Sunday 10 September 2017

The Coalition wants to shift the energy policy blame. Voters just want it fixed
Katharine Murphy
Voters are tired of the old hyper-partisan blather, the posturing and the blame-shifting. They just want a solution

This is how your world could end
Peter Brannen
In an extract from his book Ends of the World, Peter Brannen examines mass extinction events and the catastrophic outcome of rising temperatures for all the world’s population

Pruitt slams scientists for talking about ‘cause and effect’ of Harvey, Irma.
Joe Romm Think Progress
For Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt, the right time to talk about the link between climate change and hurricanes is… never.

Hurricane Irma and climate change.
Michael E. Mann, Susan Joy Hassol, Thomas C. PetewWashington Post
As we begin to clean up from Hurricane Harvey, the wettest hurricane on record, dumping up to 50 inches of rain on Houston in three days, and await landfall of Irma, the most powerful hurricane on record in the open Atlantic Ocean, people are asking: What is the role of human-induced climate change in these events, and how else have our own actions increased our risks?

Nationals call on Government to scrap renewable energy subsidies
The National Party uses its federal conference in Canberra to vote on renewable energy subsidies and demand the Federal Government eliminates the contributions over a five year period.

‘The lift will stop’: Barnaby Joyce tells Nationals coal power can’t be ignored
Renewables are here to stay but Australia must not lose sight of where the main game is, deputy prime minister tells conference

People power: how households can help the energy crisis
As politicians argue about what do to do about our energy crisis, people are quietly making their own …

The Coalition wants to shift the energy policy blame. Voters just want it fixed
Katharine Murphy
Voters are tired of the old hyper-partisan blather, the posturing and the blame-shifting. They just want a solution

Looming legal battle to decide future of Victoria’s biggest tip
Two outer-suburban councils are challenging the future of Victoria’s biggest landfill site in an upcoming legal case. The councils claim an expansion approved by the State Government hasn’t given enough consideration to the impact on local communities.

Coal could keep Turnbull in the Lodge
Peta Credlin
TURNBULL is boosting the government’s morale with his coal rhetoric. Now he must match it with tough policy that’s sharply different to Labor’s

National energy crisis is a shocker
Courier Mail editorial
SURGING power prices have become Australia’s No.1 hip pocket issue, and the political party that comes up with a solution will win the next Federal election.

Big choppers on bushfire alert
TWO of the world’s largest single-engine bushfire fighting helicopters have arrived ready for what is expected to be a dangerous fire season.

Scrub on fire near Yarrabah
A BUSHFIRE near Yarrabah is not expected to endanger homes for several days.

Meet the ‘ratbag warrior’ who led Queensland’s plastic bag ban

New groundwater contamination alert
HOME and business owners in Thebarton have been told not to use water from their bores after testing uncovered high concentrations of the chemical trichloroethene in the area.

Bid to reopen Tarkine four-wheel drive tracks stirs anger
Conservationists and Aboriginal groups vow to fight a fresh bid to reopen four-wheel drive tracks in Tasmania’s Tarkine region.

Living large on a small footprint
FROM orientation to thermal mass, ventilation to VOC emissions, homeowners Agnes Nienhaus and Michael Shrapnel are ready to dish the dirt on environmentally friendly building for Sustainable House Day.

Disaster just a spark away
A BUSHFIRE season is brewing along the lines of the natural disaster that devastated communities four years ago, Tasmanian fire authorities warn.

Court action launched against fish farm
THE Bob Brown Foundation and two East Coast tourism companies are demanding answers from the Federal Environment Minister over the approval of Tassal’s controversial Okehampton Bay salmon farm.

Malcolm Turnbull slams ‘Blackout Bill’ Shorten in attack on Labor’s energy policy in NT
In the NT to give a boost to the ailing Country Liberals, the Prime Minister attacked Labor over its energy policy and told Chief Minister Michael Gunner to “pull the trigger” and get on with fracking.

The Australian companies mining $40 billion out of Africa
Francina Nkosi chose to live in Lephalale because of the farmland. There was enough space to raise her …

Sea salt around the world is contaminated by plastic, studies show
New studies find microplastics in salt from the US, Europe and China, adding to evidence that plastic pollution is pervasive in the environment

One of world’s largest marine parks created off coast of Easter Island
Rapa Nui protection area, about same size as Chilean mainland, will protect up to 142 species, including 27 threatened with extinction