Saturday 9 September 2017

Q&A: our plastic addiction is out of control. How can we consume less?
Our air, water and salt are contaminated by plastic and the impact on our health is unknown. While we wait for the findings, here are ways to reduce plastic use

Too much mansplaining in climate conversations?
Climate experts are calling for more women to take part in research and policy-making in order to respond to climate change with a gender-specific approach.

Big Oil must pay for climate change. Now we can calculate how much.
Peter C Frumhoff, Myles Allen The Guardian
It is possible for scientific evidence to help apportion responsibility for climate damages among fossil fuel producers. Our paper shows how.

Renewable energy agency assesses incentives for households to cut power
Twenty-four proposed projects are being assessed to help tackle summer blackouts under a scheme hoping to offer households incentives to cut their usage.

Scramble to shore up energy
If the federal government needed a reminder of the urgency in fixing Australia’s power crisis, it got one this week

Nationals set to go thermonuclear
NUCLEAR energy and weapons often don’t mix well, but they are both on the agenda at this weekend’s Nationals federal conference.

The contradictions business: conservatives now ignore policy in favour of stymying the ‘enemy’
Richard Denniss
The right has been all over the shop on energy policy for decades.

The nation’s lightbulb moment
Paul Kelly
This week the Turnbull government found a new argument for coal — in the name of power stability.

From cheap to expensive power
Judith Sloan
Renewables panhandlers make a motza while reliable energy keeps seeping out.

Coalition tensions fuel energy debate
Paul Bongiorno

A shocking state of affairs
Paul Syvret
WHAT we’re looking at now with the energy crisis is private sector failure caused by political paralysis which may lead to expensive public sector intervention.

There might never be a deal to end the climate wars
Bernard Keane
While everyone has assumed the Prime Minister wants to get a Clean Energy Target through his partyroom, what if his goal is actually to demonise Labor instead?

Julie Bishop helps promote African uranium with Australian zombie miner
Dave Sweeney
Why is Julie Bishop fronting an African mining conference beside uranium miner John Borshoff, who ran Paladin into insolvency and called Fukushima a “sides …,10694

State wrong to suppress bleak West Gate report
Age editorial
The government’s argument that suppression protects a publicly funded advisor’s ability to give fearless views is absurd. The opposite is true; transparency and accountability protect independence.

Summits set agenda to Stop Adani
More than 350 activists participated in the Sydney Stop Adani Summit on September 2.

Liddell power station: five extra years could give government $1bn rehab bill
Delta Electricity, a potential buyer, says either AGL or the commonwealth will have to take on costs of eventual rehabilitation

Rocket fuel: Sydney solids the country’s golden manure
Sheep farmer Stuart Kelly is grateful to the people of Sydney for their “continual output of fertiliser”.

Queensland government allocates $25m to protect against black lung
The Queensland government has announced it will invest $25 million towards improving the protection of coal workers from black lung disease.

Residents warned of bushfire threat
SOME residents have been told to prepare to leave their homes west of Bundaberg as a large bushfire continues to burn.

Trinity spoil plans alarm river anglers
DRAFT plans to dump Trinity Inlet dredging spoils next to the Barron River have concerned a recreational fishing group, who say it has the potential to “poison” the river.

Farmer ignites storm on ants
A FINAL round of burning that hopes to eradicate a native wildlife-killing ant at a Smithfield sugarcane property will be set fire tonight (SAT).

Energy target on the backburner
THE State Government will shelve plans to force energy retailers to source power from South Australian generators after high-level advice revealed it will not reduce electricity bills.

SA aims to export hydrogen fuel to Asia
SOUTH Australia should be producing enough hydrogen fuel to export within two years, Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis says.

Mac Harbour health focus
TASMANIAN researchers will further assess the impact of salmon farming on Macquarie Harbour’s low oxygen levels through underwater mapping.

Help us keep tiger territory safe
A TEAM of Tasmanians monitoring an area they believe is home to thylacines wants the area protected from hunters

Can Tassie be the battery of the nation?
HYDRO Tasmania wants to develop up to 15 pumped hydro sites in Tasmania to realise the vision of this state becoming the “Battery of the Nation”.

Harvey keen to plug electric car future
FUTURE large or multiple dwelling developments in Hobart could be required to contain electric vehicle charging points.

Tiger’s slim chance amid extinction risk
Simon Bevilacqua
A THYLACINE sighting claim grabbed headlines around the country this week, but even if the carnivore exists it would face a testing future.

Pumped up over energy
Mercury editorial
THE national energy crisis is seeing critics unleash on the major parties and their bipartisan support for a Renewable Energy Target amid the closure of coal powered stations.

EPA launches action against Power-Water
THE Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority has launched legal action against the Power and Water Authority over the stench from Leanyer Sewage Ponds

Q&A: our plastic addiction is out of control. How can we consume less?
Our air, water and salt are contaminated by plastic and the impact on our health is unknown. While we wait for the findings, here are ways to reduce plastic use

Dicamba has been around for years. Why would it now be causing problems?
The herbicide dicamba is thought to have been the culprit in more than 3 million acres of damaged soybeans across the US, destroying plants and leaving farmers out millions of dollars in crops.

There are over 341,000 wind turbines on the planet, why they matter.
CNBC’s Sustainable Energy takes a look at the nuts and bolts of wind power – how turbines work, wind energy’s impact on the environment, and its role in the planet’s energy mix over the coming years.

A sweeter way to make green products
The shampoo you washed your hair with this morning. The balloons for the party. Refrigerators and sunglasses, medicine and mosquito repellent, guitar strings and fishing lures. These — and thousands of other products we use every day — contain chemicals made from petroleum. But researchers at the University of Delaware can now offer manufacturers a much sweeter alternative to this fossil fuel.

New cooling method literally sends heat out of this world.
Stanford University researchers have developed roof-mounted cooling panels that could help air-conditioning systems by beaming excess heat into outerspace.

How good government can limit hurricane damage.
Gregory Scruggs Reuters
Here are three ways that sprawling coastal communities can either build back better or work to prevent future storm devastation.

The future of PNG’s unique wildlife doesn’t look so good
Papua New Guinea has the world’s third-largest rainforest, but increasing numbers of its unique and beautiful species of wildlife are being caught and sold.

Iconic but depleted monarch butterfly makes a summer comeback.
The monarch butterfly, whose population has declined 90 percent, has been rebounding this summer in the Northeast thanks to ideal weather.

The palm oil effect.
A common ingredient found in hundreds of everyday beauty products is devastating the environment.

Zero tolerance of deforestation likely only way to save Amazon gateway.
In a new paper, conservationists urgently call for a policy of zero deforestation and sustainable agroforestry in Maranhão, one of Brazil’s poorest states, before it’s remaining Amazon forests are lost.

Which threatened species will pee on a politician in the fight for justice?
First Dog on the Moon
You’re here to represent Australia’s 1700 threatened species so be nice. Also, the Tassie devils need to stay away from Eric Abetz