Why we are failing as nature’s custodians
Age editorial
We, the people of Australia, are the collective custodians of this land and its future.

US Government shutdown: Climate change research will take a hit
Work is poised to stop at research sites as confusion spreads at federal agencies.

Australia was settled: Invasion ends native title
Sherry Sufi

Bushfire burns through 80ha of land north-west of Melbourne
Firefighters bring a bushfire burning near Smeaton that has spread through 80 hectares of land under control.

Melbourne trams and cars on a collision course

Sydney’s Royal National Park blaze downgraded
A fire burning through the Royal National Park in Sydney’s south is downgraded to Advice status, although thick plumes of smoke are still drifting across the city.

Fires continue to burn out of control as another hot day looms

Another funding route for Adani? Finance agency confirms talks
Trade Minister Steven Ciobo has quietly explored the option of taxpayer support for Adani’s embattled coal project through Australia’s export finance agency.

Millions spent on Great Barrier Reef projects against expert advice
One $2.2m experiment involves giant fans to cool water down, despite government’s own advisers highlighting risks

Great Barrier Reef coral bleaching has started early, biologist says
Photographs show only localised bleaching but there is concern it has come so early in the season

Coorong farmers hit by 300 per cent rise in water prices taking matters in their own hand

South Australian farmers demand better control incentives as kangaroo numbers boom

Nora Creina Bay near Robe has a magical natural beach, but new golf resort could mean more crowds

Campaigner calls for motorists to slow down to save wildlife
One of the state’s leading wildlife campaigners has called for lower speed limits around roadkill hot spots.

Hopping mad about push for mass tourism
People didn’t throw things last year when I suggested our island should be run in the interests of people who live here and not in the interests of people who don’t

FERC rejected Perry’s plan, but coal and nuclear are still asking for bailouts
Perry’s directive to subsidize coal and nuclear plants is an egregious example of this political cronyism.

Thai wildlife trafficking kingpin arrested
Thai police have arrested a suspected wildlife trafficking kingpin who allegedly fuelled much of Asia’s illegal trade for over a decade.