Sunday 13 August 2017

Al Gore thinks our political system can save the climate. His daughter isn’t so sure.
The traumas and discontinuities of the Trump era have brought with them a cloud of unease. A great many people have come to suspect that the system — pick your system: American democracy, late capitalism, civilization itself — is far more rigged, rotted, and unsteady than it appeared just a few years ago. Fear and dread stalk the land.

The wise man Trump should listen to.
Mark Preston CNN
Climate change and nuclear weapons keep accomplished statesman George Shultz up at night

It’s critical to go ‘all in’ on climate optimism.
James Murray GreenBiz
I’ve been thinking a lot recently about catastrophic climate risk, because, well, how can you not?

How energy costs became our problem, not the government’s
Larissa Nicholls

Koalas bear the brunt of growing Sydney
SYDNEY’S koala death trap has been revealed. Picton Rd, in the southwest, is the centre of concern with the koala road toll increasing as the population grows.

NSW government’s waste claims dismissed as ‘fiction’

Why William’s solar panels saved him $0 in five years

Charities see surge in assistance for rising power bills

Power move to spark price war
QUEENSLANDERS are about to get a reprieve from soaring electricity prices as the State Government returns to the electricity market after a decade long absence.

These little guys could be gone soon
THE iconic dingo is being driven to extinction in Queensland due to ‘outdated’ laws, experts warn.

Coal mine dust monitoring ‘too relaxed’ in Queensland
Environmental researchers call on the Queensland Government to take a far more hands-on approach to the issue of coal dust monitoring across the state.

Power deal is driven by election
Courier Mail editorial
POWER prices are shaping up as the number one issue going into the state election, so the Government is desperate to be seen to be acting to keep costs down.

Jay’s energy plan a ‘dangerous experiment’ — PM
MALCOLM Turnbull has dubbed South Australia’s energy plan an “experiment” that should have been conducted behind closed doors.

Love affair with cars still growing
DESPITE increasing traffic congestion, Tasmania’s reliance on cars is growing stronger. We own more cars per capita than any other state and this year the island acquired cars at the nation’s fastest rate.

Tree frog from Queensland creates biosecurity scare in Tasmania
A dainty tree frog from Queensland leaps across Bass Strait to Tasmania inside a packet of bananas, raising serious biosecurity concerns.

A nuclear war with North Korea could alter Earth’s climate for years.
There would be long-term climate change consequences if a regional nuclear war with North Korea breaks out.

The nuclear (power) war isn’t over yet.
Many are calling this the end of the nuclear age in America. When utility partners Santee Cooper and South Carolina Electric & Gas (SCE&G) abandoned plans last month to complete two reactors already under construction, it was widely viewed as a crippling setback for the future of modern nuclear in the U.S.

How solar windows could put transparent panels everywhere.
“Solar window” sounds like an oxymoron. Here’s how it could actually work.

Green tide is turning against oil giants
Juliet Samuel

Elephants unchained: ‘The day has gone by when this was entertainment’
As our understanding of the minds of our fellow species improves, will we increasingly look back at the way we have treated them in horror and repulsion?

Asia’s Harry Potter obsession poses threat to owls
From Indonesia to India, wild birds are being sold as pets to families who want their own Hedwig. Ecologists call for protection to help species survive

World Elephant Day is a reminder of our moral duty to care for nature
Paula Kahumbu
Ending ivory trafficking should be at the heart of a new vision for Africa’s development