Activists urge oil executives to heed pope at Vatican energy conference
Environmentalists and aid agencies urged executives of the world’s top oil companies attending a Vatican conference on climate change on Friday to heed Pope Francis’s warnings about global warming.

It’s time for Ireland to deliver a credible climate plan
A recent Citizens’ Assembly ballot shows that there is a huge public appetite for strong action on emissions

A bird’s eye view of New Zealand’s changing glaciers
Andrew Lorrey, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research; Andrew Mackintosh, Victoria University of Wellington, University of Wellington
Forty years of continuous end-of-summer snowline monitoring of New Zealand’s glaciers brings the issue of human-induced climate change into tight focus.

Fall in household electricity costs far less than analysts predicted
Energy retailer AGL joins Origin Energy in announcing price drops for electricity in SA, NSW and Queensland, but the decrease is far less than what official market analysts had been expecting.

ClearVue solar windows tapped by Australian eco home builder
ClearVue signs MOU to supply its clear solar glass technology to company behind industrial hemp-based “micro homes.”

Why you may only need to charge your EV once a week, or less
Range anxiety? Most EVs would need to be charged less than once a week to meet the average daily commute of Australian drivers.

Plastic bag ban: What are the alternatives? – video
By the end of June, most of Australia’s major supermarkets will have stopped handing out single-use plastic bags

Is Australia’s current drought caused by climate change? It’s complicated
Andrew King et al
Much of southern Australia is experiencing severe drought after a very dry and warm autumn across the southern half of the continent.

Australia’s responsibility to ocean health doesn’t end with the Great Barrier Reef
Mellissa Wood and Elwyn Grainger-Jones
Australia’s commitment to the Great Barrier reef is well known, but ocean health goes beyond the preservation of this famous marine ecosystem. As a wealthy island nation, with the third largest marine jurisdiction on earth, we are in a unique position to help

Spotlight: the opportunities rising from China’s waste blockade
Greg Callaghan
With the right government support, China’s shutdown on recycling foreign garbage could be a blessing for the environment and employment.

Plastic waste may be fuel of the future [PAYWALL]
Monash University researchers are working to solve two of Melbourne’s big problems — piles of rubbish for recycling and high petrol prices.

Turnbull ‘determined’ to keep airport rail on track as state poll looms
Prime Minister wants “key decisions” made before state election.

Bargain basement trains show you get what you pay for
A new fleet of inter-city trains that the NSW Government ordered from South Korea will not fit the tracks in the Blue Mountains, prompting concerns of a major cost blowout to fix the problem.

NSW grid struggles as coal goes missing after bad trips
AEMO issues lack of reserve warnings in NSW on five consecutive days as coal units fail and prices soar to market cap.

Outages see prices hit the roof  [PAYWALL]
Generators at five of the six NSW coal-fired power stations were hit by outages before the long weekend.

Second radioactive spill in 10 months at ANSTO’s Lucas Heights facility
A staff member at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation facility at Lucas Heights has been involved in a spill of radioactive material, the second such incident in 10 months.

NSW’s national parks to get $50 million for new and improved tracks
The state’s most iconic walking tracks will be upgraded after being allocated $50 million for improvements in the June state budget.

Tomago Aluminium warns of ‘energy crisis’ as power supply falters
Tomago Aluminium, Australia’s biggest smelter of the metal, warned on Friday that it faced curtailing operations for a third time this week because of power shortages across the national electricity market.

Brumbies will be killed if they venture into the ACT
Brumbies protected from lethal culling in NSW will be killed if they cross the border.

Here’s how people in each Canberra suburb commute to work
Next time you’re stuck in traffic, seemingly at a standstill on the Monaro Highway, Tuggeranong Parkway, Gungahlin Drive or one of the city’s other peak-hour car parks, take a moment.

Capital Recycling takes waste-to-energy off the table in the ACT
Plans for a rubbish-burning power plant in Canberra’s east have been formally dumped, as the company behind the proposal hit out at residents who have opposed the project.

Here’s where you can deposit your containers from June 30
Canberra’s first container deposit scheme drop-off points will be at four charities across the city from the end of June, so people can choose whether to pocket the 10 cent refund or donate it directly to people in need.

‘Swap a coffee for a koala’ as council levies tax for diminishing habitat
Ratepayers on the Gold Coast will be charged a $3 koala tax from July this year in an Australian-first program to buy land to protect their habitat.

Noisy music, feet on seats and bulky bags shunned if you want ticket to ride
Brisbane bus users will be urged to follow a new code of conduct that asks people to offer their seat to pregnant women and let people get off before boarding

EFIC fail: Support for Adani opens legal and political risks
Funding Adani coal mine would expose Export Finance and Insurance Corporation to significant legal and political, report finds.

SA Government will not go ahead with Aboriginal treaty
The new South Australian Government scraps a process to negotiate treaties with the state’s Aboriginal nations.

SA’s miners unite to cut their power bills with renewable energy deal
South Australia’s mining lobby has signed up with a renewable energy company owned by the British billionaire credited with saving Whyalla, saving members up to 50 per cent on power bills.

Gupta’s stunning deal to supply cheap solar to South Australian industry
UK “green steel” billioinaire Sanjeev Gupta has unveiled a stunning, landmark agreement to provide cheap solar power to five major South Australian companies, promising to slash their electricity costs by up to 50 per cent.

Big water users forced to boost the Murray
Big Adelaide water users and stormwater will be targeted to get more water in the Murray, Water Minister David Speirs has told The Advertiser.

Push for Tarkine heritage listing in Tas
A short film has showcased the natural beauty of the Tarkine wilderness in Tasmania, in a push to have the region World Heritage listed.–spt.html

An energy policy for Tasmania and all the things that should matter
Chris Harries
When Peter McGlone asked me to prepare an article summarising the various factors that should be fed into a comprehensive and rigorous energy policy framework I baulked. For this is never how it is done in Tasmania.

RTI documents reveal Threatened Species advice not passed to Wellington Park Management Trust
Ted Cutlan
ROCC received documents through an RTI request which show that a consultant for the Mount Wellington Cablecar Company (MWCC) advised that there was significant threatened species habitat in the areas proposed for work associated with the cable car.

Extracting drinking water from dry desert air is no longer a pipe dream
Researchers in the United States and Australia design systems that can extract water from dry desert air without using fuel.

American cities are failing on sustainable development
For the second year in a row, a ranking of how 100 U.S. cities are performing on reaching the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals shows them lagging behind–especially on gender, poverty, and inequality.

To get people to go green, ‘never start with climate change’
In a polarised world, where many people stick firmly to beliefs rooted in their politics, finding common ground is the way to begin

Britain has gone nine days without wind power
Britain’s gone nine days with almost no wind generation, and forecasts show the calm conditions persisting for another two weeks.

National Geographic joins nuclear propagandists — the Australian connection
Noel Wauchope
A new documentary series is nothing more than a propaganda tool for nuclear power—the-australian-connection,11577

The mindless scrawling of graffiti isn’t art  [PAYWALL]
Kylie Lang
The brainless defacing of public facilities makes life seem just a bit grimmer and meaner, writes Kylie Lang. And means less money for worthy projects.

Microplastics in our mussels: the sea is feeding human garbage back to us
A new report found the seafood contains an alarming amount of plastic – and in fact no sea creature is immune. It’s as if the ocean is wreaking its revenge

Climate activist Bill McKibben still fighting ‘The End of Nature’
The leading American environmentalist reveals how he stays positive amid mounting gloom on the scientific and political front.

Life, and death, in plastic
Crispin Hull
Eventually, plastic will kill so much of the fish resources of the ocean that people who depend on it will also starve to death.