Sunday 3 December 2017

Orange-Bellied Parrot needs ‘drastic intervention’ to survive, expert says

Top US firms including Walmart and Ford oppose Trump on climate change
Big businesses appear at Miami summit to show progress on sustainability

Skeptical about climate, clean energy skeptics
Angus McCrone
If only I were a climate and clean energy skeptic. Then I could stop wasting time worrying about the planet.

Land of the birds: why Australia has the world’s greatest diversity of avian life
Australia is home to one in 10 of the world’s unique bird species – and most of the world’s birds can trace their lineage to the continent

Evacuation warnings for regional Victoria
Dozens of residents in Victoria’s northeast have been forced to evacuate as severe floods caused by record-breaking rain sweep through communities.

The simple rewards of our wide open spaces
Gabriella Coslovich
It’s surprising how many things you can do in a large purposeless tract of land

More please, say consumers on first day of container deposit scheme
Regional residents in New South Wales say they support the container deposit scheme but want to see more facilities available in rural and remote areas.

Heavy rainfall to soak southern NSW
While the threat of severe thunderstorms across NSW has passed, parts of the state are still expected to cop a drenching with communities warned to prepare for possible flash flooding.

Forest damage goes unpunished after EPA fails to act

Greener Places policy fails to give Sydney its best weapon against heat
Elizabeth Farrelly
Its most specific “actions” – are things like “consider green space networks at multiple scales”. I mean hello? That’s an action?

New smart meter installation costs unregulated

Queanbeyan council backflips on support for rail trail

Safer roads for cyclists is a good move
Canberra Times editorial
Any measure to improve road safety in the territory is a must.

Adani accused of paying people to stack its meeting on crucial mine deal
Court documents allege Adani discreetly payed thousands of dollars to recruit people to vote on a crucial mining deal with traditional owners, including Aboriginal people with no link to its Queensland mine site.

Adani Group: China Construction Bank won’t grant loan, PR firm says
News could deal a blow to Carmichael coal project, which has so far been declined finance by 25 commercial banks

NSW dumping rubbish in Queensland: Inquiry reveals alarming figures
The amount of waste being transported into Queensland from NSW has almost doubled in just one year.

More sterile mozzies to be released across Cassowary Coast
A trial program that aims to sterilise millions of mosquitoes is being spread to more parts of the Cassowary Coast next week.

Un-”frond”-ly reaction to coconut palm removal at Yorkeys Knob
Tempers are flaring over the removal of more coconut palms from Cairns’s northern beaches – this time at Yorkeys Knob.

Pauline Hanson fails to declare $4500 Great Barrier Reef snorkelling cruise
It was the One Nation snorkelling trip meant to prove that the coral bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef was nothing more than a “green lie”.

Water bills in SA set to soar for retirees.

Positive signs for BHP Olympic Dam expansion
Matthew Abraham

Orange-Bellied Parrot needs ‘drastic intervention’ to survive, expert says

Electric cars already cheaper to own and run than petrol or diesel – study
Pure electric cars cost less over four years than petrol or diesel cars in the UK, US and Japan, researchers say, but China is set to lead the market

Coral bleaching a ‘warning of what’s to come’: veteran tour operator
A team of researchers and reef experts from Australia and around the world are conducting the biggest underwater mapping and sampling expedition since the bleaching occurred.

How close is too close for watching whales and dolphins?
A close encounter with a whale or dolphin can be a special experience, but how close is too close for their safety and yours?

Eyes on Nature: How Satellite Imagery Is Transforming Conservation Science
High-resolution earth imagery has provided ecologists and conservationists with a dynamic new tool that is enabling everything from more accurate counting of wildlife populations to rapid detection of deforestation, illegal mining, and other changes in the landscape.

Major conservation group blasts GOP tax bill for allowing Arctic drilling: ‘Simply shameful’
Audubon is blasting the newly passed Senate GOP tax bill for allowing oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), calling the bill “simply shameful.”

Florida Everglades the most endangered site in the U.S., report says
The Everglades is the only natural site in the United States designated as “critical” this year.