far.

The battle for Rapid Bay [$]
It’s a natural wonder and a site of major historical significance. Rapid Bay is also home to a quarry some would rather see the back of.

‘Our best days are ahead of us’: Liberals’ Hodgman declares victory in Tasmania
Amid Liberal party chants of “four more years” and flanked by his wife Nicky and two of his children, Will Hodgman says it is a great privilege to be Tasmania’s premier.

GE unveils massive new 12MW wind turbine
US engineering giant General Electric has released its next-generation offshore wind turbine design, a whopping 12MW machine with a rotor star “five times the size of the Arc de Triomphe” and the ability to generate 67GWh of electricity a year – 45 per cent more than current best-in-class machines.

Major U.S. solar company blames job cuts on Trump’s solar import tariff
SunPower has already begun a series of layoffs.

Trump wants a chemical industry insider to oversee the clean-up of toxic sites
The US President’s pick, Peter C. Wright, would oversee the emergency response to hazardous spills and clean-ups of the nation’s most toxic sites, many of which companies he worked with are responsible for creating.

Drought inflicts mounting losses to crops in South Africa’s Western Cape
A severe drought afflicting South Africa’s Western Cape province is expected to cut agricultural output by 20 percent this year, decimating the wheat crop and reducing apple, grape and pear exports to Europe, officials said on Thursday.

Smarter ideas for feeding more people and helping the environment
More food for the hungry, less space taken in landfills, less air pollution and more energy — that’s a recipe for success.

Thawing permafrost causing the ‘browning’ of northern lakes
Increase in terrestrial organic matter in northern lakes

Payments to protect carbon stored in forests must increase to defend against rubber
Efforts to protect tropical forests in Southeast Asia for the carbon they store may fail because protection payments are too low.

Indonesia scrubbing the ‘world’s dirtiest river’
The scabies on Indonesian rice farmer Yusuf Supriyadi’s limbs are a daily reminder of the costs of living next to the “world’s dirtiest river”.