Sunday 30 July 2017

Review: Al Gore gets inconvenient again.
Michael E. Mann Nature
Nobody (and given my experiences with climate deniers, I speak with some authority here) has been more vilified for their efforts to communicate the climate threat than Al Gore.

Every tree has a story to tell on National Tree Day
The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) takes inspiration from Andy Griffiths’ Treehouse series to highlight some top statistics about trees, to help mark National Tree Day on 30 July.

Productivity Commission concerned over political pressure on NAIF
The Productivity Commission sounds the alarm on politicians misusing the $5 billion Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility.

Canavan comes out as “minister for mining sector,” internet gets really mad
Recently removed Coalition minister for resources and Northern Australia admits to representing the mining sector. Facebook responds.

Tesla battery popular on both sides of politics
Scott Morrison compares Tesla’s big battery to the Big Banana and the Big Prawn, but polls shows even Coalition voters think it’s a good idea.

Electric vehicles for Australia: Not if, but how and when
Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) says that with a concerted effort, the Australian car fleet could consist solely of electric vehicles (EVs) by 2025.

Shock and anger, or nothing new? What people on the river think of the Murray-Darling revelations
A lot has been made of the Four Corners report on the NSW Government’s failings in ensuring environmental water flows continue across the Murray-Darling catchment. But what do people within the catchment actually think?

Just how quickly can Tesla kill the petrol car?
Giles Parkinson
Elon Musk to had over first 30 Tesla Model 3s and reveal what’s inside first mass market EV. Along with new government mandates, the event flags another stage in demise of the petrol car. Except perhaps in Australia, whose government is developing an Amish-style suspicion of new technology.

Water recycling plant planned for city
AN inner Melbourne suburb will soon have its own water recycling plant, with every home and business to have a third pipe for the recycled water to be used in toilets and …

Victorian households wasting thousands of dollars a year in wasted food
UNUSED bread, bananas and other food is costing households thousands of dollars a year. Here’s how you can take your cash out of the trash.

Money no good at Preston’s Really Really Free Market
Each month, Hailie Sommerhalder travels more than 30 kilometres from Nillumbik shire, in Melbourne’s outer north-east, to Preston to give away some of her clothes, books and costume jewellery to complete strangers.

Unions secure Luke Foley electricity privatisation pledge

Sydney’s light rail secret wrapped in white plastic

NSW govt approves 275MW of new solar farms for state
Four more large-scale solar projects totalling 275MW approved for development in central and northern NSW.
Drink container litter glut addressed by container deposit initiative
A new container deposit recycling scheme in New South Wales is hailed by the State Government as the biggest single anti-litter initiative in the state’s history, but the Opposition is asking why the Minister won’t announce a ban on single use plastic bags.

The first of many mines in Galilee
THE massive Adani project will not be the last for the Galilee coal basin, according to the company’s Australian-based chief executive, Jeyakumar Janakaraj.

Adani spending spree as megamine gains pace
ADANI has unlocked about $400 million to spend on a massive escalation of work over the next few months on the Carmichael megamine and rail project.

Carmichael coalmine protests: ‘Hang on, is it because it’s an Indian company?’
Adani executive wonders if prejudice against Indians is behind opposition to proposed Carmichael coalmine in Queensland

Power cut-offs rise amid bill shock
MORE than 460 Queenslanders a week are having their power cut off amid a surge in the number of people struggling to pay their bills.

Labor’s sending the country broke
Courier Mail editorial
TODAY’S confronting revelation that more than 464 Queenslanders a week are having their electricity disconnected because of soaring power prices is a wake-up call to the Labor Party.

Wallabies overrun Hobart gardens
HOBART is being invaded by wallabies as the species’ numbers soar and suburban manicured lawns provide the perfect feed.

McArthur River Mine cost to be revealed
A LEGAL ruling could finally reveal how much Glencore has paid in a security bond for its McArthur River Mine site, after a long court process

Global electric car revolution fuels WA lithium boom
A new generation of electric cars is driving WA’s next mining boom, with the state now producing more than half of the world’s supply of the lithium needed to manufacture batteries.

WA seeks federal funds for water security
WA is seeking federal co-funding for a sustainable water supply to secure the future of the agricultural industry in the state’s South West region.

Glamping at Rottnest? Yes please!
Tazli Bowe

Lights! Action! Photo-Activated Catalyst Grabs CO2 to Make Ingredients for Fuel
Scientists have developed a light-activated material that can chemically convert carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide without generating unwanted byproducts.

China heading for 230GW of solar by 2020
New annual targets released by China on Friday suggest a total installed capacity of around 230GW by 2020, triple the total at the end of 2016.

Companies abandon nearly one million hectares (nearly 2.5 million acres) of Alberta oilsands exploration leases.
In another sign the bloom is off the boom for the oilsands, the industry has returned almost one million hectares of northern Alberta exploration leases to the province over the past two years — abandoning an area far bigger than P.E.I.

For richer, for poorer … a tenth of all wedding food in Britain is thrown away
Couples splash out an average of £3,245 on food but end up throwing about £500-worth away

Elon Musk says cheaper Tesla electric car will be ‘manufacturing hell’ at first
Tesla has finally made its long-promised affordable electric car — but it could take years to get it to all the people who want to buy it. Elon Musk admits it will be “quite a challenge” in the early days of mass production.

Analysis: Switch to electric vehicles would add just 10% to UK power demand.
A wholesale move to EVs, in order to meet a ban on petrol and diesel cars, would add just 10% to UK electricity demand, new analysis from consultants Cambridge Econometrics shows. This would also dramatically cut car CO2 emissions, even after accounting for electricity generation.

Fukushima’s melted nuclear fuel likely sighted in ghostly underwater images.
Thanks to an underwater robot nicknamed “Little Sunfish,” authorities in Japan may have reached a critical stage in the cleanup effort following 2011’s Fukushima disaster.

Explainer: How viable are floating offshore windfarms?
Jocelyn Timperley
World’s first floating windfarm is being installed near Peterhead in Scotland. Will they be able to compete against fixed offshore wind turbines or other sources

Using science to combat illegal wildlife trade
Leading scientists from around the world convened this week at the International Congress for Conservation Biology in Cartagena, Colombia, to discuss how to better leverage science to combat illegal wildlife trade — both within countries and across international borders.

In Kenya, a conservation transformation in shades of REDD.
Communities near the Rukinga Sanctuary once seemed locked on a path of resource decimation. But here, at least, a global conservation plan is working.

Indonesian orangutan sanctuary threatened
An orangutan sanctuary on Borneo is being encroached upon by people who have migrated there from other parts of Indonesia, a conservation group says

EU court orders Poland to stop logging in Bialowieza forest
European Union’s top court orders an immediate halt to large-scale logging in the Unesco-listed ancient forest