Sunday 20 August 2017

How the U.S. Navy is responding to climate change.
Forest Reinhardt and Michael Toffel, Harvard Business School professors, talk about how a giant, global enterprise that operates and owns assets at sea level is fighting climate change—and adapting to it.

Solar eclipse: Why the sun is not responsible for recent climate change.
With a total solar eclipse sweeping across North America, everyone is suddenly paying attention to the sun.

Silver linings: the climate scientist who records cloud behaviour
Clouds cool the planet by reflecting solar energy back to space and also trap heat and radiate it back to Earth. In a Yale Environment 360 interview, physicist Kate Marvel discusses the double-edged effect clouds have on rising temperatures

Al Gore agrees: Climate change is like Game of Thrones.
On Game of Thrones, King of the North and expert brooder Jon Snow has been spending his time trying to convince everyone that an army of frozen dead people are making their way downtown, walking fast, faces past, South-bound

Should you trust climate science? Maybe the eclipse Is a clue.
Justin H. Gillis New York Times
Eclipse mania will peak on Monday, when millions of Americans will upend their lives in response to a scientific prediction

Smart meters fail to cut power bills
FIXED costs of electricity bills are going up despite promises that smart meters would see them drop, according to the latest review.

Push to revive port-rail shuttle plan

NSW shark nets kill protected species

Australia’s biggest wind farm to be built near Bunya Mountains

Finding new life in our aquifers
MOST scientists dream of finding an undiscovered species. Rachael King finds them all the time. –

Turnbull trumpets green power
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has trumpeted Tasmania’s ability to lead the nation in renewable energy at the state’s Liberal Party council meeting.

Timber from the bottom of the lake
A submerged forest reveals perfectly preserved wood.

Word of warning before you shell out for a ‘penny turtle’
Penny turtles might sound like the perfect pets but NT Parks and Wildlife rangers are warning punters not to be fooled — like unicorns, the adorable-sounding creatures simply don’t exist.

Fed gov snubs WA water for Murray-Darling
West Australian politician Alannah MacTiernan has accused the federal government of funding the Murray-Darling at the expense of WA jobs and water security.

‘We struggled to find any coral life’: Researchers shocked by bleaching in Pacific
Scientists on a French research ship that has dropped anchor in Sydney say they are shocked at the extent of bleaching across the Pacific Ocean.

Floods devastate Indian wildlife reserve
About 15 rhinos, 185 deer and one tiger have died in devastating floods that have submerged almost the entire Kaziranga National Park in India’s Assam state.

‘They’re like the mafia’: the super gangs behind Africa’s poaching crisis
Pressure is mounting against multi-faceted smugglers but the legal case, though strong, is enormously complex