Sunday 19 November 2017

Closing the climate talks, two ‘rays of light’
The 23rd annual “Conference of Parties” (or COP23, in UN-speak) closed Friday with two key messages

Plants churn out 11 times more CO2 than is released by human activity: study
While much focus is placed on human-caused emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, research from teams around the world suggests plants could be contributing up to 11 times as much.

Closing the climate talks, two ‘rays of light’
The 23rd annual “Conference of Parties” (or COP23, in UN-speak) closed Friday with two key messages

COP23: Should climate summits always happen in Bonn?
In the conclusion of our COP Secret series, we ask delegates whether this year’s co-hosting between Germany and Fiji has worked, or if it has amounted to mere tokenization. Could this set-up be replicated in the future?

Coal trumps Trump as climate talks villain
The villain of this year’s UN climate talks hasn’t been US President Donald Trump, as many expected, instead coal took centre stage.

‘Planet at a crossroads’: climate summit makes progress but leaves much to do
Damian Carrington
The UN negotiations in Bonn lay the groundwork for implementing the landmark Paris deal, but tough decisions lay ahead.

Greens win Northcote by-election, snatching seat from Labor
Greens candidate Lidia Thorpe will become the first Aboriginal woman in Victoria’s Parliament after the party won the inner-city seat from Labor, which had held it for 90 years.

Population boom takes shine off Victoria’s economy

Victorian households to be hit by 10 to 20 per cent energy price rises

Victoria grass fire now under control
Firefighters have brought a grassfire northwest of Melbourne under control.

Power plant plans locked up over terror fears

Wind farm complaints aren’t keeping up with surging industry

‘We couldn’t do it without the dogs’: The lucrative business of mustering feral goats
With the help of their kelpies, the Mannion family have found great success in mustering feral goats in western NSW.

Giralang Park concept design revealed

ACT government’s proposed zone changes for land must be considered
Canberra Times editorial
The suggestion of a shake-up of Canberra’s planning laws will send a shockwave through those in established suburbs in the territory

Rare dolphins and dugongs die after being caught in commercial fishing nets
The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority only released the information in response to a media inquiry and has refused to reveal where the snubfin dolphins died, due to privacy concerns.

Labor to win in Queensland: Newspoll
Labor may return to government in Queensland, taking marginal seats from the Opposition via One Nation preferences, the latest Newspoll suggests.

Green-energy advocate Weatherill hopes diesel power can save his job
Matthew Abraham

‘Sacred sand’ sprinkled at Greens conference to inspire members 
Senator Nick McKim sprinkles white sand from Lake Pedder at a national party conference in Hobart to urge the draining of Lake Pedder, as another battle front shapes up for the Tarkine.

Push for expanded protection for Tarkine
Defenders of the Tarkine region in the state’s North-West say they will ensure the protection of the area’s wilderness becomes an election issue.

Veterans welcome government’s energy bonus extension

New tourism journey drives visitors West
A new driving tourism project aims to replicate the success of the Great Eastern Drive on the other side of the island.

Ten years in the making’: Gunyangara township signs historic 99-year lease
After 10 years of negotiations, members of the Gumatj clan in the community of Gunyangara in north-east Arnhem Land sign a 99-year lease that will give them control over development on their own land.

Reuters finds 3,810 U.S. areas with lead poisoning double Flint’s
This data allows the public its first hyper-local look at communities where children tested positive for lead exposure in recent years.

General would refuse illegal nuke order
THE top US nuclear commander General John Hyten said he wouldn’t drop a nuclear bomb if he thought Donald Trump’s order was illegal.

We had an energy crisis in California – and this was our solution
Andrew McAllister–and-this-was-our-solution-20171117-gznark.html

Trump puts elephant trophy imports ‘on hold’ after backlash
The US President tweeted that he wanted to “review all conservation facts”, a day after his administration’s decision to relax a ban on importing elephant body parts sparked a fierce backlash.