Sunday 16 July 2017

Unabated climate change would reverse the development gains in Asia: Report
Unabated climate change would bring devastating consequences to countries in Asia and the Pacific, which could severely affect their future growth, reverse current development gains, and degrade quality of life, according to a report produced by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK).

Fossil fuels are here to stay, despite Al Gore
Miranda Devine
AL GORE has used a business model based on fear to make himself rich, yet his every apocalyptic scenario has failed to materialise

Livestock drinking from ‘sewers’ causing disease, costing farmers
Australian farmers are exposing their sheep and cattle to a range of diseases and are losing millions of dollars due to dirty drinking water, a chemist says.

COAG splits over clean energy target, but 49 Finkel ideas approved
States formalise split with Canberra over clean energy target as COAG endorses other 49 recommendations from Finkel Review.

Calls grow for national ban on plastic bags
Academics and public figures call for a national ban on single-use plastic bags, with the governments of NSW, Victoria and WA criticised for their ‘lack of political will’ to act on the issue.

Write off coal power? You’re dreamin’
PRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull has told the LNP convention in Brisbane anyone who doesn’t believe fossil fuels have a future is ‘delusional’.

Ban the bag: Australia has three premiers who are burying their heads in the sand
Tom Whitty

How did Australia get this stupid about clean energy?
Giles Parkinson
Australia’s public debate around clean energy plumbs new depths, with rebooted attacks on wind and solar, new attacks on battery storage and vehicle emission standards, and targeted attacks on key individuals. How did Australia get this stupid? And this ugly?

Government’s letter to conservation groups has ominous implications
Lenore Taylor
New reporting rules seem to represent a big win for the campaign by the mining sector and conservative politicians to stifle environmental advocacy

Emissions policies ‘the leading cause of political deaths’
Annika Smethurst
WHEN Liberal Craig Kelly this week claimed Australia’s commitment to renewable ­energy was killing Australians, he almost had it right

This government needs to get its head around renewables
Peter FitzSimons

Investigation into Victoria’s recycling facilities after hazardous fire
Victoria will hold a statewide audit of recycling facilities and increase the power of the Environment Protection Authority after a huge acrid fire in Melbourne’s north forced the evacuation of nearby residents

Fresh fire fears at Vic recycling site
ANOTHER site owned by the recycling company at the centre of the Coolaroo blaze that burned for days is a potential fire risk.

NSW government silent on statewide plastic bag ban

Cycling deserves a better ride from government
SMH editorial
Anyone watching the nightly broadcasts of the Tour de France knows cycling takes courage.

Bonanza tipped from clean power plan
Mark Bailey
QUEENSLAND has seen a clean energy boom, with unprecedented levels of renewable energy investment. And it’s about to pay off.

Roo, emu … we’re game for this menu
THE reluctance to eat our national emblem is on the wane as more South Australians opt for kangaroo meat over more traditional cuts.

How SA Water drills staff to stay mum
WHATEVER you do ‘don’t volunteer additional information’ to the customers, SA Water staff have been told. But why?

Artificial surf reef proposed
A BOLD plan for a revolutionary artificial surf reef off Park Beach in Tasmania’s South East has gained support from the state’s surf lifesaving body.

Devils hero hangs up his lab coat
THE scientist leading the campaign to find a cure for the cancer inflicting massive losses in the Tasmanian devil population is hanging up his lab coat and retiring from full-time research.

Plastic not marring Tassie’s brand
However, an East Coast Mayor says ‘if plastics have got to go, they’ve got to go’.

Energy-saving hobbit house in WA’s South West
A man from the small West Australian town of Quindalup lives in a home covered by almost 1,000 tonnes of dirt and is proud to refer to himself as a modern-day hobbit.

When life gives you lemons, make bioplastics!
A team of chemists led by Arjan Kleij, ICIQ group leader and ICREA professor, developed a method to produce polycarbonates from limonene and CO2, both abundant and natural products.

Ecological underpinnings of rural poverty
Deep in landlocked Africa, a miracle is unfolding. Less than a generation after a genocidal civil war left it in ruins, Rwanda is defying poverty traps that ensnare many other natural resource-dependent developing countries.

Renewable energy not a threat to grid, draft of U.S. study finds.
Wind and solar power don’t pose a significant threat to the reliability of the U.S. power grid, Energy Department staff members said in a draft report, contradicting statements by their leader Rick Perry

Trump says he wasn’t joking about a solar paneled border wall.
President Trump has doubled down on the possibility of constructing a solar wall along the Mexico border, telling reporters aboard Air Force One that he was “not joking” when he floated the idea last month.

Anti-nuclear group doubts Vermont Yankee cleanup plan.
The company that wants to buy Vermont Yankee hasn’t properly assessed the plant for radiological contamination and “cannot know” the true cleanup cost, a Brattleboro anti-nuclear group contends.

From Myanmar to Mumbai: your images of plastic waste around the world
Readers document the rising environmental crisis of plastic waste, as the planet struggles to cope with a million plastic bottles being sold every minute

What people just don’t get about electric vehicles
Craig Morris
Germany’s election campaign shows we still have to get our heads around how fundamentally different electric vehicles will be.

Did your phone cost a young woman her health?
Keren Adams
If you are reading this on your computer, phone or tablet, chances are it was made in China by a worker like 18-year-old Xiao Ya.

No need to go electric to slash motor emissions .
Clare Wenner Yorkshire Post
You could be forgiven for thinking that electric cars are a magic bullet for addressing everything from air quality right through to climate change.

Better to target zero emissions than 100% renewable energy.
Economist editorial
The goal, after all, is to curb global warming, not favor particular technologies.

Climate Change: Biodiversity Rescues Biodiversity in a Warmer World
Climate change leads to loss of biodiversity worldwide. However, ecosystems with a higher biodiversity in the first place might be less affected a new study.

Polar bear attacks on people set to rise as climate changes
Dwindling sea ice is driving hungry bears on to land and towards human settlements

Here’s one more reason caffeine is good for humanity