Tokelau’s first newspaper aims to inform locals about climate change
Chiefs and local leaders from the tiny Pacific territory of Tokelau herald the launch of the island nation’s first ever local newspaper that claims to meet international standards.

Federal government sets sights on August approval for National Energy Guarantee
Federal energy minister Josh Frydenberg says he is confident of securing state governments’ support for the National Energy Guarantee, with a final decision now timetabled for August.

Frydenberg’s NEG challenge is like climbing Everest with no oxygen
Party colleagues, the states and Labor are the big obstacles in energy minister’s push for the national energy guarantee

Energy policy consensus is not what the Libs need
Peta Credlin
By failing to get agreement on their so called National Energy Guarantee at Friday’s energy ministers meeting, the Turnbull Government might just have kept their political prospects alive, as well as our chance to make the best use of Australia’s abundant natural resources to secure our economic future.

$1 a week — that’s how much the recycling crisis could cost ratepayers
Victorian homeowners will ultimately bear the brunt of China’s decision to ban foreign waste, with the state’s peak local government body estimating ratepayers will be stung an extra $60 a year to cover recycling costs.

Tollway trim still fails to impress opponents
Government opts to reduce impacts of the North East Link on landmarks including Heide gallery and on residents by burying off and on-ramps at great cost.

Plan to bring more free trams to Melbourne [PAYWALL]
Tram trips within the City of Melbourne’s boundaries would all be made free of charge if frontrunner candidate Sally Capp is elected lord mayor.

Eastern Freeway to become 18-lane super highway [PAYWALL]
The Eastern Freeway would be expanded to a whopping 18 lanes, while a “spaghetti junction” will be built underground to avoid a massive interchange according to new plans.

Labor’s cash splash to help reduce your power bills [PAYWALL]
Every Victorian household will be paid $50 for visiting a state government website that helps them find better electricity and gas deals.

Carbon capture offers a false hope that we can sustain our use of coal
Cam Walker
Last week, the Andrews government announced it was launching a “world-first” project to produce hydrogen in the Latrobe Valley.

Sydney’s light rail chaos: who is to blame for delays and cost blowout?
It was designed to be ready for the NSW election but the premier is facing a bitter court battle and an increasingly disgruntled public

Barilaro sees nuclear future, Labor criticises lack of detail
NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro has not ruled out one day having nuclear reactors in his home electorate of Monaro, near the ACT.

Locals angry at building site waste blanketing Gungahlin suburb
Moncrieff residents are calling on the ACT government to clean up building site waste blowing into their suburb from nearby developments in Taylor.

Ask Fuzzy: Our water supply top drop
Question: Do I need a water filter in Canberra?–top-drop-20180420-h0z25i.html

Bill stress surges to all-time high [PAYWALL]
Electricity bill stress has reached its highest ever level among Queenslanders, with nearly three-quarters worried about their ability to meet future costs.

Fracking not as bad as we think? [PAYWALL]
Fracking has not caused any significant damage to Queensland’s groundwater despite controversy surrounding the practice, the State Government says.

How Metro will change South Brisbane [PAYWALL]
South Brisbane’s congested cultural precinct will be given a makeover under newly unveiled designs for the council’s Brisbane Metro plan.

No waste levy pledge thrown in bin [PAYWALL]
Sarah Vogler
Ipswich City Council this week handed the Palaszczuk Government the perfect excuse to break a promise when it shocked residents by dumping its recycling program.

Read this: it’s rubbish [PAYWALL]
Lainie Anderson
China will no longer accept and recycle waste from other nations — so SA should take advantage of this lucrative industry.

From ghost town to boom town: How northern Tasmania is turning into a mountain biking mecca
The Blue Derby mountain bike network opened in 2014, and last year 30 thousand riders from around the globe visited to ride what is being touted as one of the hottest trails in the world.

World leaders welcome North Korea’s nuclear test halt
North Korea’s move to suspend nuclear and missile tests effective immediately is being welcomed by global leaders as a step in the right direction, but Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says the rogue nation has made promises in the past and then “failed to honour them”.

Grassland plants react unexpectedly to high levels of carbon dioxide
Plants are responding in unexpected ways to increased carbon dioxide in the air, according to a 20-year study conducted by researchers at the University of Minnesota.

Soil Metals Linked With Cancer Mortality
Epidemiologists and geologists have found associations between esophageal cancer and soils where lead is abundant, lung cancer and terrains with increased copper content, brain tumor with areas rich …

Rare Earth Magnet Recycling Is a Grind — This New Process Takes a Simpler Approach
A new recycling process turns discarded hard disk drive magnets into new magnet material in a few steps, and tackles both the economic and environmental issues typically associated with mining …

Sweden’s solution for charging electric cars is bold, but flawed
Rick Greenough
This new Swedish smart road will feel familiar to anybody who has played with slot car racing toys.

Tiny Microenvironments in the Ocean Hold Clues to Global Nitrogen Cycle
A new study shows that nitrogen-feeding organisms exist all over the deep ocean, and not just in large oxygen-depleted ‘dead zones,’ changing the way we think about the …

What a giant snake can teach us about designing cities for the future
A surprising amount of biodiversity can persist among the skyscrapers, housing estates, shopping malls, parks, and greenbelts that constitute our modern cities.