Sunday 29 October 2017

Scientists say climate change making winter start later and later

‘Way off the planet’: regional businesses use renewables to slash costs
From solar to running generators, some have quit the energy grid and several others are showing interest in ‘defecting’

Shark myths debunked: Expert reveals the best way to survive an attack
Surfing legend Mick Fanning may have pulled off a miraculous escape from a great white shark with a volley of scrappy punches but going the biffo with the fearsome ocean predator is not your best form of defence.

Fuel leak at Altona Mobil refinery

Male cyclists of Melbourne, what is your problem?
Merie Polkamp

Bin policy on the run
Herald Sun editorial
BEFORE barging ahead with a blanket ban on plastic supermarket bags, the Andrews Government must build a more convincing case for the radical change.

Fears koala-proof fence is trapping fire-affected animals

Sydney’s full and there is too much development, warns a senior Liberal minister
Liberal minister David Elliott says Sydney’s full and voters are sick of the ongoing development.

City share bikes are a terrorist’s best friend
Miranda Devine
Discarded bikes are a nuisance and a waste.
But they also could pose a more serious threat, according to Daniel Lewkovitz of security firm Calamity Monitoring.

ACT greens slam waste-to-energy plant in new policy

Canberra to get dockless-bike services

Waste conversion facilities need to be examined for safety
Canberra Times editorial
It is not surprising that the company behind a new rubbish-burning power plant in Canberra has changed its plans and halved the scale of its proposal.

Queensland Election date: Next state election is on November 25

Queensland election 2017: Key issues on which poll will be fought
These are the burning issues on Queensland voters’ minds that will prove pivotal in the outcome of the November 25 election:

Queensland election 2017: The 15 seats to watch

Snagged on red tape
FRESH concerns have emerged that bureaucracy is slowing down a move to cut down trees at Lake Tinaroo as pressure mounts to clear hazardous timber before the wet season kicks in.

Great Barrier Reef forecast to fall short of 2025 targets

More than 1700 potential hydro energy sites identified in Queensland

Adelaide desal plant too expensive, Liberals say, despite falling electricity costs
Electricity for Adelaide’s desalination cost $13.5 million to operate last financial year despite it producing only 2 per cent of the state’s water supply, the latest Auditor-General’s report reveals, but it’s costing much less than it did four years ago.

State Government was warned its Enegy Security Target could drive up retail electricity prices
One of Australia’s largest energy retailers warned the State Government its planned Energy Security Target (EST) would add about $150 to the average annual South Australian power bill, secret documents reveal.

Citizen science projects want to track South Australian microbats
THE critters above might look like they’re from another planet, but there’s a fair chance that they’re living in your backyard.

Householders stuck on a merry-go-round of bill debt, and there is nothing the system can do about it
Power and water bills have created a “indebtedness merry-go-round” for some households which cannot be solved by the current watchdog system, the independent industry Ombudsman has warned.

Power companies are playing us for bloody mugs
David Penberthy
Save for vague reassurances about the creation of “downward pressure” on prices, there is not a politician in the land who has yet put a credible and precise dollar figure on the savings they can secure on our quarterly power bills.

Push for marine plastics research

Fire fight could last weeks
The Tasmania Fire Service says a bushfire near St Helens could continue for a number of weeks.

NT fracking inquiry: Economic benefit uncertain, think tank warns
A new economic assessment of the impact hydraulic fracking would have on the Northern Territory shows the financial benefit does not warrant a lifting of the current moratorium, a Canberra-based think tank says.

New minimum distance for cyclists and drivers on WA roads

Households set to pay more for power in peak time
Perth households face paying more for electricity during the busiest times of the day after network operator Western Power signalled moves to a new pricing system.

Bill Nye: Trump Administration Will Be ‘Last Gasp of the Anti-Science Movement.’
The science educator remains optimistic that, with time, science will make a comeback and younger generations will replace the anti-science crowd currently in power.

Conservationist ‘disappointed’ and ‘unhappy’ after bid for east Antarctic protection fails again
A conservationist questions the leadership of the world’s Antarctic research stakeholders group after measures to provide a sanctuary for key feeding and breeding areas in the eastern region fail to get up for the seventh time.

Cuts to stats bureau a risk to us all
Age editorial
A nation that does not run a good set of books can not formulate and maintain good public policy. These are far deeper than reasonable, efficiency driven cuts to the public sector.