Why Cape Town is running out of water, and the cities that are next
The South African city plans to shut off the taps to 4 million people. But it’s just one of many cities around the world facing a future with too little water.

Democrats lack a bold national climate change plan in the Trump Era, and it shows
The party’s rebuttal this week to the president’s State of the Union address ignored what should be a progressive core issue for the party.

The teenager turning trash into avant-garde garments
With more than 1,000 ring pulls and repurposed cans, this teenager’s outfit is her vision for a sustainable fashion industry.

Microbeads: some progress but questions remain unanswered
Sun-Herald editorial
When The Sun-Herald backed a campaign in 2014 to rid cosmetics of tiny microbeads used in exfoliating skin scrubs that had found their way into the food chain, the response from big industry was encouraging.

The Lavosier Group, Peabody Coal and the climate deniers
Norm Sanders
Global warming skeptics the Lavosier Group deny funding from the fossil fuel industry, but the evidence suggests otherwise,11163

What can you do when you’re told not to recycle?
With China’s ban on waste imports biting hard, local councils will either have to stockpile millions of tonnes of recycling or dump it in landfill and they’re scrambling for solutions.

Environmental pests are best served well done

Rejected coal miner granted unusual legal rights

Greens urge ‘straws suck’ campaign for Canberra

Tourism industry idiots try to hide Great Barrier Reef’s death
Crispin Hull
Advocating business as usual verges on treason given the reef’s importance to Australia.

Renewable energy plans put forward

Stop all the bullsh*t, for frack’s sake
Matt Cunningham
The debate surrounding fracking has become more toxic than any potential thrreat to the Territory’s waterways.

Beckenham man charged over lighting bushfires

Ecuador: Deforestation destroys more dry forest than climate change
Study compares dry forest losses due to land use change or global warming

Phone radiation linked to male rat tumours
Male rats exposed to very high levels of the kind of radiation emitted by mobile phones developed tumours in the tissues around their hearts, according to a draft report by US government researchers on the potential health risks of the devices.