Sunday 24 September 2017

Does forest certification really work?
Based on a review of 40 studies, we found that certified tropical forests are overall better for the environment than forests managed conventionally.

Why the last snow on earth may be red.
Watermelon snow is a perfectly natural phenomenon, but in an age of disappearing glaciers it is also problematic.

Pumped hydro’s day may have dawned even if Snowy 2.0 is a dud
There’s liquid gold in those hills in the form of pumped storage potential – but not necessarily in …

Farmer wants a revolution: ‘How is this not genocide?’
Health comes from the ground up, Charles Massy says – yet chemicals used in agriculture are ‘causing millions of deaths’. Susan Chenery meets the writer intent on changing everything about the way we grow, eat and think about food

The country is paying for the Coalition’s ‘adhockery’ on energy policy
Chris Bowen
Political systems decide what and what not to contest on a partisan basis. Surely Australia can be mature enough to agree on climate change

Consumers left behind by designers of power system
Ross Gittins
The soaring price of electricity is testament to the disastrous failure of a major item on the 1990s agenda of micro-economic reform – establishing a national electricity market.

Bushfire burns in state’s southeast
AN out of control fire is burning in dense bush in the state’s southeast after the first hot day of Spring.

Is Melbourne already bigger than Sydney?
Matt Wade

Records start to tumble in NSW as fire threat worsens

Floriade needs a super hero to take on Canberra’s gardens
Ian Warden
It is a truism that brand new suburbs look bare and ghastly at first but then become less eye-polluting

Cape York rangers are racing to save rock art from mining and erosion
On the Cape York peninsula, Indigenous rangers are racing against time to find and preserve ancient rock art before it disappears.

Extreme fire danger as state swelters
Extreme fire danger ratings have been issued for parts of Queensland as temperatures are forecast to push above 30C over the weekend.

Push to rid dam stumps
A PUBLIC meeting has been called to speed up approvals for chainsaw-wielding contractors to clear trees at Lake Tinaroo.

Brisbane Lord Mayor calls for CBD exodus

Tourism boss wants green tape cut
QUEENSLAND’S powerful new tourism chief wants to remove green tape tying up the state’s national parks and open them for luxury bushwalking tours to rival those in Tasmania and New Zealand.

SA Treasurer tours Tesla facilities
South Australian Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis spends two days touring Tesla facilities in California ahead of Elon Musk’s visit to Adelaide this week as part of the International Astronautical Congress.

Bill shock hits our mailboxes
Social media is being bombarded with angry emojis and comments as quarterly electricity bills begin to reflect a 25 per cent price hike.

Detmold determined to recycle coffee cups
ABOUT a billion disposable coffee cups go into landfill in Australia each year – a problem South Australian packaging company Detmold is trying to help solve.

Greens hope salmon farming stance resonates with voters
The Tasmanian Greens hope a policy platform of more restrictions on salmon farming will help bring them out of the political wilderness.

Exploring trout tourism’s future
Dad hooks $10K trout, government announces $100K for championships, angler calls for crackdown on lakes vandalism.

Teeny tiny endangered frogs saved by fake mud
Researchers at Perth Zoo hope an artificial mud solution created to save a critically endangered frog from extinction could also help other threatened species.

Perth black-out: Storm wreaks havoc as 11,000 without power

CDC: Disease-carrying mosquitoes may swarm more than 75 percent of US.
According to a CDC study, up to 75 percent of the contiguous United States  may provide suitable conditions for several disease-spreading mosquitoes

China’s most notorious e-waste dumping ground now cleaner but poorer.
Thousands of polluting recyclers have shut down in Guiyu, Guangdong, while others have moved into tightly controlled industrial park.

Tougher energy codes can help cities meet climate goals — if they’re enforced.
City leaders may have to crack down on building owners to translate climate goals into energy efficiency and savings. That’s what New York is doing.

US nuclear reactors face uphill challenge, despite lower emissions.
The U.S. nuclear power industry is facing an uphill battle to hang onto its share of the country’s electricity production, with some projecting a worst-case scenario where half of the nation’s 99 nuclear reactors could shut over the next couple of decades.

Most Britons ‘dislike prospect of living near mini nuclear station.’
Most Britons would not be happy living near the mini nuclear power stations that Rolls-Royce and several other international companies want to build in the UK, a survey has found.

Canada has too much clean electricity. Anybody want it?
Canada, a country that runs on almost 60 percent hydropower, has a problem: It has more clean electricity than it can use, and a whole lot more of it is on the way.

Environmental justice means desegregating the environmental movement.
Kelly Fuller The Revelator
Here are five ways to help to make the world a more diverse — and more just — place

Does forest certification really work?
Based on a review of 40 studies, we found that certified tropical forests are overall better for the environment than forests managed conventionally.